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Under 15 Girls
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.80 )
 12.41Amelia RichardsHerculesWimbSheffield11 Aug
 12.6Rachel MayhewHerne Hill HSutton22 Jul
 12.8Sam DawsonAldershotF&DBedford16 Jun
 12.9Amy AllcockAldershotF&DGuildford17 Jun
 12.9Emma WakrimSutton&DistrictSutton7 Jul
 13.0Anna BerryHerculesWimbGuildford26 May
 13.0Emily de BeauxGuildford&GSutton14 Jul
 13.06Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow13 May
 13.1Shanice HarrisonSouth LondonSutton6 May
 13.1Eleanor BallGuildford&GPortsmouth7 Jul
 13.2Megan AitchisonAldershotF&DGuildford26 May
 13.3Cleo-Patrice BarbourCroydon HNorman Park22 Jul
 13.4Soracha HealyKingston & PolyWatford6 May
 13.4Megan SmithAldershotF&DGuildford17 Jun
 13.4wGeorgia TaylorAldershotF&DKingsmeadow13 May
 13.5Emily GowerAldershotF&DGuildford26 May
 13.5Sharon ObayuwanaHerculesWimbSutton14 Jul
 13.5wGrace KingSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow13 May
 13.51Jessika Downes-GoesslCroydon HKingsmeadow13 May
 13.57Emily AshongSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow13 May
 13.6Jessica McCabeGuildford&GEton28 Jul
 13.69Charlotte GibbsGuildford&GKingsmeadow9 Jun
 13.7wLauren ThomasCroydon HKingsmeadow13 May
 13.7wShola ShokoyoHerne Hill HKingsmeadow13 May
 13.7Suzanne KyfiHerne Hill HBattersea Pk9 Jun
 13.8Patricia Perez-DuriasGuildford&GSutton14 Jul
 13.8wRosie SmithEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow13 May
 13.8wAbi NeateGuildford&GKingsmeadow13 May
 13.8Fran ThompsonGuildford&GSutton14 Jul
 13.9wVictoria DouglasKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 May
 13.9Ellie CousinsGuildford&GGuildford2 Jun
 13.9Rosie SmithEpsom & EwellTooting Bec16 Jun
 13.9Grace KingSutton&DistrictHorsham24 Jun
 13.9Lois McLeanSutton&DistrictHorsham24 Jun
 13.9Katie WrenGuildford&GEton28 Jul
 13.96Jenny SteinitzKingston & PolyKingsmeadow9 Jun
 14.0Lily WhitlamHerne Hill HCanterbury20 May
 14.0Emily McIlwainKingston & PolyGuildford26 May
 14.0Lauren SweetnamAldershotF&DGuildford17 Jun
 14.0Sylvia AmaboquaHerne Hill HKingsmeadow8 Sep
 14.0wLeanne BettisDorkingMVKingsmeadow13 May
 14.1Sophie PeelKingston & PolyKingsmeadow20 May
 14.1wSarah AbramsAldershotF&DKingsmeadow13 May
 14.1Abi WrothWalton ACSutton14 Jul
 14.2Victoria DouglasKingston & PolyKingsmeadow20 May
 14.2Giselle CooperGuildford&GGuildford26 May
 14.2Holly FindleyGuildford&GReading16 Sep
 14.3wJessica CollinsGuildford&GKingsmeadow13 May
 14.3Harriet T HallWalton ACWalton2 Jun
 14.3Sarah WatermanGuildford&GGuildford17 Jun
 14.3Claudia PoulterKingston & PolyGuildford30 Jun
 14.3Jessica GallacherGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun
 14.3Josephine PngHerne Hill HKingsmeadow8 Sep
 14.3Natasha SkeetHerculesWimbKingsmeadow8 Sep
200 Metres (Standard: 29.00 )
