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Today's Date: 16 August 2022

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(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 11.20 )
 10.28/+0.83h1Ernest Obeng Belgrave HZurich, SUI21 Aug
 10.42/+1.36Donovan Reid (U23)ShaftesburyHBudapest, HUN4 Aug
 10.5w2George Sarkodie (U20)Croydon HSouthwark Park23 Jun
 10.65/0.07Mike St. Louis (U23)Herne Hill HCrystal Palace26 Aug
 10.71Paul Miller (U23)HerculesWimbWindsor12 May
 10.71Bryan Clasby (U20)Mitcham ACJablonec, CZE24 Jul
 10.71r2George Sarkodie (U20)Croydon HColindale17 Aug
 10.71/+1.23h1Selwyn Clarke Herne Hill HCrystal Palace14 Jun
 10.84Errol Roofe Epsom & EwellHaringey11 May
 10.82h3Phil Goedluck (U20)Belgrave HCrystal Palace28 Sep
 10.83/+0.21h3Mike Powell ShaftesburyHCrystal Palace14 Jun
 10.881h4Richard Haizelden (U23)Sutton&CheamCrystal Palace14 Jun
 11.01Ray Burke (U17)Croydon HEnfield7 Jul
 11.1/-0.13Jason Hallifax (U20)HerculesWimbMotspur Pk18 May
 11.1David McKenzie (U15)Croydon HAldershot16 Jun
 11.2/-0.12Devon Wright (U23)Croydon HMotspur Pk18 May
 11.2/-0.13Derrick Williams Belgrave HMotspur Pk18 May
200 Metres (Standard: 23.00 )
20.67/+0.27Donovan Reid (U23)ShaftesburyHMoscow, URS18 Aug 
20.91Mike St. Louis (U23)Herne Hill HSutcliffe Park23 Jun 
21.13Ernest ObengBelgrave HBrighton30 Jun 
21.61George Sarkodie (U20)Croydon HPortsmouth4 May 
21.62Devon Wright (U23)Croydon HSutcliffe Park23 Jun 
21.61Richard Haizelden (U23)Sutton&CheamAldershot3 Jul 
21.63/+1.22Mike PowellShaftesburyHEdinburgh29 Jun 
21.82Jason Hallifax (U20)HerculesWimbAldershot3 Jul 
21.81Paul Miller (U23)HerculesWimbWest London7 Aug 
21.91hSelwyn ClarkeHerne Hill HCrystal Palace14 Jun 
22.13s1Phil Goedluck (U20)Belgrave HHull13 Jul 
22.3/0.01Bryan Clasby (U20)Mitcham ACMotspur Pk18 May 
22.73John ShepherdEnfield HMotspur Pk18 May 
23.02h2Maurice EvansHerne Hill HMotspur Pk16 May 
23.04Derrick WilliamsBelgrave HMotspur Pk18 May 
23.1/+0.11Ray Burke (U17)Croydon HMotspur Pk18 May 
23.1/+0.12G Warr (U17)Belgrave HMotspur Pk18 May 
23.1/0.04R.Rollock (U20)Mitcham ACMotspur Pk18 May 
23.1/0.05P Penfold (U20)Mitcham ACMotspur Pk18 May 
 400 Metres (Standard: 51.00 )
 46.352Roy Dickens ShaftesburyHCrystal Palace15 Jun
 47.14Dapo Laifa Croydon HCrystal Palace15 Jun
 47.416Paul Harmsworth (U23)Walton ACCrystal Palace15 Jun
 47.84Alan Laifa (U23)Croydon HThurrock28 Jul
 48.512Tom Kane (U20)Epsom & EwellCrystal Palace23 Jun
 48.63Michael Alleyne (U23)Belgrave HWindsor1 Jun
 48.61Richard Haizelden (U23)Sutton&CheamAldershot22 Jul
 48.83Bob Benn Croydon HAldershot3 Jul
