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Today's Date: 5 July 2022

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(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.80 )
 11.75w/+5.21h1Shanice Harrison (U23)South LondonBedford4 May
 11.91/0.41h4Imani Lansiquot (U17)Sutton&DistrictBirmingham5 Jul
 11.93w/+3.22h3Jade PhillipsHerne Hill HDonnas, ITA7 Jul
 12.11AAmy Allcock (U23)AldershotF&DYeovil10 Aug
 12.13/-3.21Dominique BlaizeKingston & PolyKingston25 May
 12.13w/3.73Ashleigh Clarke (U17)Croydon HHendon11 Aug
 12.21AAshleigh Clarke (U17)Croydon HBournemouth30 Jun
 12.20w/3.63Lucy Hoad (U15)Reigate PrioryBedford31 Aug
 12.24w/+2.12BMichelle WatsonHerne Hill HSouthampton9 Jun
 12.28/+1.02r2Emily ParkerEpsom & EwellLoughborough12 Jun
 12.37w/2.11r2Michella Obijiaku (U17)Herne Hill HLee Valley19 Jun
 12.41BCharmont Webster-Tape (U15)HerculesWimbSutton4 May
 12.41ASophia Henlon (U15)Sutton&DistrictSutton4 May
 12.41ALucy Hoad (U15)Reigate PriorySutton11 May
 12.41BMary IhekeKingston & PolyKingston10 Aug
 12.40w/+2.73r1.5Yehnine GayleBlkhth&BromLee Valley31 Jul
 12.41/-0.11r1Shirin Irving (U17)Croydon HLee Valley19 Jun
 12.42w/+5.32r2Emma Wakrim (U23)Sutton&DistrictLee Valley8 May
 12.43/+1.65h1Yehnine GayleBlkhth&BromWatford22 Jun
 12.55w/+3.55r6Eva JosephHerne Hill HLee Valley14 Aug
 12.57/-2.43Michella Obijiaku (U17)Herne Hill HKingston25 May
 12.59nsOlivia Parrott (U20)AldershotF&DAldershot21 Jul
 12.59/+0.51r3Emily De Beaux (U23)Guildford&GCrawley26 Aug
 12.60/-0.32ASusan McLoughlin (W35)Woking ACBromley18 May
 12.65/+0.41r5Michelle WatsonHerne Hill HCrystal Palace1 May
 12.66/-1.03Maya Bruney (U17)Blkhth&BromAshford18 Aug
 12.71Maheni Aki-Sawyer (U20)Kingston & PolyBromley28 Apr
 12.73Ellen FranklinAldershotF&DLeeds8 Jun
 12.71ARosanta Yarde (U20)Herne Hill HBromley30 Jun
 12.71/-0.61r1Eleanor Smith-Hahn (U17)Croydon HCrystal Palace7 Apr
 12.72/+0.53r3Taiye Musa (U20)Crawley ACCrawley26 Aug
 12.76/1.63r6Racquel Forbes-Welch (U17)Sutton&DistrictNewham29 May
 12.76/-0.52Ella Eze (U15)Kingston & PolyKingston8 Jun
 12.79/-0.31BHelen Channon (W35)Woking ACBromley18 May
 12.80/1.71Denisha Marshall-Brown (U15)Herne Hill HLoughborough19 May
 12.81ACoralie Mido (U15)Croydon HWinchester1 Jun
 12.82BHope Sarti (U17)Guildford&GEton20 Jul
200 Metres (Standard: 26.20 )
23.96w/+4.52AShanice Harrison (U23)South LondonSouthampton9 Jun 
24.05w/+2.56Amy Allcock (U23)AldershotF&DBirmingham14 Jul 
24.06w/+2.61BDominique BlaizeKingston & PolySouthampton9 Jun 
24.11/+0.31s2Jo WhiteStMRichmondBedford6 May 
24.14/nwr4Shanice Harrison (U23)South LondonLoughborough19 May 
24.43mx/+0.84r2Mary IhekeKingston & PolyCrystal Palace4 Sep 
24.47/+0.32s2Amy Allcock (U23)AldershotF&DBedford6 May 
