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Today's Date: 3 July 2022

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Under 17 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.30 )
 10.81BTheo Etienne HerculesWimbEton10 Aug
 10.83/+0.53r25Fawwaz OkunoleHerne Hill HLee Valley17 Jul
 10.85/+1.41h3Zanson PlummerHerne Hill HBirmingham5 Jul
 10.98w/+5.85r1Rechmial MillerHerculesWimbLee Valley31 Jul
 10.99/-0.22rBIsmail Abdul Karim Herne Hill HTooting Bec27 Jul
 11.02ALuke Dorrell AldershotF&DWinchester7 Jul
 11.01Kevin Owusu-ManteyHerculesWimbTooting Bec25 Jul
 11.01/0.01r2.Rechmial Miller HerculesWimbLee Valley31 Jul
 11.12AIwan FesnouxEpsom & EwellPortsmouth15 Jun
 11.22BJake Field Sutton&DistrictTwickenham2 Jun
 11.2Reece McLawrence South LondonBattersea Park8 Jun
 11.2/+0.27h1Frederick Afrifa Herne Hill HBedford15 Jun
 11.21Aaron Adekoya Croydon HBournemouth30 Jun
 11.3Edwin Miles Croydon HCarshalton14 Apr
 11.31AJosh BakerCamberley&DistBracknell16 Jun
 11.36/+2.01r2Phillip Robinson South LondonCrystal Palace1 May
 11.38/+0.31r2Daniel Luke Croydon HCrystal Palace7 Apr
 11.49/+1.51h3Alex Baptiste WilsonDorkingMVKingston8 Jun
 11.59/+0.44h1Brandon Harrington-SmithReigate PrioryKingston8 Jun
 11.6Rob Page AldershotF&DBracknell28 Apr
 11.60/-0.83h2Michael WilliamsCroydon HKingston8 Jun
 11.61nsJoshua Hodge Sutton&DistrictGuildford30 Jun
 11.61/-1.43h3Tife Ajibade Croydon HKingston26 May
 11.64/+-0.32r2Shaun Cooke Sutton&DistrictCrystal Palace7 Apr
 11.7Darel Stone Croydon HCarshalton14 Apr
 11.7Christopher Sinclair Herne Hill HCarshalton14 Apr
 11.72nsPaul Singleton Sutton&DistrictGuildford30 Jun
 11.72BBrandon Mitchell Croydon HKingston10 Aug
 11.81BJack Major Camberley&DistBracknell16 Jun
 11.83Daniel BenhamWoking ACPortsmouth30 Jun
 11.83Jordan CawsGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun
 11.85nsJoshua Fearon-RolfeCroydon HWoking20 Jul
 11.81ns1Laurie OvertoomReigate PrioryWalton21 Jul
 11.93Ocean SchwartzHolland SportsKingston2 Jun
 11.95/-1.22r3Peter Olusakin Croydon HBromley10 Jun
 11.954ns1Sean RafiqueWindsorSE&HReading30 Jun
 12.06nsCallum AtkinsSutton&DistrictCarshalton28 Apr
 12.04ns1Richard HarringtonCroydon HCroydon18 May
 12.04ARhys AmoahSouth LondonGateshead29 Jun
 12.01Brandon MurraySouth LondonKingston30 Jun
 12.06AElliot Holman Guildford&GWinchester7 Jul
 12.02/-0.31r3Adam Ssali Herne Hill HCrystal Palace7 Apr
 12.13/+0.53r9Ife FasoyiroSutton&DistrictCrawley8 Apr
 12.2Nathan Jacques Herne Hill HCarshalton14 Apr
 12.22ns2Will HarrisHolland SportsWalton21 Jul
 12.24/-0.26r3Alex Roberts Croydon HCrystal Palace1 May
 12.3Ethan Wood Sutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Apr
 12.3Jermaine Malcolm Sutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Apr