25.57Adelle TraceyGuildford&GCopthall26 Aug 
25.6Amy AllcockAldershotF&DBedford16 Jun 
25.7Amelia RichardsHerculesWimbTooting Bec16 Jun 
26.3Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellHorsham22 Jul 
26.4Caleisha ColeSutton&DistrictSutton7 Jul 
26.78Emily GowerAldershotF&DKingsmeadow9 Jun 
26.8Megan AitchisonAldershotF&DGuildford17 Jun 
26.8Sam DawsonAldershotF&DBasingstoke22 Jul 
26.9Shanice HarrisonSouth LondonHorsham3 Jun 
27.3iFrederica FosterSouth LondonLee Valley21 Jan 
27.38Soracha HealyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow9 Jun 
27.4Katie SnowdenHerne Hill HCanterbury20 May 
27.4Megan SmithAldershotF&DGuildford17 Jun 
27.5Emma BarlowCroydon HTonbridge24 Jun 
27.5Emily de BeauxGuildford&GEton28 Jul 
27.5Emma WakrimSutton&DistrictSutton7 Jul 
27.6Rachel MayhewHerne Hill HSutton22 Jul 
27.69Georgia TaylorAldershotF&DKingsmeadow9 Jun 
27.8Sharon ObayuwanaHerculesWimbSutton14 Jul 
27.9Suzanne KyfiHerne Hill HBattersea Pk9 Jun 
27.9Katie WrenGuildford&GBrighton19 May 
27.9Anna BerryHerculesWimbSutton14 Jul 
28.1Shola ShokoyaHerne Hill HCanterbury20 May 
28.2Grace AlaneneCroydon HNorman Park22 Jul 
28.2Kim DawkinsWalton ACPerivale28 Jul 
28.3Charlotte GibbsGuildford&GGuildford20 May 
28.3Abi WrothWalton ACWoking22 Jul 
28.4Rosie SmithEpsom & EwellTooting Bec16 Jun 
28.4Eleanor BallGuildford&GSutton28 Jul 
28.48Iesha HindsCroydon HCroydon20 May 
28.50Marion TwenanfooHerne Hill HKingsmeadow12 May 
28.56Jessica McCabeGuildford&GKingsmeadow12 May 
28.8Lauren RuglessHerne Hill HTooting Bec16 Jun 
28.8Grace KingSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow8 Sep 
28.95Hannah RobertsCamberley&DistKingsmeadow12 May 
29.0Patricia Perez-DuriasGuildford&GReading3 Jun 
29.0Amy JamesGuildford&GGuildford17 Jun 
29.1Chloe CrossmanGuildford&GGuildford17 Jun 
29.15Victoria DouglasKingston & PolyLee Valley21 Apr 
29.23Emily AshongSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow12 May 
29.3Sylvia AmaboquaHerne Hill HKingsmeadow8 Sep 
29.36Emma CampbellCroydon HCroydon20 May 
29.41Abi NeateGuildford&GKingsmeadow12 May 
29.5Sophie PeelKingston & PolyKingsmeadow20 May 
29.7Rosa WilliamsHerne Hill HCrystal Palace15 Apr 
 300 Metres (Standard: 47.00 )
 42.01Frederica FosterSouth LondonHorsham3 Jun
 43.4Laura BurkeWindsorSE&HEton15 Apr
 43.4Georgia PeelWoking ACSandown29 Jul
 44.5Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellHorsham19 Aug
800 Metres (Standard: 2:40.00 )
2:12.06Georgia PeelWoking ACCoventry4 Aug 
2:12.9Adelle TraceyGuildford&GSheffield12 Aug 
2:13.08Frederica FosterSouth LondonAshford27 May 
2:18.04Hannah EdwardsHerne Hill HCopthall26 Aug 
2:19.48Laura BurkeWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow9 Jun 
2:19.5Harriet FieldSouth LondonAshford9 Jun 
2:20.6Emelia GoreckaAldershotF&DBasingstoke22 Jul 
2:22.3Katie SnowdenHerne Hill HBattersea Pk9 Jun 