 48.84Bolaji Odunsi (U23)Croydon HNewham26 Jul
 49.216Sean Richards (U20)Herne Hill HCrystal Palace23 Jun
 49.91David McKenzie (U15)Croydon HCrystal Palace11 Aug
 50.11h2M.AlleyneBelgrave HMotspur Pk14 May
 50.42David Haizelden (U20)Sutton&CheamMotspur Pk18 May
 50.63M Jackson Soton&EastMotspur Pk18 May
 50.63W.Willson (U20)Belgrave HMotspur Pk18 May
 51.04h2M Bazire Belgrave HMotspur Pk14 May
800 Metres (Standard: 2:00.00 )
1:46.111John Gladwin (U23)Belgrave HOslo, NOR27 Jul 
1:49.01Roy DickensShaftesburyHWest London1 Jun 
1:49.033Stuart Paton (U23)Belgrave HCrystal Palace15 Jun 
1:50.51Nick Hopkins (U20)Reigate PrioryWest London6 Jun 
1:51.55Stuart CrossmanWoking ACWest London6 Jun 
1:51.72Chris OgleHerne Hill HAldershot3 Jul 
1:51.81Bob BennCroydon HLuton7 Sep 
1:52.01AJohn O'Shea (U20)Woking ACCrystal Palace11 Aug 
1:52.16r2Tim BrennanSutton&CheamCrystal Palace7 Aug 
1:52.17r2Adrian Iszatt (U20)South LondonCrystal Palace7 Aug 
1:53.11Tony Barratt (U23)Woking ACMotspur Pk18 May 
1:53.83Ian Wright (U23)Croydon HMotspur Pk18 May 
1:54.83h2Richard McDonnell (U23)Sutton&CheamMotspur Pk16 May 
1:54.85Aaron Reader (U23)South LondonMotspur Pk18 May 
1:54.86A.NicholsonHerne Hill HMotspur Pk18 May 
1:55.52M.Reid (U20)Epsom & EwellMotspur Pk18 May 
1:55.73T.Pullen (U20)AldershotF&DMotspur Pk18 May 
1:55.84h1Steve SmullenBelgrave HMotspur Pk16 May 
1:55.99I.CroftCamberley&DistMotspur Pk18 May 
1:56.64A.Moore (U20)Belgrave HMotspur Pk18 May 
1:57.12h3Barry AttwellunattachedMotspur Pk16 May 
1:57.23h3Jonathan OwenHerculesWimbMotspur Pk16 May 
1:57.34h2R.PearceEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk16 May 
1:57.45M.Bangle (U20)Hounslow ACMotspur Pk18 May 
1:57.74h3J.WarrenBelgrave HMotspur Pk16 May 
1:58.35h3C.ChuterBelgrave HMotspur Pk16 May 
1:58.66R.Massey (U20)Camberley&DistMotspur Pk18 May 
1:59.53h4M.WellerBelgrave HMotspur Pk16 May 
1:59.75h1Keith AndrewHerculesWimbMotspur Pk16 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:08.00 )
 3:42.58iDavid Swain Belgrave HFayettiville, USA27 Feb
 3:43.204David SwainBelgrave HHouston, TX, USA4 May
 3:43.242Nick Hopkins (U20)Reigate PrioryCrystal Palace15 Jun
 3:46.052r2Stuart CrossmanWoking ACCrystal Palace15 Jun
 3:47.241Adrian Iszatt (U20)South LondonCrystal Palace15 Sep
 3:47.894r2Peter Clarke HerculesWimbCrystal Palace14 Jun
 3:48.45Tim BrennanSutton&CheamWatford26 Aug
 3:48.571Stuart Paton (U23)Belgrave HTrondheim, NOR21 May
 3:48.81Richard McDonnell (U23)Sutton&CheamCrawley31 Jul
 3:49.13Gary RibbonsBoxhill RAldershot3 Jul
 3:49.8David Hayes (U23)Herne Hill HHigh Wycombe18 Aug