 12.33Charlie Corbett Guildford&GCarshalton28 Apr
 12.33ns2Alastair DonkorHerculesWimbWalton21 Jul
 12.3Stephen HodgeHolland SportsDartford28 Jul
200 Metres (Standard: 26.00 )
21.91Zanson Plummer Herne Hill HWelwyn2 Jun 
22.03/+1.01r11Fawwaz OkunoleHerne Hill HLee Valley5 Jun 
22.12ATheo Etienne HerculesWimbEton10 Aug 
22.13/+1.13h2Frederick Afrifa Herne Hill HWatford22 Jun 
22.41Kevin Owusu-ManteyHerculesWimbBirmingham17 Jun 
22.44/-1.53h4Reece McLawrenceSouth LondonBirmingham5 Jul 
22.62AIwan FesnouxEpsom & EwellPortsmouth15 Jun 
22.604rBEdwin Miles Croydon HTooting Bec27 Jul 
22.78/-0.94r1Daniel Luke Croydon HBromley10 Jun 
22.81ALuke Dorrell AldershotF&DWinchester7 Jul 
22.81ns2Ismail Abdul KarimHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul 
22.91Shaun Cooke Sutton&DistrictCarshalton28 Apr 
22.92ARob Page AldershotF&DEton12 May 
23.01/-0.13r3Phillip Robinson South LondonCrystal Palace1 May 
23.1Jake Field Sutton&DistrictAbingdon18 May 
23.2/+0.55Ezekiel OlusanyaHerne Hill HBattersea Park8 Jun 
23.22/-1.62h1Creston HarrisonSouth LondonKingston25 May 
23.31/-0.85r1Rechmial Miller HerculesWimbCrystal Palace7 Apr 
23.34/-0.11r2Joshua Hodge Sutton&DistrictBromley8 Jul 
23.581AJack MajorCamberley&DistHorspath21 Jul 
23.72Brandon Mitchell Croydon HBournemouth30 Jun 
23.71ns1Laurie OvertoomReigate PrioryWalton21 Jul 
23.751r2Alex Baptiste WilsonDorkingMVCrawley26 Aug 
23.87/0.04Paul Singleton Sutton&DistrictKingston8 Jun 
23.92BCharlie ShelbourneGuildford&GWinchester7 Jul 
23.94nsJoshua Fearon-RolfeCroydon HWoking20 Jul 
23.982AJosh BakerCamberley&DistHorspath30 Jun 
24.12BJermaine Graham Herne Hill HStevenage28 Apr 
24.15ANathan Mapperley Camberley&DistEton12 May 
24.25nsDarel Stone Croydon HCarshalton14 Apr 
24.32AEdward HuttonSutton&DistrictGateshead29 Jun 
24.36/+0.41r6Alex Roberts Croydon HCrystal Palace1 May 
24.41Max Perez-Diaz Kingston & PolyKingston30 Jun 
24.50/-1.12r2Cathal Hogan Crawley ACCrawley26 Jun 
24.56/-1.65h1Callum AtkinsSutton&DistrictKingston25 May 
24.67/0.07Richard HarringtonCroydon HKingston8 Jun 
24.74AAaron Wells South LondonBromley28 Apr 
24.82AAlex Parkinson Kingston & PolyBromley28 Apr 
24.83/nwr4h2Kehron MillinerHerne Hill HKingston25 May 
24.94Oladimeji Osuri Camberley&DistBracknell28 Apr 
25.003h1Joshua Lee AldershotF&DBasingstoke6 Apr 
25.0Omar John HerculesWimbCarshalton14 Apr 
25.0Ethan Wood Sutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Apr 
25.1Stephen HodgeHolland SportsKingston30 Jun 
25.255r2Ricardo King Croydon HCrystal Palace7 Apr 
25.25/+1.77r4Peter Olusakin Croydon HCrystal Palace1 May 
25.25/+0.15r5Ed HortonGuildford&GWatford4 Sep 
25.3Jermaine Malcolm Sutton&DistrictHastings20 Apr 
25.3Mark FarleyHolland SportsCroydon9 Jun 
25.505r1Daniel Benham Woking ACWoking7 Aug 
25.6Alastair Donkor HerculesWimbCarshalton14 Apr 