24.60/1.22Jessie Knight (U20)Herne Hill HLoughborough12 Jun 
24.78/0.0hJo RowlandCrawley ACArona, ESP1 Jun 
24.81AMary IhekeKingston & PolyTwickenham18 May 
24.81w/+2.11BHelen PryerWindsorSE&HBromley3 Aug 
24.86/-2.81Imani Lansiquot (U17)Sutton&DistrictKingston26 May 
25.01w/+2.12EMichelle WatsonHerne Hill HTooting27 Jul 
25.03/-2.82Ashleigh Clarke (U17)Croydon HKingston26 May 
25.101Megan Aitchison (U20)AldershotF&DTwickenham20 Jun 
25.11/+1.23Emily ParkerEpsom & EwellLoughborough12 Jun 
25.17/-0.91Michelle WatsonHerne Hill HKingston25 May 
25.20/+2.01r3Jade PhillipsHerne Hill HDonnas, ITA7 Jul 
25.52AHelen PryerWindsorSE&HEton20 Jul 
25.51/-1.92AAisha Naibe-Wey (U23)Herne Hill HAbingdon21 Jul 
25.61AMichella Obijiaku (U17)Herne Hill HSutton11 May 
25.60/-0.31h1Lucy Hoad (U15)Reigate PrioryBirmingham5 Jul 
25.67/-0.93Emma Wakrim (U23)Sutton&DistrictKingston25 May 
25.69/-0.94Susan McLoughlin (W35)Walton ACKingston26 May 
25.71AMatilda Rainsborough (U20)Guildford&GGuildford30 Jun 
25.76/+1.71Emily De Beaux (U23)Guildford&GCrawley26 Aug 
25.99/-0.95Lyndsay St. Luce BoyceHerne Hill HKingston26 May 
25.99w/+2.25r3Yehnine GayleBlkhth&BromBromley8 Jul 
26.01/+1.78r5Yehnine GayleBlkhth&BromLee Valley5 Jun 
26.06/+1.72Taiye Musa (U20)Crawley ACCrawley26 Aug 
26.083r2Jess McCabe (U23)WindsorSE&HLoughborough23 Jul 
26.11Eleanor Smith-Hahn (U17)Croydon HBracknell28 Apr 
26.131Mae Thompson (U20)Kingston & PolyKingston25 May 
26.181BHelen Channon (W35)Woking ACBromley18 May 
26.21BLizzie Amos (W35)Walton ACPortsmouth20 Apr 
26.21BMillie Jones (U15)Sutton&DistrictSutton4 May 
26.23AEllen FranklinAldershotF&DKingston18 May 
26.21AJemma Wood (U15)Guildford&GGuildford13 Jul 
 400 Metres (Standard: 61.00 )
 54.021BAmy Allcock AldershotF&DLoughborough19 May
 54.324ht3Mary IhekeKingston & PolyBirmingham12 Jul
 54.97i3Jessie Knight (U20)Herne Hill HSheffield24 Feb
 55.882s3Jessie Knight (U20)Herne Hill HBedford5 May
 55.992h1Matilda Rainsborough (U20)Guildford&GBirmingham5 Jul
 56.122h1Megan Aitchison (U20)AldershotF&DBedford15 Jun
 56.293AShona Richards (U20)WindsorSE&HBasildon28 Apr
 57.162Susan McLoughlin (W35)Walton ACKingston25 May
 58.11Mae Thompson (U20)Kingston & PolyTwickenham19 Jun
 58.35i1Jo RowlandCrawley ACSheffield27 Feb
 58.92nsMontana JonesAldershotF&DAldershot15 Jun
 59.03Fiona ParryWalton ACHendon27 Jul
 59.61AEleanor Smith-Hahn (U17)Croydon HBracknell28 Apr
 60.41ALayla Thompson (U20)Kingston & PolyKingston10 Aug
 60.436AHannah Edwards (U23)Herne Hill HSouthampton9 Jun
 60.62AFredrica PeartCroydon HCroydon18 May
 60.62ALianne La Freniere (U17)Guildford&GGuildford30 Jun
 60.81Elle Butcher (U17)Kingston & PolyBromley28 Apr
 60.93ALizzie Amos (W35)Walton ACPeterborough10 Aug