 3:50.94Paul MagnerEpsom & EwellAldershot3 Jul
 3:53.72Mark Sinclair Belgrave HMotspur Pk18 May
 3:57.31h1Gordon Russell unattachedMotspur Pk14 May
 3:57.93Jerry Watson Epsom & EwellMotspur Pk18 May
 3:58.04David Hayes (U23)Herne Hill HMotspur Pk18 May
 3:58.91Chris Payne (U20)AldershotF&DMotspur Pk18 May
 3:59.54h1J.Warren Belgrave HMotspur Pk14 May
 3:59.85h1M NelsonHerculesWimbMotspur Pk14 May
 4:00.02Steve Denham (U20)Camberley&DistMotspur Pk18 May
 4:00.05Richard Gooderham (U23)Waverley HMotspur Pk18 May
 4:00.4Alan Dolton Croydon HBattersea Pk24 Jul
 4:01.63David Cowan (U20)Walton ACMotspur Pk18 May
 4:04.24M Jones (U20)AldershotF&DMotspur Pk18 May
 4:04.51h1T Pullen (U20)AldershotF&DMotspur Pk16 May
 4:04.96h1Barry Attwell unattachedMotspur Pk14 May
 4:05.15D Fitzpatrick (U20)Mitcham ACMotspur Pk18 May
 4:05.31G.Tiernan (U17)Belgrave HMotspur Pk18 May
 4:05.78h1D PomfretHerculesWimbMotspur Pk14 May
 4:05.73h2Darren Mears (U20)Camberley&DistMotspur Pk16 May
 4:05.72h2Terry Booth (U20)Woking ACMotspur Pk16 May
 4:06.53h2R TweddleunattachedMotspur Pk14 May
 4:06.94h2A PatonBelgrave HMotspur Pk14 May
 4:07.45h2P.Noke AldershotF&DMotspur Pk14 May
 4:07.87A Moffatt (U20)AldershotF&DMotspur Pk18 May
1 Mile (Standard: 4:30.00 )
4:00.667David SwainBelgrave HCrystal Palace20 Jul 
4:05.93Peter Clarke HerculesWimbAldershot22 Jul 
4:06.259Nick Hopkins (U20)Reigate PrioryCrystal Palace20 Jul 
4:07.01David Hayes (U23)Herne Hill HTooting Bec24 Aug 
4:07.88Adrian Iszatt (U20)South LondonAldershot22 Jul 
4:08.5Chris Ogle Herne Hill HTooting Bec24 Aug 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 8:55.00 )
 8:06.88Mike FromantMitcham ACCrystal Palace30 Apr
 8:11.04Peter ClarkeHerculesWimbCrystal Palace1 May
 8:11.983Nick Hopkins (U20)Reigate PrioryCrystal Palace15 Sep
 8:12.2Martin Stock Croydon HBattersea Pk24 Jul
 8:19.44Adrian Iszatt (U20)South LondonBattersea Park24 Jul
 8:35.03Alan Dolton Croydon HPapendal, NED21 Aug
 8:45.905Jon Dennis (U17)Camberley&DistCrystal Palace15 Sep
5000 Metres (Standard: 16:15.00 )
13:54.431David Swain Belgrave HAustin, TX, USA6 Apr 
14:00.71David Clarke HerculesWimbThurrock28 Jul 
14:01.037Gary Ribbons Epsom & EwellCrystal Palace15 Jun 
14:12.81Martin Stock Croydon HAldershot3 Jul 
14:20.1Oliver Foote Belgrave HBrighton30 Jun 
14:28.31Peter Clarke HerculesWimbMotspur Pk18 May 
14:31.33Clive Hensby Woking ACMotspur Pk18 May 
14:31.84Peter Barratt Woking ACMotspur Pk18 May 
14:35.57Mark Slowikowski (U23)HerculesWimbCrystal Palace10 Jun 
14:37.6David North Belgrave H 
14:38.3Bill Snelgrove Herne Hill HBrighton30 Jun 