25.6Jean-Claude DoveronCroydon HCroydon29 May 
25.69/+0.43r6Phillip Thomas Herne Hill HCrystal Palace1 May 
25.77Elliot Holman Guildford&GCarshalton28 Apr 
25.76/-2.41r3Marcelle Rowe Croydon HCrystal Palace7 Apr 
25.83AJake Gill DorkingMVBromley28 Apr 
25.92ANabil Ould-Dada Woking ACSouthampton21 Apr 
 400 Metres (Standard: 58.00 )
 49.776Shaun Cooke Sutton&DistrictBirmingham6 Jul
 50.752Ricardo King Croydon HKingston8 Jun
 51.991BJoshua Hodge Sutton&DistrictCanterbury15 Jun
 52.274Marcelle Rowe Croydon HKingston8 Jun
 52.393Ocean Schwartz Holland SportsKingston26 May
 52.525Alex Roberts Croydon HKingston8 Jun
 52.6Tom Holden South LondonKingston30 Jun
 52.615BSean Rafique WindsorSE&HBirmingham8 Sep
 52.81nsJoshua Fearon-Rolfe Croydon HWoking20 Jul
 52.871Rob Page AldershotF&DWoking1 Sep
 53.31nsMax Perez-Diaz Kingston & PolyWoking17 Jul
 53.41Nathan Inkester Sutton&DistrictGuildford30 Jun
 53.494r1Michael Williams Croydon HBromley10 Jun
 53.51Edwin Miles Croydon HBournemouth30 Jun
 53.63ANathan Mapperley Camberley&DistEton12 May
 53.61nsAaron Wells South LondonWalton21 Jul
 53.624BStirling Gibbons WindsorSE&HHendon28 Jul
 53.966Daniel Harris Sutton&DistrictKingston8 Jun
 54.3Tom Coe AldershotF&DBournemouth30 Jun
 54.45Ben Brunswick DorkingMVKingston2 Jun
 54.44ATom Dicker Camberley&DistBracknell16 Jun
 54.51AChristian Beale Woking ACWinchester16 Jun
 54.523h1Alex Lloyd-Jones HerculesWimbKingston26 May
 54.64h3Harry Oosterwyk Kingston & PolyKingston8 Jun
 54.681r2Jamie BrownReigate PrioryTonbridge13 Aug
 55.234h1Jacob Geraghty South LondonKingston26 May
 55.53ACraig Rawlings Sutton&DistrictCarshalton10 Aug
 55.784r2Joseph Stanley Reigate PrioryBasingstoke6 Apr
 56.361ABrogan McCawley Camberley&DistHorspath21 Jul
 56.377h1Nathaniel Jaques Herne Hill HKingston26 May
 56.481BRian McCawley Camberley&DistHorspath21 Jul
 57.09Giles Robinson WindsorSE&HWoking1 Sep
800 Metres (Standard: 2:18.00 )
1:56.003h1Edward Olsen Herne Hill HBedford31 May 
1:56.55Tom Holden South LondonWatford10 Jul 
1:57.75Nathan Inkester Sutton&DistrictWatford10 Jul 
1:59.122Harry Spawforth Guildford&GKingston25 May 
2:00.132r15Nathan Mapperley Camberley&DistWatford12 Jun 
2:00.262rACassian Hyde HerculesWimbTooting Bec27 Jul 
2:00.757r12Ben Brunswick DorkingMVWatford4 Sep 
2:00.992Jake FrancisGordonsKingston8 Jun 
2:01.033AGus CockleAldershotF&DAldershot2 Jun 
2:01.114Hugo Madden Guildford&GKingston25 May 
2:01.61ABrogan McCawley Camberley&DistHorspath21 Jul 
2:01.973Christian Beale Woking ACKingston8 Jun 
2:02.41nsAaron Wells South LondonWalton21 Jul 
2:03.42ADane Blomquist Camberley&DistEton12 May 
2:03.427rDBilly Black Herne Hill HEltham17 Jul 
2:03.51AOllie LeatherdaleCamberley&DistHorspath30 Jun 
2:03.81BLascelles HusseyHerne Hill HEltham30 Jun 