2.23.50Bethan HubbardAldershotF&DKingsmeadow12 May 
2.23.77Laura SuggittAldershotF&DKingsmeadow12 May 
2:24.84Yimika AdewakunSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow9 Jun 
2:24.9Amy JamesGuildford&GGuildford5 Aug 
2:28.7Molly RenferKingston & PolyKingsmeadow8 Sep 
2:28.89Cora HarrisonDorkingMVKingsmeadow9 Jun 
2:29.2Katie GilkesGuildford&GSouthampton22 Jul 
2:29.36Emer KerrSutton&DistrictHorsham9 Sep 
2:29.4Catherine HallGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun 
2:29.8Chloe CrossmanGuildford&GReading3 Jun 
2:30.5Georgia TaylorAldershotF&DEton15 Apr 
2:31.0Stephanie EspinosaKingston & PolyGuildford26 May 
2:31.6Amelia RichardsHerculesWimbHendon24 Jun 
2:32.3Hayley WallisGuildford&GReading3 Jun 
2.32.48Ruth HaynesAldershotF&DKingsmeadow12 May 
2:32.5Emma BarlowCroydon HNorman Park22 Jul 
2:33.1Abby FewellGuildford&GAbingdon1 Sep 
2:33.2Laura ParkerGuildford&GKingsmeadow8 Sep 
2:36.1Hannah FieldSouth LondonBury St Edmonds2 Jun 
2:36.2Helen WilsonSouth LondonHorsham24 Jun 
2.36.79Maddie GarnerKingston & PolyKingsmeadow12 May 
2.37.32Sophie McKennaWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow12 May 
2:37.32Mae PartridgeAldershotF&DWatford27 Jun 
2:39.74Harriet S HallWalton ACWalton22 Apr 
2:39.9Annie AshworthGuildford&GGuildford26 May 
2:40.1Kim DawkinsWalton ACPerivale28 Jul 
2:40.48Francesca CurrieKingston & PolyKingsmeadow9 Jun 
2:40.7Hannah FayDorkingMVWoking22 Jul 
2.40.85Isobel StoneKingston & PolyKingsmeadow12 May 
2:41.4Sarah SpearsAldershotF&DWatford27 Jun 
2:42.8Katie BingleGuildford&GGuildford20 May 
2:43.1Jessica McCabeGuildford&GPortsmouth7 Jul 
2:43.5Helen SchnabelGuildford&GGuildford26 May 
2:43.55Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellHorsham9 Sep 
2:44.2Amelia RosenbergWoking ACWoking22 Jul 
2:44.2Kirsty ChaplinSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow8 Sep 
2:44.5Harriet T HallWalton ACUxbridge6 May 
2:44.8Sharon ObayuwanaHerculesWimbSutton14 Jul 
2:45.51Amelia TomkinsCamberley&DistHorsham9 Sep 
2:46.61Lauren HightonWalton ACWalton22 Apr 
2:46.7Beth SemikenSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow8 Sep 
2.47.08Eloise O'BrienStMRichmondKingsmeadow12 May 
2:47.7Alicia ThonetWalton ACSutton14 Jul 
2:48.2Jade BrooksHerculesWimbCrystal Palace15 Apr 
2:49.2Ali BorthwickHerculesWimbSutton28 Apr 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 5:25.00 )
 4:34.98Emelia GoreckaAldershotF&DWatford30 Jun
 4:37.0Georgia PeelWoking ACBedford16 Jun
 4:47.9Bethan HubbardAldershotF&DBasingstoke22 Jul
 4:48.82Ruth HaynesAldershotF&DWatford13 Jun
 4:49.80Hannah EdwardsHerne Hill HBirmingham13 Jul
 4:52.0Eleanor MaumeCamberley&DistUxbridge3 Jun
 4:54.2Adelle TraceyGuildford&GGuildford17 Jun
 4:56.9Grace O'LearySutton&DistrictKingsmeadow8 Sep
 4:57.5Catherine HallGuildford&GGuildford24 Jun