14:42.25Tom Conlon Herne Hill HMotspur Pk18 May 
14:44.26Ian Lamplough unattachedMotspur Pk18 May 
14:48.97S Collingridge PolytechnicHMotspur Pk18 May 
14:50.28S Slowikowski HerculesWimbMotspur Pk18 May 
14:52.83Adrian Iszatt (U20)South LondonBattersea Park12 Aug 
14:56.8Alan Dolton Croydon HColindale17 Aug 
15:02.19Andy Evans South LondonMotspur Pk18 May 
15:27.012Tim Eglen AldershotF&DMotspur Pk18 May 
15:30.013Peter Lindsell (M35)Guildford&GMotspur Pk18 May 
15:37.214S Williams Guildford&GMotspur Pk18 May 
15:38.015Stephen Warzee (M40)Guildford&GMotspur Pk18 May 
15:41.216John Roberts (M45)South LondonMotspur Pk18 May 
15:45.917Steve Badgery (M35)HerculesWimbMotspur Pk18 May 
15:49.518Stuart Littlewood HerculesWimbMotspur Pk18 May 
15:57.419M Bizio Belgrave HMotspur Pk18 May 
 10,000 Metres (Standard: 35:00.00 )
 28:12.9117David Clarke HerculesWimbStockholm, SWE2 Jul
 29:49.43Oliver Foote Belgrave HCrystal Palace11 Sep
 30:04.49Clive Hensby Woking ACCrystal Palace11 Sep
 30:32.38Gary Ribbons Boxhill RThurrock28 Jul
 31:34.01Ian Lamplough unattachedCroydon28 Apr
 31:40.42Ray Marriott South LondonCroydon28 Apr
 31:50.53Alan Dolton Croydon HCroydon28 Apr
 31:50.64Martin Walmsley Croydon HCroydon28 Apr
 32:02.05C Hall Woking ACCroydon28 Apr
 33:45.67J Froud Woking ACCroydon28 Apr
 33:48.66C Moulton HerculesWimbCroydon28 Apr
 34:29.48M Bizio Belgrave HCroydon28 Apr
 34:29.99R Thorn Waverley HCroydon28 Apr
3000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 10:00.00 )
8:50.631Peter BarrattWoking ACCrystal Palace15 Jun 
8:55.675Gordon RussellunattachedCrystal Palace15 Jun 
8:58.11Jeremy WatsonEpsom & EwellAldershot3 Jul 
9:05.71Ken PenneyCroydon HLuton7 Sep 
9:08.83Tom ConlonHerne Hill HSutcliffe Park23 Jun 
9:14.63Dave GlassborowHerne Hill HWindsor1 Jun 
9:20.5Ian LoganAldershotF&DVilanova, ESP18 May 
9:24.05Mark SinclairBelgrave HAldershot3 Jul 
9:49.85I.CroftCamberley&DistCroydon27 Apr 
9:56.06S.PautardPolytechnicHCroydon27 Apr 
 110 Metres Hurdles (106.7cm) (Standard: 16.00 )
 14.9w2Julian Hislop Croydon HAldershot3 Jul
 15.11Julian HislopCroydon HSutcliffe Park23 Jun
 15.4w5Mark Lindsay-Bayley Belgrave HAldershot3 Jul
 15.8/-0.31Trevor Whittle PolytechnicHMotspur Pk18 May
 15.9/-0.32J.Hobb Epsom & EwellMotspur Pk18 May
 15.9/-0.33Mark Lindsay-BayleyBelgrave HMotspur Pk18 May
400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 58.00 )
51.795h1Kevin CurridEpsom & EwellCrystal Palace13 Jul 
52.565Maurice Evans Herne Hill HCrystal Palace15 Jun 
54.14s1David Haizelden (U20)Sutton&CheamHull13 Jul 
54.43Keith AndrewHerculesWimbWest London23 Jun 