2:03.91BChris ZahnGuildford&GWinchester7 Jul 
2:03.995h1Ross VanceHerculesWimbKingston25 May 
2:04.587r20Steven PayneBracknell ACWatford7 Aug 
2:04.851r11Tom DickerCamberley&DistWatford12 Jun 
2:04.91BRian McCawleyCamberley&DistBracknell16 Jun 
2:05.32Phil BearmanKingston & PolyKingston1 May 
2:05.309r1Robert Spalding Croydon HWoking7 Aug 
2:05.333r10Charlie WyllieDorkingMVWatford4 Sep 
2:05.576h1Jacob Geraghty South LondonKingston25 May 
2:05.838h1Ed HortonGuildford&GAshford17 Aug 
2:05.859r11James Hancock Sutton&DistrictWatford15 May 
2:06.61BGeorge Gathercole AldershotF&DEton12 May 
2:06.792r6Shaun Cooke Sutton&DistrictCrawley14 Apr 
2:07.0812r1William Bardsley South LondonWatford4 Sep 
2:07.32Kartik Iyer Croydon HCroydon28 Jul 
2:07.72BNeil Wellard Kingston & PolyTwickenham18 May 
2:07.785h2Jamie Brown Reigate PrioryKingston25 May 
2:07.91AJames Harvey Guildford&GReading14 Sep 
2:08.291r4Alex Lloyd-Jones HerculesWimbCrystal Palace7 Apr 
2:08.553r9Daniel AllchurchGuildford&GWatford4 Sep 
2:08.916h2Adam Moore WindsorSE&HKingston8 Jun 
2:09.71AAlistair MassonDorkingMVCarshalton15 Jun 
2:09.71AOcean SchwartzHolland SportsGateshead29 Jun 
2:09.92nsJoe LyneSouth LondonWalton21 Jul 
2:10.02Marcelle RoweCroydon HCroydon29 May 
2:11.6Harvey Stainthorpe Croydon HCarshalton14 Apr 
2:13.168h2James Green Oxted SchoolKingston25 May 
2:13.83ATom Coe AldershotF&DSouthampton21 Apr 
2:14.2Rob PageAldershotF&DWinchester7 Jul 
2:16.925r7Josh Knight Holland SportsWatford17 Apr 
2:17.7Blake Moore WindsorSE&HEton12 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:55.00 )
 3:51.816rAGus Cockle AldershotF&DWatford7 Aug
 4:02.923Tom Holden South LondonAshford18 Aug
 4:07.4113r1Lascelles Hussey Herne Hill HWatford1 May
 4:08.03Edward Olsen Herne Hill HKingston26 May
 4:09.067r18Brogan McCawley Camberley&DistWatford24 Jul
 4:09.11BCassian Hyde HerculesWimbEton10 Aug
 4:10.712r1Ollie Leatherdale Camberley&DistWoking7 Aug
 4:12.02ADane Blomquist Camberley&DistBracknell16 Jun
 4:12.393r1George Gathercole AldershotF&DWoking7 Aug
 4:13.616r17Rian McCawley Camberley&DistWatford24 Jul
 4:13.785r1Nathan Inkester Sutton&DistrictCrystal Palace7 Apr
 4:16.973Ben BrunswickDorkingMVCrawley26 Aug
 4:18.5Nathan Gibson AldershotF&DWinchester7 Jul
 4:18.9220r1Neil Wellard Kingston & PolyWatford24 Jul
 4:19.32BHarry Spawforth Guildford&GGuildford4 May
 4:20.01nsNathan Mapperley Camberley&DistWoking9 Jun
 4:20.332r14Steven Payne Bracknell ACWatford24 Jul
 4:21.103Chris Zahn Guildford&GHendon11 Jun
 4:21.83Merhawi Yemane Herne Hill HCroydon29 May
 4:22.044h1William Bardsley South LondonKingston26 May
 4:23.085h1Joe Lyne South LondonKingston26 May
 4:23.11Robert Spalding Croydon HTwickenham8 Sep
 4:23.5310r1Ross Vance HerculesWimbCrystal Palace7 Apr
 4:24.7Abdu Mohammed Herne Hill HCarshalton14 Apr