 5:00.1Cora HarrisonDorkingMVWatford8 Aug
 5.01.0Grace ShepherdEpsom & EwellCrystal Palace15 Apr
 5:01.0Laura SuggittAldershotF&DGuildford30 Jun
 5:04.4Phillippa de la RoseeHerne Hill HBattersea Pk9 Jun
 5:08.69Georgia TaylorAldershotF&DWoking2 Sep
 5:08.8Mae PartridgeAldershotF&DWatford8 Aug
 5:10.9Harriet FieldSouth LondonTooting Bec25 Aug
 5.13.42Emer KerrSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow13 May
 5:13.9Abby FewellGuildford&GEton28 Jul
 5:14.5Hayley WishartSutton&DistrictHorsham24 Jun
 5.19.34Stephanie EspinosaKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 May
 5:19.6Katie GilkesGuildford&GGuildford20 May
 5:20.7Armelle FolkesHerne Hill HCanterbury20 May
 5.21.53Helen WilsonSouth LondonKingsmeadow13 May
 5.21.89Annie AshworthGuildford&GKingsmeadow13 May
 5:22.2Maddie GarnerKingston & PolyKingsmeadow16 May
 5:25.6Amy MitchellSouth LondonHorsham24 Jun
 5:26.6Chloe CrossmanGuildford&GGuildford5 Aug
 5:26.9Hayley WallisGuildford&GGuildford24 Jun
 5:30.7Amy JamesGuildford&GBrighton19 May
 5:31.6Lauren HightonWalton ACWalton2 Jun
 5:32.0Harriet S HallWalton ACWalton2 Jun
 5.32.31Eloise O'BrienStMRichmondKingsmeadow13 May
 5:32.8Katie BingleGuildford&GGuildford17 Jun
 5:34.5Helen SchnabelGuildford&GReading3 Jun
 5:35.1Laura ParkerGuildford&GReading3 Jun
 5:41.4Emily WilkinsonAldershotF&DGuildford26 May
 5:43.9Imogen WalshGuildford&GReading16 Sep
 5:44.7Alicia ThonetWalton ACAbingdon1 Sep
75 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 14.00 )
11.5Amelia RichardsHerculesWimbKingsmeadow3 Jun 
11.8Jessica McCabeGuildford&GSutton14 Jul 
12.15wJessie KnightEpsom & EwellAshford26 May 
12.18Angharad SeatonHerne Hill HBirmingham13 Jul 
12.2Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellBedford16 Jun 
12.4Annabel SeatonHerne Hill HPerivale6 May 
12.4Jessica ChambersGuildford&GKingsmeadow8 Sep 
12.53wSarah AbramsAldershotF&DAshford26 May 
12.75Sam DawsonAldershotF&DWoking2 Sep 
12.78Claudia PoulterKingston & PolyKingsmeadow9 Jun 
12.8Sarah AbramsAldershotF&DHarrow20 May 
12.8Jessica CollinsGuildford&GGuildford17 Jun 
12.8Katy McDermottGuildford&GGuildford24 Jun 
13.1Georgia TaylorAldershotF&DGuildford17 Jun 
13.1Claudia Noakes (U13)Kingston & PolyKingsmeadow20 May 
13.1Patricia Perez-DuriasGuildford&GAbingdon1 Sep 
13.2Lucy ClacherKingston & PolyKingsmeadow8 Sep 
13.3Sinead WorrellHerne Hill HTooting Bec16 Jun 
13.4Claudia TrippGuildford&GGuildford5 Aug 
13.5Sophie PeelKingston & PolySutton14 Jul 
13.60Keri DavidsonCroydon HHendon3 Jun 
13.6Sylvia AmaboquaHerne Hill HSutton22 Jul 
13.70Hannah RobertsCamberley&DistHorsham9 Sep 
13.8Rachel StrachenWalton ACWalton2 Jun 
13.90Georgia JohnsonCroydon HCroydon20 May 
13.9Hannah GordonEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow8 Sep 
14.1Shannon DavenportCamberley&DistWoking22 Jul 
14.2Megan PhilipKingston & PolyKingsmeadow8 Sep 