55.73Jonathan Owen HerculesWimbAldershot3 Jul 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.90m [6ft3in] )
 2.141Andrew Hutchinson (U20)HerculesWimbCrystal Palace15 May
 2.121Leroy Haughton (U23)Herne Hill HSouthwark Park23 Jun
 2.055Warren Caswell (U23)Epsom & EwellCrystal Palace14 Jun
 2.051Hopeton Lindo (U17)Croydon HColindale17 Aug
 2.021Trevor Whittle PolytechnicHCrystal Palace14 Aug
 2.002Alan BredenMet PoliceACColindale17 Aug
 1.922Chris Cornwell (U20)Belgrave HMotspur Pk13 May
 1.905Scott Wyld (U23)Herne Hill HMotspur Pk18 May
Pole Vault (Standard: 3.65m [12ft0in] )
5.403Brian HooperWoking ACBirmingham21 Jun 
5.405Keith StockHaringey ACGateshead29 Jun 
5.151Billy Davey (U23)ShaftesburyHHendon31 Aug 
5.003Richard GammageWolv&BilstonNanjing11 Sep 
4.901Phil LovellBelgrave HCrystal Palace7 Aug 
4.721Ian Lewis (U17)Hounslow ACCrawley11 Aug 
4.603Jim Lewis (U23)Met PoliceACCrystal Palace29 Sep 
4.551Richard Hooper (U23)Wolv&BilstonCoventry4 May 
4.501John Andrews (U23)Epsom & EwellWoodford1 Jun 
4.502Howard Gooderham (U20)Bracknell ACCrystal Palace22 Jun 
4.50DNick PhippsWoking ACBirmingham21 Jul 
4.402Ian Tullett (U17)Woking ACAldershot18 Jun 
4.351John WellsWoking ACMotspur Pk20 Jul 
4.203David HooperSurrey ACWoking6 Apr 
4.002Norman DonachieEdinburghACCrawley14 Apr 
3.858Simon Lee (U17)Herne Hill HHull12 Jul 
3.808Mark ShippenBelgrave HMotspur Pk18 May 
3.702M Vaughan (U20)Epsom & EwellCroydon27 Apr 
 Long Jump (Standard: 6.50m [21ft4in] )
 7.502John Shepherd Enfield HCrystal Palace14 Jun
 7.342Derrick Williams Belgrave HMotspur Pk18 May
 7.221ABryan Clasby (U20)Mitcham ACCrystal Palace11 Aug
 7.047Scott Wyld (U23)Herne Hill HCrystal Palace14 Jun
 6.885Christopher Carden Herne Hill HMotspur Pk18 May
 6.646Trevor Whittle PolytechnicHMotspur Pk18 May
 6.637Andre Sutherland (U17)HerculesWimbHull13 Jul
Triple Jump (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in] )
15.861Jo Allison South LondonTooting Bec24 Aug 
14.513Ahamefula Amadi Belgrave HEnfield11 May 
14.433Alan Laifa (U23)Croydon HSutcliffe Park12 May 
14.171Festus Ogwuda (U17)Belgrave HWorthing2 Jun 
14.124Derrick Williams Belgrave HWindsor1 Jun 
13.966Jamal Suleiman (U17)HerculesWimbHull13 Jul 
13.154John Vernon (M35)Sutton&CheamMotspur Pk13 May 
13.115W.Boyd Epsom & EwellMotspur Pk13 May 
 Shot Put (7.26kg) (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in] )
 17.461Mike Winch (M35)Blackheath HCrystal Palace29 Sep
 15.60DPaul EdwardsWalton ACBonn, FRG21 Sep
 15.362Kenneth OnuaguluchiBelgrave HBristol11 Sep
 15.231Julian HislopCroydon HMotspur Park20 Jul
 14.65DNick PhippsWoking ACParliament Hill29 Aug