 4:24.82Hamish Mould HerculesWimbBattersea Park8 Jun
 4:24.969Harvey Voller Holland SportsKingston8 Jun
 4:25.241r2Alex Lloyd-Jones HerculesWimbCrystal Palace7 Apr
 4:26.353h2Alistair Masson DorkingMVKingston26 May
 4:27.93BKartik Iyer Croydon HAbingdon14 Sep
 4:28.21nsBilly Black Herne Hill HWalton21 Jul
 4:28.553r4Jacob Geraghty South LondonWatford3 Apr
 4:29.857r11Charlie Wyllie DorkingMVWatford26 Jun
 4:32.036Adam Moore WindsorSE&HReading30 Jun
 4:32.788h1Nathan Bekele Herne Hill HKingston26 May
 4:33.52Phil Bearman Kingston & PolyWoking17 Jul
 4:34.059h1James Hancock Sutton&DistrictKingston26 May
 4:37.7310Laurence Johnston Croydon HKingston8 Jun
 4:39.8016r1James Green Oxted SchoolWatford29 May
 4:42.248h2Connor Bindler HerculesWimbKingston26 May
 4:45.609h2Ben Barry Sutton&DistrictKingston26 May
 4:47.00oOcean SchwartzHolland SportsCarshalton8 Sep
 4:47.33nsEthan Forster Camberley&DistWoking9 Jun
 4:49.74AHarrold Bright South LondonBromley28 Apr
 4:50.32nsJames Whipman Guildford&GWalton21 Jul
 4:52.9210r2Josh Knight Holland SportsCrystal Palace7 Apr
 4:54.504r7Sam Critchley AldershotF&DWatford29 May
 4:54.6Mark FarleyHolland SportsKingston30 Jun
1 Mile (Standard: 5:55.00 )
4:15.79Tom HoldenSouth LondonOxford20 Jul 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 10:40.00 )
 8:21.392r3Gus CockleAldershotF&DWatford29 May
 8:34.651Tom HoldenSouth LondonSheffield14 Sep
 8:58.76Cassian HydeHerculesWimbKingston14 Aug
 8:59.263r2Lascelles HusseyHerne Hill HWatford29 May
 9:00.51ADane BlomquistCamberley&DistAldershot2 Jun
 9:12.912George GathercoleAldershotF&DKingston26 May
 9:14.1223r2Phil BearmanKingston & PolyWoking24 Jul
 9:22.13Merhawi Yemane Herne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul
 9:23.91Edward Olsen Herne Hill HStevenage28 Apr
 9:24.333Neil WellardKingston & PolyKingston8 Jun
 9:25.11Nathan GibsonAldershotF&DAldershot2 Jun
 9:29.46Abdu Mohammed Herne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul
 9:33.01Rian McCawleyCamberley&DistCroydon28 Jul
 9:40.821nsRobert SpaldingCroydon HKingston14 Aug
 9:54.64ALaurence Johnstone Croydon HAldershot2 Jun
 9:54.966r1Ben BarrySutton&DistrictWatford29 May
 9:55.265Connor BindlerHerculesWimbKingston8 Jun
 9:55.43Josh KnightHolland SportsKingston2 Jun
 9:59.596Josh BowdenWindsorSE&HKingston8 Jun
 10:30.8Mark FarleyHolland SportsEastbourne13 Jul
1500 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 5:30.00 )
4:39.71George GathercoleAldershotF&DKingston8 Jun 
4:45.02Phil BearmanKingston & PolyKingston8 Jun 
4:51.87James HarveyGuildford&GBasingstoke15 Jun 
5:00.82Rian McCawleyCamberley&DistBracknell28 Apr 
5:10.94Robert SpaldingCroydon HKingston8 Jun 
5:27.15Luke BakerCroydon HKingston8 Jun 
 100 Metres Hurdles (Standard: 17.00 )
