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Today's Date: 16 July 2024
Under-17, 17 July 2016, Bromley
Team Scores
Under-17 Women
Under-17 Men
Individual performances by Surrey athletes
Under-17 Women
100 Metres1ACharmont Webster-Tape(Sutton & District AC)12.00 -0.6
100 Metres2BTosin Salami(Croydon Harriers)12.3
200 Metres5ATosin Salami(Croydon Harriers)25.71
200 Metres8BKate Purser(Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC)42.27 +0.2
300 Metres3AEleanor Grove(Guildford & Godalming AC)39.70
300 Metres3BMica Powell(Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers)40.93
800 Metres1AKaty-Ann McDonald(Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC)2:10.67
800 Metres1BMollie O'Sullivan(Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers)2:10.70
1500 Metres5APoppy Wardley(Reigate Priory AC)4:57.48
1500 Metres3BKatie Hopkins(Woking AC)5:00.20
3000 Metres2AOlivia Stillman(Sutton & District AC)10:44.68
1500 Metres Steeplechase1AKatie Balme(Herne Hill Harriers)5:13.72 Surrey Record
80 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm)1APippa Earley(Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers)11.34 -0.4
80 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm)3BMarcey Winter(Guildford & Godalming AC)12.07 -0.3
300 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm)3AStephanie Fisher(Holland Sports AC)45.2
300 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm)2BMarcey Winter(Guildford & Godalming AC)46.1
4 X 100 Metres Relay4SURREY48.95
4 X 300 Metres Relay1SURREY2:46.24
High Jump3ALucy Sumner(Holland Sports AC)1.60m
Pole Vault2AAnousha Wardley(Reigate Priory AC)3.00m
Long Jump2APippa Earley(Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers)5.69m -0.9
Long Jump1BAyse Hussein(Belgrave Harriers)5.21m -2.6
Triple Jump4AOla Olufemi-Krakue(Croydon Harriers)11.10m -1.1
Shot Putt (3kg)2ADenisha Marshall-Brown(Herne Hill Harriers)13.21m
Shot Putt (3kg)2BBritley Francis(Herne Hill Harriers)11.93m
Discus (1kg)3ATait Jones(Walton AC)37.06m
Discus (1kg)2BDenisha Marshall-Brown(Herne Hill Harriers)32.28m
Hammer (3kg)4ASia Banbury(Walton AC)44.77m
Hammer (3kg)3BJessica Westley(Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers)39.67m
Javelin (500g)3AFlorence Baulk(Woking AC)36.52m
Javelin (500g)4BNicola Bell(Walton AC)33.11m
Under-17 Men
100 Metres3ADaniel Kale(Herne Hill Harriers)11.39 -0.7
100 Metres4BEric Hammond-Sarfo(Sutton & District AC)11.47 -0.7
200 Metres4AAdam Bator-Brown(Guildford & Godalming AC)23.42 -1.0
400 Metres3AAdam Bator-Brown(Guildford & Godalming AC)51.33
400 Metres3BShemar Ferguson(Sutton & District AC)52.60
800 Metres5AGeorge Grassly(Dorking Mole Valley AC)2:00.89
800 Metres3BAiden Grainger(Camberley & District AC)2:00.09
1500 Metres1ARicky Lutakome(Sutton & District AC)4:05.13
1500 Metres1BMax Heyden(Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)4:11.46
3000 Metres1AHarry Boyd(Guildford & Godalming AC)8:53.73
3000 Metres1BOllie Percival(Aldershot, Farnham & District AC)9:02.69
3000 Metres1CEwan Bate(Dorking Mole Valley AC)9:18.86
1500 Metres Steeplechase6AAaron Enser(Bracknell AC)4:47.46
100 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm)2AEzra Rodriques(Croydon Harriers)14.19 -0.2
400 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm)4AJosh Hathaway(Walton AC)62.7
4 X 100 Metres Relay6SURREY47.84
4 X 400 Metres Relay3SURREY3:29.96
High Jump5=Harry Wright(Hercules Wimbledon AC)1.70m
High Jump2BJoe Hubbard(Walton AC)1.70m
Pole Vault2AEmmanuel Thomas(Croydon Harriers)3.80m
Pole Vault2BLewis Herzog(Camberley & District AC)3.30m
Long Jump5AEric Hammond-Sarfo(Sutton & District AC)5.68m +2.1
Shot Putt (5kg)2ADejean Marshall-Brown(Herne Hill Harriers)13.65m
Shot Putt (5kg)3BRayan Moumneh(Herne Hill Harriers)11.80m
Discus (1.5kg)2ASam Mace(Walton AC)44.10m
Discus (1.5kg)1BPhilip Bartlett(South London Harriers)40.48m
Hammer (5kg)2AJames Lancaster(Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC)60.14m
Hammer (5kg)1BSam Mace(Walton AC)56.06m
Javelin (700g)2AHarry Gibbons(Guildford & Godalming AC)46.83m
Javelin (700g)5BJonty Mitchell(Guildford & Godalming AC)33.78m

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