800 Metres (Standard: 2:20.00 )
2:04.03mx10Adelle Tracey (U23)Guildford&GWoodford30 Jul 
2:04.613Adelle Tracey (U23)Guildford&GWatford7 Aug 
2:04.884AMontana JonesAldershotF&DWatford7 Aug 
2:04.992AKatie Snowden (U20)Herne Hill HWatford4 Sep 
2:08.01i1r2Georgia Peel (U20)AldershotF&DBirmingham, AL, USA19 Jan 
2:08.31i1r1Rosie Clarke (U23)Epsom & EwellBirmingham6 Feb 
2:08.335Molly Renfer Kingston & PolyTwickenham12 Jul 
2:10.869r9Rosie Clarke (U23)Epsom & EwellWatford17 Apr 
2:10.971Hannah BrooksAldershotF&DCoventry25 Aug 
2:10.993AKaty-Ann McDonald (U15)Herne Hill HMilton Keynes18 May 
2:12.44mx5Saskia Millard (U15)Herne Hill HHendon29 Jun 
2:14.91ASaskia Millard (U15)Herne Hill HWinchester1 Jun 
2:15.131AFiona ParryWalton ACAbingdon20 Jul 
2:15.303h1Hannah Edwards (U23)Herne Hill HBedford4 May 
2:16.281Alice Chandler (U17)Reigate PrioryKingston25 Jul 
2:16.882h4Clara Grinyer (U15)Reigate PrioryBirmingham5 Jul 
2:17.12AHelena Corbin (U23)Woking ACWoking20 Apr 
2:17.27hJo RowlandCrawley ACArona, ESP2 Jun 
2:17.656r5Georgia Peel (U20)AldershotF&DRaleigh, NC, USA19 Apr 
2:18.47mx1r1Stevie Lawrence (U17)Croydon HBromley17 Aug 
2:18.56i1Jasmin Dotzek (U23)Crawley ACValencia, ESP27 Jan 
2:18.61ALily Partridge (U23)AldershotF&DYeovil10 Aug 
2:18.81mx7r7Jo Locker (W35)Walton ACWatford4 Sep 
2:18.91AJo Locker (W35)Walton ACPeterborough10 Aug 
2:19.212Lianne Lafreniere (U17)Reigate PrioryKingston28 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:50.00 )
 4:14.193Montana JonesAldershotF&DBirmingham13 Jul
 4:14.401r1Georgia Peel (U20)AldershotF&DTallahassee, FL, USA13 Apr
 4:15.984Rosie Clarke Epsom & EwellLoughborough19 May
 4:17.394AHannah BrooksCrawley ACWatford4 Sep
 4:19.542AEmelia Gorecka (U20)AldershotF&DWatford7 Aug
 4:23.83mx8r10Lily Partridge AldershotF&DWatford21 Aug
 4:26.174ALily Partridge AldershotF&DWatford15 May
 4:27.151Katie Snowden (U20)Herne Hill HHendon11 Aug
 4:29.855BMolly Renfer Kingston & PolyManchester1 Jun
 4:37.762h1Saskia Millard (U15)Herne Hill HBirmingham5 Jul
 4:38.2611Jo Locker (W35)Walton ACBedford25 Aug
 4:39.61mx4r9Ruth Haynes (U23)AldershotF&DWatford26 Jun
 4:41.154h2Niamh Brown (U15)AldershotF&DBirmingham5 Jul
 4:41.79mx9r8Sophie CowperLincoln WWatford21 Aug
 4:41.842Phoebe Law (U17)Kingston & PolyCrawley26 Aug
 4:42.704r9Ruth Haynes (U23)AldershotF&DWatford29 May
 4:42.923Fiona ParryWalton ACWoking7 Aug
 4:44.581APoppy Disley-May (U20)AldershotF&DAldershot2 Jun
 4:44.582AStevie Lawrence (U17)Croydon HAldershot2 Jun
 4:44.61ALaura Gent (U20)AldershotF&DBracknell28 Apr
 4:45.82mx2r7Bethany Gibson (U20)AldershotF&DWatford26 Jun
 4:46.61ASuzannah Monk (U20)Guildford&GGuildford30 Jun
 4:46.837s1Steph McCall (U23)South LondonBedford5 May