 13.40/+1.21h1Jack Major Camberley&DistBedford1 Sep
 13.761AJosh Baker Camberley&DistHorspath30 Jun
 13.91/-0.94h2Adam Ssali Herne Hill HBirmingham5 Jul
 14.11Adam Magni HerculesWimbBirmingham17 Jun
 14.21Rory Kelly Woking ACPortsmouth18 Jul
 14.43Robert Sakala Croydon HCroydon28 Jul
 14.46/+1.3OJustin Tarrant Crawley ACBirmingham22 Sep
 14.64Jordan Otu Croydon HBracknell28 Apr
 15.38/+1.1oDylan Carlsson-Smith Shaft.BarnetBarnet20 Jul
 15.38w/+2.6oAlex Parkinson Kingston & PolyCarshalton7 Sep
 15.43AAlex Wall Camberley&DistBasingstoke21 Apr
 15.43Garfield Francis Herne Hill HBattersea Park8 Jun
 15.52Alex ParkinsonKingston & PolyBromley28 Apr
 15.58/+0.94Morgan Saville Epsom & EwellKingston8 Jun
 15.63Lewis Sullivan Croydon HBournemouth30 Jun
 16.47w/+2.1oOcean SchwartzHolland SportsCarshalton7 Sep
400 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 68.00 )
56.683Sean RafiqueWindsorSE&HAshford18 Aug 
56.754Stirling GibbonsWindsorSE&HAshford18 Aug 
60.1Tom Coe AldershotF&DWinchester7 Jul 
61.273Lewis Sullivan Croydon HAldershot2 Jun 
62.82AOllie LeatherdaleCamberley&DistReading14 Sep 
64.32Adam WilemanCroydon HBournemouth30 Jun 
66.22BRian McCawleyCamberley&DistBracknell28 Apr 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.50m )
 1.901Ocean Schwartz Holland SportsKingston8 Jun
 1.901AJamie Horne WindsorSE&HPeterborough20 Jul
 1.851Jake Field Sutton&DistrictTwickenham2 Jun
 1.802AMityrae Brooks Croydon HBracknell28 Apr
 1.751Sid Walters Sutton&DistrictLee Valley28 Jul
 1.731David Bishop Crawley ACSutton Valence30 Jun
 1.717Robert Sakala Croydon HGateshead29 Jun
 1.704=Matthew Williams Guildford&GKingston26 May
 1.701BJack Morrison Croydon HAldershot2 Jun
 1.701Gabriel Finch Kingston & PolyKingston2 Jun
 1.704Jed Botham Blkhth&BromReading30 Jun
 1.672nsCharlie ShelbourneGuildford&GWalton21 Jul
 1.653AJustin Tarrant Crawley ACCrawley19 May
 1.652Aaron Scovell Woking ACPortsmouth30 Jun
 1.651Alex Baptiste WilsonDorkingMVDartford28 Jul
 1.601BTife Ajibade Croydon HBracknell28 Apr
 1.58oDylan Carlsson-Smith Shaft.BarnetBarnet21 Jul
 1.56oAlex ParkinsonKingston & PolyCarshalton8 Sep
 1.553AAlex Wall Camberley&DistWoking9 Jun
 1.53oRory KellyWoking ACCarshalton8 Sep
Pole Vault (Standard: 2.20m )
3.801Dylan Carlsson-SmithShaft.BarnetBirmingham8 Sep 
3.601Justin Tarrant Crawley ACCrawley31 Mar 
2.803ASam HaswellCroydon HKingston20 Apr 
2.402BLiam Fennell Croydon HKingston20 Apr 
2.301Bilal KhanHerne Hill HBattersea Park8 Jun 
2.202B=Will Gwynne Kingston & PolyTwickenham18 May 
 Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
 6.28w/+2.21Jed Botham Blkhth&BromKingston26 May
 6.25/+0.72Tife Ajibade Croydon HKingston26 May
 6.252Jed BothamBlkhth&BromAshford8 Jun
 6.09i1Jacob VeerapenSutton&DistrictCarshalton16 Feb