 13.761Clayton Turner (U20)Crawley ACCwmbran23 Jun
 13.542Peter Sutton (U23)Epsom & EwellMotspur Pk18 May
 13.363Abi Ekoku (U20)Belgrave HCrystal Palace11 Sep
 13.252John Lanning (U23)Guildford&GWoking6 Apr
 13.114Adam Chromniak (M45)Guildford&GMotspur Pk18 May
 13.046Robert HackerGuildford&GMotspur Pk18 May
Discus (2kg) (Standard: 35.00m [115ft0in] )
56.082Kenneth OnuaguluchiBelgrave HTooting Bec24 Aug 
50.843Mike Winch (M35)Blackheath HCrystal Palace29 Sep 
49.94DPaul EdwardsWalton ACBonn, FRG22 Sep 
46.421Abi Ekoku (U20)Belgrave HCalabar, NGR28 Mar 
46.301Peter ToddSurrey BglsCroydon3 Aug 
45.942Peter Sutton (U23)Epsom & EwellNottingham30 Jun 
45.862Julian HislopCroydon HNorwich3 Aug 
45.402Michael SmallBelgrave HCroydon12 Jun 
44.663Chris Smale (U23)Sutton&CheamOxford29 Jun 
42.842Clayton Turner (U20)Crawley ACParliament Hill5 May 
41.262Mike Cushion (M40)Woodford GColindale17 Aug 
41.181Nick PhippsWoking ACLuton17 Aug 
39.966John Lanning (U23)Guildford&GMotspur Pk18 May 
38.387Adam Chromniak (M45)Guildford&GMotspur Pk18 May 
 Hammer (7.26kg) (Standard: 39.60m [130ft0in] )
 49.961Gareth Cook (U17)Sutton&CheamEwell13 Apr
 49.881Chris Melluish (M40)Cambridge HMotspur Pk18 May
 49.821Michael SmallBelgrave HSutcliffe Park21 Aug
 48.822Chris Smale (U23)Sutton&CheamLuton17 Aug
 48.682Ken Prior (M35)Epsom & EwellEwell13 Apr
 45.225Peter ToddSurrey BglsMotspur Pk18 May
 43.746Andrew VermesCroydon HMotspur Pk18 May
 43.367Steve SageEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk18 May
 41.668Alan StaerckPolytechnicHMotspur Pk18 May
 40.489Chris KingCroydon HMotspur Pk18 May
Javelin 800g (pre-1986 model)
64.842Dave Travis CorbySutton Coldfield31 Aug 
63.881Ian PeddieHounslow ACColindale29 Jun 
60.902Julian HislopCroydon HOxford29 Jun 
60.02DPaul EdwardsWalton ACBonn, FRG22 Sep 
57.761Kevin SheppardunattachedMotspur Pk18 May 
57.32dMatthew StoneSutton&CheamCroydon28 Apr 
52.684David TwerdochlibHounslow ACMotspur Pk18 May 
51.465Kenneth OnuaguluchiBelgrave HMotspur Pk18 May 
50.586L CollierGuildford&GMotspur Pk18 May 
47.067P TomsVets ACMotspur Pk18 May 
45.428R FraserEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk18 May 
44.54dE HollinghurstSheffield UnCroydon28 Apr 
43.269John WebsterHerculesWimbMotspur Pk18 May 
41.30dM QuinlanSutton&CheamCroydon28 Apr 
40.62dP JeffsRedhill&ReigCroydon28 Apr 
38.1810S BestWoking ACMotspur Pk18 May 
37.0611S BarrettHerne Hill HMotspur Pk18 May 
36.5812P ColeRBKingstonACMotspur Pk18 May 
35.0613R ShrubbRBKingstonACMotspur Pk18 May 

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