 4:47.282Eugenie Cockle (U15)AldershotF&DKingston26 May
 4:48.431Phoebe Law (U17)Kingston & PolyKingston8 Jun
1 Mile (Standard: 5:40.00 )
5:00.5Clare Elms (W45)Dulwich RDulwich12 Jul 
5:01.451Katie Snowden (U20)Herne Hill HCrystal Palace7 Apr 
5:10.55Sophie Foreman (U20)Tonbridge ACTonbridge2 Jul 
5:14.36mx4Fiona ParryWalton ACHendon27 Jul 
5:29.5Sam Ludlow TaylorSerpentine RPaddington25 Jun 
5:32.7Emily Gelder (W35)Dulwich RDulwich12 Jul 
5:33.8Cara Oliver (W40)Dulwich RDulwich12 Jul 
5:35.0Kim HainsworthDulwich RBromley28 Aug 
5:36.8Nicola Richmond (W40)Dulwich RDulwich12 Jul 
5:38.8Andrea Pickup (W40)Dulwich RDulwich12 Jul 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 11:00.00 )
 8:55.5910Emelia Gorecka (U20)AldershotF&DStratford26 Jul
 9:15.0613r2Lily Partridge (U23)AldershotF&DWatford1 May
 9:25.892Hannah BrooksCrawley ACTallahassee, FL, USA12 Apr
 9:41.042r2Georgia Peel (U20)AldershotF&DBlacksburg, VA, USA23 Feb
 9:55.944r1Laura Gent (U20)AldershotF&DWatford1 May
 9:59.28mx5r1Sophie CowperLincoln WWatford4 Sep
 10:03.987r1Niamh Brown (U15)AldershotF&DWatford4 Sep
 10:08.51BFiona LoveGuildford&GGuildford18 May
 10:10.9.2ASophie CowperLincoln WLincoln9 Jun
 10:11.551AJo Locker (W35)Walton ACBromley18 May
 10:13.89mx17r1Phoebe Law (U17)Kingston & PolyWatford21 Aug
 10:23.03AClaire GrimaHerculesWimbOxford10 Aug
 10:25.41APhoebe Law (U17)Kingston & PolyDartford28 Jul
 10:34.115Claire DayThames H&HWatford23 Jun
 10:35.41AAmy AronsonHerculesWimbEton20 Jul
 10:38.10i9Medena KnesplHerculesWimbHarvard Un, USA17 Feb
 10:42.31AGeorgina Bland (U23)DorkingMVCrawley20 Jul
 10:47.372Eloise Milbourn (U17)AldershotF&DKingston26 May
 10:59.151Sam Ludlow-TaylorSerpentine RKingston26 May
 10:59.223Kathryn Ditton (U17)WindsorSE&HKingston26 May
5000 Metres (Standard: 20:00.00 )
15:35.821AEmelia Gorecka (U20)AldershotF&DManchester1 Jun 
16:11.8111ALily Partridge AldershotF&DManchester1 Jun 
16:26.093Georgia Peel (U20)AldershotF&DGainsville, FL. USA5 Apr 
17:33.625Sophie CowperLincoln WBedford24 Aug 
18:18.8mx1Jo Locker (W35)Walton ACCroydon10 Jul 
19:58.01Kay TrinderWoking ACEwell1 Jun 
 10,000 Metres (Standard: 40:00.00 )
 36:38.59mxHayley MunnClapham CTooting Bec24 Aug
 38:40.187Estelle DamantRanelagh HBedford5 May
2000 Metres Steeplechase
7:19.9Jo Locker (W35)Walton ACTooting Bec27 Jul 
7:21.0Ruth Haynes (U23)AldershotF&DBedford6 May 
7:49.9Layla Thompson (U20)Kingston & PolyKingston14 Jul 
7:57.9Sarah PembertonSerpentineBattersea Park20 Jul 
7:59.2Phoebe Law (U17)Kingston & PolyTwickenham18 May 
8:18.0Rose O'BrienBelgrave HEastbourne13 Jul 
8:19.9Georgina Tatton (U17)Holland Sports Eastbourne13 Jul 
8:21.9Clare Graham (W40)StragglersEltham14 Jul 
8:25.1Karen EllisonHerne Hill HWigan7 Jul 