 6.044Kevin Owusu-Mantey HerculesWimbBattersea Park8 Jun
 6.041Theo EtienneHerculesWimbPerivale7 Aug
 5.95w/+2.73David Bishop Crawley ACKingston26 May
 5.93/0.0OJustin Tarrant Crawley ACBirmingham21 Sep
 5.892BOcean Schwartz Holland SportsBracknell20 Apr
 5.871ADavid BishopCrawley ACSutton Valence30 Jun
 5.86/-0.92Joshua LesseyHerculesWimbKingston8 Jun
 5.822Edward Armitage KCS WimbCrystal Palace7 Apr
 5.79i3Christopher Sinclair Herne Hill HCarshalton16 Feb
 5.786Kyler Drameh Herne Hill HBattersea Park8 Jun
 5.784Edward Hutton Sutton&DistrictGateshead29 Jun
 5.752BGarfield Francis Herne Hill HEton10 Aug
 5.742Christopher SinclairHerne Hill HWatford15 Jul
 5.711BNathan Fergus South LondonMile End4 May
 5.586Giles Robinson WindsorSE&HHendon28 Jul
 5.573AJosiah Francis South LondonKingston2 Jun
 5.542Alex Parkinson Kingston & PolyDartford28 Jul
 5.501BRobert Sakala Croydon HCroydon28 Jul
 5.442BElric Doswell E GrinsteadSalisbury20 Jul
 5.41/+1.9oRory KellyWoking ACCarshalton7 Sep
 5.41w/+2.48Dylan Carlsson-Smith Shaft.BarnetAshford17 Aug
 5.32Sid Walters Sutton&DistrictCanterbury15 Jun
 5.265Matthieu Rambaud Belgrave HCrystal Palace7 Apr
 5.263AAaron Scovell Woking ACHorspath21 Jul
 5.23w/+2.67Louis Carter Herne Hill HKingston26 May
Triple Jump (Standard: 11.25m )
14.621Stefan AmokwandohBlkhth&BromBirmingham8 Sep 
13.06w/+3.57Jacob VeerapenSutton&DistrictBedford31 Aug 
12.981AJacob VeerapenSutton&DistrictCarshalton28 Apr 
12.363Phillip Thomas Herne Hill HSandy28 Jul 
12.282Elric DoswellE GrinsteadCambridge8 Jun 
12.242AGarfield FrancisHerne Hill HEton10 Aug 
11.944Stefan Bridge-NelsonCroydon HGateshead29 Jun 
11.932Nathaniel Jaques Herne Hill HBattersea Park8 Jun 
11.59w/+2.63Ollie Leatherdale Camberley&DistKingston26 May 
11.521Ollie LeatherdaleCamberley&DistBracknell28 Apr 
11.483ADavid Bishop Crawley ACCrawley19 May 
11.451Jordan Otu Croydon HAldershot2 Jun 
11.341Stephen HodgeHolland SportsKingston30 Jun 
11.272ARobert SpaldingCroydon HBournemouth30 Jun 
 Shot Put (5kg) (Standard: 9.50m )
 13.891Adam Magni HerculesWimbBirmingham17 Jun
 13.821David Olajiga Croydon HKingston8 Jun
 13:141Munroe Ritchie Crawley ACCrawley31 Mar
 12.99oJustin Tarrant Crawley ACCarshalton7 Sep
 12.551Nathan Fergus South LondonDartford28 Jul
 12.392Kyal Truong-Clarke A Lanfranc SKingston8 Jun
 11.863Nathan Best Croydon HKingston8 Jun
 11.791Adesimi Obi-Adewole South LondonKingston2 Jun
 11.772Charlie Sandford Camberley&DistPortsmouth8 Jun
 11.602Josh Coakes Holland SportsKingston30 Jun
 11.171ARory Kelly Woking ACHorspath21 Jul
 10.791ANicholas Pritchard Guildford&GWinchester7 Jul
 10.741ATom PhippsGuildford&GReading14 Sep
 10.663Ben Myburgh South LondonKingston26 May
 10.262Nile Cook Sutton&DistrictTwickenham2 Jun
 9.962Jermaine Graham Herne Hill HStevenage28 Apr