14.4Amy JamesGuildford&GEton15 Apr 
14.4Natasha SkeetKingston & PolyKingsmeadow8 Sep 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.35m )
 1.61Sarah AbramsAldershotF&DGuildford17 Jun
 1.60Emily McIlwainKingston & PolyCrystal Palace1 Jul
 1.50iAmelia RichardsHerculesWimbLee Valley7 Jan
 1.50Marian TwenefooHerne Hill HCanterbury20 May
 1.46Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellHorsham9 Sep
 1.45iEleanor BallGuildford&GSutton3 Mar
 1.45Shannon DavenportCamberley&DistWoking22 Apr
 1.45Emily de BeauxGuildford&GHillingdon28 Apr
 1.45Emma LeechWalton ACUxbridge6 May
 1.45Amelia RichardsHerculesWimbLee Valley23 May
 1.45Catherine HallGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun
 1.45Christianne RismanGuildford&GEton28 Jul
 1.44Amelia TomkinsCamberley&DistWoking22 Jul
 1.43Ali BorthwickHerculesWimbPerivale24 Jun
 1.43Hannah RobertsCamberley&DistHorsham9 Sep
 1.41Abi WrothWalton ACHastings14 Jul
 1.40Georgia TaylorAldershotF&DGuildford26 May
 1.40Soracha HealyKingston & PolyOxford3 Jun
 1.40Claudia TrippGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun
 1.40Sylvia AmaboquaHerne Hill HSutton22 Jul
 1.40Jessica CollinsGuildford&GEton24 Jun
 1.40Sarah ThompsonHerne Hill HKingsmeadow8 Sep
 1.35Eleanor BallGuildford&GEton15 Apr
 1.35Katy McDermottGuildford&GEton15 Apr
 1.35Sophie GreenwoodHerculesWimbGuildford26 May
 1.35Amy MitchellSouth LondonBury St Edmonds2 Jun
 1.35Hannah ThompsonCroydon HHendon3 Jun
 1.35Angharad SeatonHerne Hill HTooting Bec16 Jun
 1.35Kim DawkinsWalton ACPerivale19 May
 1.30Laura MooreWalton ACWalton22 Apr
 1.30Lauren HenryCroydon HCroydon20 May
 1.30Abi NeateGuildford&GGuildford20 May
 1.30Jessica McCabeGuildford&GGuildford26 May
 1.30Sinead WorrellHerne Hill HTooting Bec16 Jun
 1.30Tamsin BarberEpsom & EwellHorsham24 Jun
 1.30Laura SuggittAldershotF&DGuildford30 Jun
 1.30Maddie TaylorGuildford&GGuildford26 May
 1.30Jessica GallacherGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun
 1.30Sarah WatermanGuildford&GReading30 Jun
 1.30Maddie GarnerKingston & PolyKingsmeadow16 May
 1.30Kate LeeWalton ACKingsmeadow8 Sep
 1.25Rebecca LallyCamberley&DistWoking22 Jul
 1.25Grace AlaneneCroydon HNorman Park22 Jul
 1.25Chloe CrossmanGuildford&GGuildford26 May
 1.25Abby FewellGuildford&GGuildford26 May
 1.25Ria LawrenceWalton ACAbingdon1 Sep
 1.25Tara FrostEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow8 Sep
Pole Vault (Standard: 1.80m )
3.11Rosa WilliamsHerne Hill HBromley23 Sep 
 Long Jump (Standard: 4.25m )
 5.56Amelia RichardsHerculesWimbSutton28 Apr
 5.23Sarah AbramsAldershotF&DKingsmeadow9 Jun
 4.91Christianne RismanGuildford&GKingsmeadow12 May
 4.88Caleisha ColeSutton&DistrictSutton7 Jul
 4.85Jessica CollinsGuildford&GHillingdon28 Apr
 4.76Marian TwenefooHerne Hill HKingsmeadow12 May
 4.73Victoria DouglasKingston & PolyKingsmeadow18 Mar