8:28.2Lucy Drummond (U17)Epsom & EwellKingston14 Jul 
8:42.8Helen BrownBelgrave HEastbourne13 Jul 
8:53.8Kay Trinder (W45)Woking ACSwindon18 May 
8:58.1Kate Brook (W35)Ranelagh HTwickenham18 May 
 3000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 13:00.00 )
 11:28.167Ruth Haynes (U23)AldershotF&DLoughborough19 May
 11:29.021Jo Locker (W35)Walton ACCarshalton7 Sep
100 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 16.50 )
14.24/+0.45h1Jahisha Thomas (U20)Blkhth&BromBirmingham13 Jul 
14.46/+0.91h3Jo RowlandCrawley ACFlorence, ITA2 May 
14.53/+2.01Rebecca Zelic Herne Hill HHendon29 Jun 
14.53w/+2.71BAisha Naibe-Wey (U23)Herne Hill HWigan7 Jul 
14.57/-2.12ADominique BlaizeKingston & PolyKingston4 Aug 
14.6/+0.21AJodie FavellBelgrave HExeter6 Jul 
15.18/0.04BJessica McCabe (U23)WindsorSE&HManchester6 Jul 
15.61AKatie MillerEpsom & EwellKingston14 Jul 
15.64/+1.21h2Lisa O'Brien (U20)Walton ACBedford5 May 
15.64/+0.65AAisha Naibe-Wey Herne Hill HSouthampton9 Jun 
15.92ALaura Reilly (U20)Sutton&DistrictGuildford30 Jun 
 400 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 70.00 )
 58.335Shona Richards (U20)WindsorSE&HRieti, ITA21 Jul
 59.583h2Emily ParkerEpsom & EwellBirmingham13 Jul
 61.065h3Aisha Naibe-Wey (U23)Herne Hill HBirmingham13 Jul
 61.721BJess McCabe WindsorSE&HBromley3 Aug
 62.996Mae Thompson (U20)Kingston & PolyBirmingham6 Jul
 63.01AJodie FavellBelgrave HExeter6 Jul
 63.61AAmy Allcock (U23)AldershotF&DYeovil10 Aug
 64.204h2Laura Burke (U23)WindsorSE&HBedford4 May
 65.152Lizzie Thompson Epsom & EwellKingston26 May
 65.601BRebecca Zelic (U23)Herne Hill HSouthampton9 Jun
 65.83AVicky Maguire (U20)Guildford&GEton20 Jul
 66.893Sian MitchellThamesValleyKingston26 May
 69.71Laura Cook (U17)Kingston & PolyTwickenham18 May
High Jump (Standard: 1.55m )
1.881Morgan Lake (U17)WindsorSE&HBedford31 Aug 
1.81iCamellia Hayes (U20)AldershotF&DBirmingham24 Feb 
1.76i1Ayamba Akim (W40)WoodGrn+ExLLoughborough2 Feb 
1.741Ayamba Akim (W40)WoodGrn+ExLEwell1 Jun 
1.731Camellia Hayes (U20)AldershotF&DKingston25 May 
1.731Julia Machin (W40)Epsom & EwellAshford1 Sep 
1.68iPJo RowlandCrawley ACSheffield5 Jan 
1.67PJo RowlandCrawley ACArona, ESP1 Jun 
1.651AAmy De Beaux (U20)Guildford&GGuildford18 May 
1.65iPJasmin Dotzek (U23)Crawley ACSheffield5 Jan 
1.601Ellie Monks (U17)HerculesWimbBattersea8 Jun 
1.591Phoebe Callaghan-Mills (U17)Kingston & PolyKingston25 May 
1.582Sophie Hubbard (U17)Belgrave HBattersea8 Jun 
1.571Rhianna Reynolds (U15)Kingston & PolyCrawley26 Aug 
1.56Jessica Hall (U17)Guildford&GBasingstoke15 Jun 
1.551AJodie FavellBelgrave HCrawley15 Jun 
1.553Emily McIlwainKingston & PolyKingston14 Jul 
1.551Haylie Jayne Francis (U20)Sutton&DistrictHorsham4 Aug 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 2.50m )