 9.582Vernon Strachan Croydon HBracknell28 Apr
Discus (1.5kg) (Standard: 23.00m )
43.151Adesimi Obi-Adewole South LondonKingston26 May 
40.061Giacomo Spagnoli Croydon HBattersea Park8 Jun 
38.67oJustin Tarrant Crawley ACCarshalton8 Sep 
38.323Munroe Ritchie Crawley ACKingston26 May 
37.311AAlex Page Woking ACHorspath21 Jul 
37.301Nathan Fergus South LondonCrystal Palace7 Apr 
37.203Rory Kelly Woking ACPortsmouth28 Jul 
36.803Tom Phipps Guildford&GKingston8 Jun 
36.396Ben Myburgh South LondonAshford17 Aug 
36.102Bradley Simms Croydon HCroydon28 Jul 
35.664Craig Rawlings Sutton&DistrictHorsham4 Aug 
35.623Charlie Sandford Camberley&DistPortsmouth8 Jun 
35.313Adam Magni HerculesWimbCrystal Palace7 Apr 
35.133David Olajiga Croydon HBournemouth30 Jun 
32.436Hamish Owen Guildford&GKingston26 May 
32.237Dominic Vlassak Woking ACKingston8 Jun 
32.081ANicholas Pritchard Guildford&GWinchester7 Jul 
28.942Josh Coakes Holland SportsKingston2 Jun 
27.363Nile Cook Sutton&DistrictGuildford30 Jun 
27.25ODylan Carlsson-Smith Shaft.BarnetBirmingham21 Sep 
26.602Peter Cassidy Guildford&GSandy28 Sep 
23.55oOcean SchwartzHolland SportsCarshalton8 Sep 
 Hammer (5kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
 60.701CMunroe Ritchie Crawley ACHull12 Oct
 40.642Rory KellyWoking ACPortsmouth28 Jul
 38.553Peter Cassidy Guildford&GCrawley26 Aug
 34.084Ben MyburghSouth LondonCrawley26 Aug
 33.432ANicholas PritchardGuildford&GBracknell16 Jun
 31.061Nathan Fergus South LondonDartford28 Jul
 29.532Giacomo Spagnoli Croydon HCroydon28 Jul
 25.373Marcelle RoweCroydon HAldershot2 Jun
 24.051Fraser McIntoshHerne Hill HEltham30 Jun
 20.571Craig Rawlings Sutton&DistrictCarshalton28 Apr
 18.165Brogan McCawleyCamberley&DistAldershot2 Jun
Javelin (700g) (Standard: 28.00m )
45.391Munroe Ritchie Crawley ACKingston26 May 
45.122Dylan Carlsson-Smith Shaft.BarnetKingston26 May 
44.942Omar Malik HerculesWimbBattersea Park8 Jun 
43.97oRory KellyWoking ACCarshalton8 Sep 
42.361nsRory McCann Kingston & PolyWoking17 Jul 
41.941AHamish Owen Guildford&GBracknell16 Jun 
41.462Marko Ravic HerculesWimbBirmingham17 Jun 
38.84OJustin Tarrant Crawley ACBirmingham21 Sep 
38.292Giacomo Spagnoli Croydon HCroydon28 Jul 
36.404James HarveyGuildford&GCrawley14 Apr 
33.108Craig Rawlings Sutton&DistrictKingston26 May 
30.953ANathan Mapperley Camberley&DistWoking9 Jun 
30.38oOcean SchwartzHolland SportsCarshalton8 Sep 
28.884Jed Botham Blkhth&BromBasildon28 Apr 
 Octathlon (Standard: 2000pts )
 4388pts17Justin Tarrant Crawley ACBirmingham22 Sep
 4155pts19Dylan Carlsson-Smith Shaft.BarnetBirmingham22 Sep
 4017pts/+2.02Rory KellyWoking ACCarshalton8 Sep
 4016pts/+3.03Ocean SchwartzHolland SportsCarshalton8 Sep
 3168pts/+2.54Alex ParkinsonKingston & PolyCarshalton8 Sep

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