 4.70Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellHorsham9 Sep
 4.61iAmy RadcliffeHerne Hill HSutton4 Mar
 4.53Emily McIlwainKingston & PolyKingsmeadow18 Mar
 4.51wHannah RobertsCamberley&DistKingsmeadow12 May
 4.46Natasha SkeetHerculesWimbSutton28 Apr
 4.45Sinead WorrellHerne Hill HSutton22 Jul
 4.43Shola ShokoyaHerne Hill HKingsmeadow12 May
 4.43Georgia TaylorAldershotF&DBasildon3 Jun
 4.38Sophie SmallSouth LondonWatford19 May
 4.38Charlotte GibbsGuildford&GGuildford20 May
 4.37Tamsin BarberEpsom & EwellHorsham24 Jun
 4.36Keri DavidsonCroydon HHendon3 Jun
 4.35Anna BerryHerculesWimbSutton14 Jul
 4.33Chloe CrossmanGuildford&GGuildford17 Jun
 4.31Abi NeateGuildford&GKingsmeadow12 May
 4.31Abby FewellGuildford&GAbingdon1 Sep
 4.31Eleanor BallGuildford&GReading16 Sep
 4.29Emily de BeauxGuildford&GReading16 Sep
 4.24Hannah RobertsCamberley&DistHorsham9 Sep
 4.19Rachel StrachenWalton ACWalton2 Jun
 4.16Emma LeechWalton ACWoking22 Jul
 4.16Lauren SinclairWoking ACWoking22 Jul
 4.15Lucy ClacherKingston & PolyWatford22 Jul
 4.14Amy AllcockAldershotF&DGuildford5 Aug
 4.12Sarah BridgmanDorkingMVHorsham9 Sep
Shot Put (3.25kg) (Standard: 7.00m )
10.30Gabriella RosejeHerne Hill HKingsmeadow8 Sep 
9.98Sarah BridgmanDorkingMVKingsmeadow9 Jun 
9.93Holly StroudGuildford&GKingsmeadow8 Sep 
9.84Beccy KillKingston & PolyKingsmeadow27 Jun 
9.63Katie WrenGuildford&GEton28 Jul 
9.54Esme RichardsSutton&DistrictSutton7 Jul 
9.23Charlotte Kanini-ParsonsHerne Hill HCrystal Palace15 Apr 
8.95Amelia RosenbergWoking ACWoking22 Jul 
8.65Georgina WestSouth LondonEastbourne28 Apr 
8.64Hafizah HowellHerne Hill HKingsmeadow18 Mar 
8.59Sinead WorrellHerne Hill HKingsmeadow8 Sep 
8.58Carla LethebyWalton ACTwickenham4 Jul 
8.54Amelia RichardsHerculesWimbHendon24 Jun 
8.51Esme RichardsSutton&DistrictHorsham24 Jun 
7.98Nazarene MontgomeryCroydon HCroydon2 Jun 
7.77Shola ShokoyaHerne Hill HCanterbury20 May 
7.46Tayla PilgrimGuildford&GSutton14 Jul 
7.46Emer KerrSutton&DistrictHorsham9 Sep 
7.27Charlotte TomsWalton ACUxbridge3 Jun 
7.10Hannah RobertsCamberley&DistHorsham9 Sep 
7.03Abi NeateGuildford&GKingsmeadow12 May 
7.00Emma ParishHerne Hill HKingsmeadow12 May 
6.99Hannah FieldSouth LondonBury St Edmonds2 Jun 
6.95Iesha HindsCroydon HNorman Park22 Jul 
6.95Shannon DavenportCamberley&DistHorsham9 Sep 
6.85Katja SchlerfKingston & PolyWatford6 May 
6.82Giselle CooperGuildford&GGuildford2 Jun 
6.77Francesca CurrieKingston & PolySutton14 Jul 
6.70Helen SchnabelGuildford&GGuildford26 May 
6.66Rebecca LeathersGuildford&GGuildford5 Aug 
6.64Hannah FayDorkingMVWoking22 Jul 
6.64Flo PenfoldKingston & PolyKingsmeadow8 Sep 
6.58Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellHorsham9 Sep 
6.52Claudia TrippGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun 
 Discus (1kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