 3.702Tilly Hooper (U17)Sutton&DistrictWatford23 Jun
 3.70i3Amy De Beaux (U20)Guildford&GBedford17 Aug
 3.651Amy De Beaux (U20)Guildford&GHorsham4 Aug
 3.50Clare Maurer (U20)Woking ACBedford6 May
 3.12i10CSam Morrison (U20)Woking ACCarshalton17 Mar
 3.001Freya Cooper (U20)Herne Hill HBattersea8 Jun
 3.0011=Caitlin Dimbleby (U17)Kingston & PolyBirmingham5 Jul
 2.95i1Jo RowlandCrawley ACBirmingham6 Feb
 2.801BNatasha De NolfiWoking ACWoking20 Jul
 2.51i11Megan McInes (U17)Epsom & EwellCarshalton29 Sep
 2.502ASam Morrison (U20)Woking ACWoking20 Apr
Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
6.56w/+2.63Dominique BlaizeKingston & PolyBedford27 May 
6.47/+0.3Dominique BlaizeKingston & PolyBirmingham14 Jul 
5.95/0.03Jahisha Thomas (U20)Blkhth&BromBirmingham6 Jul 
5.93/-0.54Emily ParkerEpsom & EwellLoughborough23 Jul 
5.91/+2.01Morgan Lake (U17)WindsorSE&HBedford31 Aug 
5.82/-0.4hJo RowlandCrawley ACArona, ESP2 Jun 
5.74i1Emily MartinHerculesWimbCarshalton16 Feb 
5.631Emily MartinHerculesWimbTwickenham20 Jun 
5.51i6Jasmin Dotzek (U23)Crawley ACValencia, ESP27 Jan 
5.49/+1.16AJessie Knight (U20)Herne Hill HWigan7 Jul 
5.427AHelen PryerWindsorSE&HBromley3 Aug 
5.402AJulia Machin (W40)Epsom & EwellPortsmouth15 Jun 
5.31i1Helen Channon (W35)Walton ACLee Valley9 Mar 
5.291AHelen Channon (W35)Walton ACPortsmouth20 Apr 
5.28w/+3.71Jemma Wood (U15)Guildford&GAshford17 Aug 
5.271AJemma Wood (U15)Guildford&GEton20 Jul 
5.251AJodie FavellBelgrave HCrawley15 Jun 
5.213ASarah WellsteadSutton&DistrictExeter6 Jul 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 10.30m )
 13.27/+1.53Zainab CeesayWoodGrn+ExLLoughborough19 May
 12.45w/+2.21Morgan Lake (U17)WindsorSE&HHendon11 Aug
 12.26/+1.81Morgan Lake (U17)WindsorSE&HHendon11 Aug
 12.19/+1.22Kerri Davidson (U17)Blkhth&BromBirmingham6 Jul
 11.60w/+5.24ARebecca Zelic (U23)Herne Hill HSouthampton9 Jun
 11.181AJulia Machin (W40)Epsom & EwellKingston14 Jul
 11.032AAmy De Beaux (U20)Guildford&GOxford10 Aug
 10.733ALisa O'Brien (U20)Walton ACPeterborough10 Aug
 10.70/+1.91Rhianna Reynolds (U15)Kingston & PolyAshford18 Aug
 10.592AVicky Maguire (U20)Guildford&GTwickenham2 Jun
 10.511Zoe Fossett (U20)Croydon HBournemouth30 Jun
 10.453AMichelle NestorBelgrave HExeter6 Jun
 10.451Hannah Knights (U17)Guildford&GGuildford30 Jun
 10.32w/+3.55BElisabeth Acossi (U17)Herne Hill HSouthampton9 Jun
 10.311ASarah Rawlings (U20)Sutton&DistrictCarshalton10 Aug
Shot Put (4kg) (Standard: 10:00m )
15.431AEleanor Gatrell (W35)Woking ACWoking20 Jul 
13.471nsJo RowlandCrawley ACCrawley19 May 
11.57i3Michella Obijiaku (U17)Herne Hill HBirmingham23 Feb 
11.481ABriony PhillipsHerne Hill HYeovil10 Aug 
11.011APippa Wingate Kingston & PolyKingston15 Jun 
11.011Sophie Mace (U15)Walton ACHorsham4 Aug 
10.95i1Diana Norman (W35)Epsom & EwellCarshalton17 Feb 
10.847Dominique BlaizeKingston & PolyKingston4 Aug 
10.761Carla Letheby Walton ACWalton17 Jul 
10.72i2Julia Machin (W40)Epsom & EwellCarshalton17 Feb 
10.541Iyani Obi-Adewole (U20)South LondonKingston25 May 
10.21HJodie FavellBelgrave HCarshalton7 Sep 
10.052AShirin Irving (U17)Croydon HWoking20 Jul 
 Discus (1kg) (Standard: 30.00m )
 60.231Jade LallyShaft.BarnetBirmingham13 Jul
 42.931AEleanor Gatrell (W35)Woking ACWoking20 Jul
 42.061Sophie Mace (U15)Walton ACWoking7 Aug
 39.381BCarla Letheby Walton ACSouthampton9 Jun
 37.274ABriony PhillipsHerne Hill HSouthampton9 Jun
 36.843AHolly Stroud Guildford&GOxford10 Aug
 36.542APippa Wingate Kingston & PolyKingston15 Jun
 36.302Angela Mitchell (W40)Harrow ACKingston25 May
 34.833AIyani Obi-Adewole (U20)South LondonEton20 Jul
 34.801AJo RowlandCrawley ACCrawley10 Aug
 31.871ATamara Reid (U20)Croydon HAldershot2 Jun
 31.865Leanne Bettis Sutton&DistrictKingston25 May
 31.316Kasia KublikRedhill SBKingston25 May
 30.054ASaskia Vavratnam (U17)Croydon HWoking20 Jul
Hammer (4kg) (Standard: 30.00m )
53.681Pippa Wingate (U23)Kingston & PolyKingston6 Apr 
43.881ACarla Letheby (U23)Walton ACEwell5 Jun 
41.431AEleanor Gatrell (W35)Woking ACSwindon18 May 
40.333AHelen EphgraveGuildford&GGuildford18 May 
39.822Sophie Mace (U15)Walton ACOxford14 Aug 
37.301BSinead O'Brien (U20)Walton ACWalton26 May 
35.701BCamilla Thrush (W40)Kingston & PolyWoking20 Apr 
35.538ABriony PhillipsHerne Hill HWigan7 Jul 
35.051Anieshka Mido (U17)Croydon HKingston8 Jun 
33.321Jordyn Robinson (U17)Epsom & EwellKingston26 May 
32.992Alexandra Bartle (U20)Kingston & PolyDartford28 Jul 
32.562ATamara Reid (U20)Croydon HAldershot2 Jun 
30.402AOmar Reid (U20)Croydon HCroydon28 Jul 
 Javelin (600g) (Standard: 30.00m )
 42.81HJo RowlandCrawley ACTallin, EST30 Jun
 37.272BCarla Letheby (U23)Walton ACKingston4 Aug
 36.213Cathy Coleman (U17)Guildford&GAshford17 Aug
 36.031Katie Barrow (U17)AldershotF&DKingston25 May
 35.882Holly Stroud (U23)Guildford&GCrawley26 Aug
 34.101AEmma Fossett (U17)Croydon HCroydon18 May
 33.091ABriony PhillipsHerne Hill HAldershot15 Jun
 32.681Emily McDermott (U20)Guildford&GKingston8 Jun
 32.473Jodie FavellBelgrave HKingston25 May
 31.751ATrevina Medley (U17)Croydon HAldershot2 Jun
 31.421AEllie Lane (U17)Woking ACWoking20 Apr
 30.431Diana Norman (W35)Epsom & EwellAshford1 Sep
Heptathlon (Senior events) (Standard: 2000pts )
5702pts1Jo RowlandCrawley ACArona, ESP2 Jun 
3322pts1Vicky Maguire (U20)Guildford&GCarshalton 
2183pts2Zoe Fossett (U20)Croydon HCarshalton7 Sep 

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