 28.53Holly StroudGuildford&GEton15 Apr
 27.00Carla LethebyWalton ACSutton14 Jul
 26.63Nazarene MontgomeryCroydon HKingsmeadow9 Jun
 25.27Georgina WestSouth LondonCrystal Palace15 Apr
 24.98Leanne BettisDorkingMVWoking22 Jul
 24.55Katie WrenGuildford&GAbingdon1 Sep
 21.52Gabriella RosejeHerne Hill HKingsmeadow8 Sep
 20.83Emma ParishHerne Hill HCanterbury20 May
 20.00Hafizah HowellHerne Hill HCanterbury20 May
 19.66Victoria PetrovaWalton ACAbingdon1 Sep
 18.96Esme RichardsSutton&DistrictHorsham24 Jun
 18.54Maddie TaylorGuildford&GK8 Sep
 17.94Charlotte TomsWalton ACUxbridge7 Jul
 17.29Susie O'GradyWalton ACHastings14 Jul
 16.95Katie McDermottGuildford&GGuildford17 Jun
 16.40Flo PenfoldKingston & PolyKingsmeadow8 Sep
 16.23Giselle CooperGuildford&GKingsmeadow13 May
 16.14Hannah FayDorkingMVKingsmeadow8 Sep
 16.05Tayla PilgrimGuildford&GSutton14 Jul
Hammer (3kg) (Standard: 14.00m )
31.71Carla LethebyWalton ACCrawley27 Aug 
21.02Leanne BettisDorkingMVCrawley27 Aug 
18.40Olivia JonesEpsom & EwellCrawley27 Aug 
13.73Flo PenfoldKingston & PolyTwickenham4 Jul 
 Javelin (600g) (Standard: 17.00m )
 33.28Charlotte Kanini-ParsonsHerne Hill HYeovil16 Jun
 30.47Holly StroudGuildford&GReading16 Sep
 28.60Carla LethebyWalton ACAbingdon1 Sep
 24.21Rahannah Gillete-VernonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow8 Sep
 23.91Abigail InghamCroydon HTonbridge24 Jun
 22.73Victoria PetrovaWalton ACAbingdon1 Sep
 22.33Harriet FieldSouth LondonHorsham3 Jun
 21.59Sarah WatermanGuildford&GGuildford5 Aug
 21.33Shannon DavenportCamberley&DistWoking22 Jul
 21.17Eleanor van KlaverenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow8 Sep
 20.29Giselle CooperGuildford&GReading16 Sep
 20.00Nazarene MontgomeryCroydon HCroydon2 Jun
 19.62Gabriella RosejeHerne Hill HKingsmeadow8 Sep
 18.88Charlotte TomsWalton ACPerivale28 Jul
 18.74Hayley WishartSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow8 Sep
 18.50Katie GilkesGuildford&GGuildford2 Jun
 18.49Sarah AbramsAldershotF&DKingsmeadow8 Sep
 18.20Leanne BettisDorkingMVKingsmeadow8 Sep
 17.36Laura ParkerGuildford&GReading3 Jun
 17.13Tamsin BarberEpsom & EwellHorsham24 Jun
 17.09Tayla PilgrimGuildford&GKingsmeadow8 Sep
 17.01Susie O'GradyWalton ACWalton2 Jun
 17.00Laura MooreWalton ACSutton4 Jul
 16.88Lucy ClacherKingston & PolyWatford22 Jul
 16.08Emma ParishHerne Hill HSutton22 Jul
 15.97Rachel StrachenWalton ACUxbridge6 May
 15.71Annabel SeatonHerne Hill HCanterbury20 May
Pentathlon (Standard: 1500pts )
3037ptsAmelia RichardsHerculesWimbHendon24 Jun 
2472ptsJessie KnightEpsom & EwellHorsham9 Sep 
1826ptsChloe CrossmanGuildford&GHorsham9 Sep 
1787ptsSarah BridgmanDorkingMVHorsham9 Sep 
1724ptsShannon DavenportCamberley&DistHorsham9 Sep 
1620ptsEmer KerrSutton&DistrictHorsham9 Sep 

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