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Today's Date: 15 July 2024

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(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
100 Metres (Standard: 11.20)
 10.00/+0.6 5James DasaoluCroydon HarriersBrussels, BEL5 Sep 
 10.08/+1.4 5Harry Aikines-Aryeetey Sutton & District ACHengelo, NED8 Jun 
 10.32/+1.2 2Aidan Syers Newham & Essex BeaglesCastres, FRA30 Jul 
 10.4/+2.9 72h2Marvin Popoola (U20)Herne Hill HarriersBedford 
 10.41/-0.1 5AGreg Cackett Belgrave HarriersLa Chaux-De-Fonda, SUI6 Jul 
 10.41/+2.9 w2s1Lee McLaughlin Croydon HarriersCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 10.46/+1.1 3Tremayne Gilling Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 10.51/-0.5 2s1Marvin Popoola (U20)Herne Hill HarriersBedford21 Jun 
 10.54/+2.2 w1Rechmial Miller (U17)Hercules Wimbledon ACBedford30 Aug 
 10.56/+0.8 1r1Femi Owolade Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACNewham11 Jun 
 10.59/+5.4 w6r1Jermaine Olasan Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACLee Valley9 Jul 
 10.64/+1.1 3ALeroy Slue Harrow ACNewham20 Jul 
 10.66/+2.2 w2h1Theo Etienne (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACBedford21 Jun 
 10.66/+2.2 w2r1Samuel Osewa Croydon HarriersNewham22 Jun 
 10.69/+4.1 w1ns1Byron Robinson Herne Hill HarriersEton10 May 
 10.70/-0.5 3s1Theo Etienne (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACBedford21 Jun 
 10.70/+2.8 w2r1Dele Onifade Herne Hill HarriersLee Valley21 Apr 
 10.70/+2.2 w3h1Max Mondelli (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACBedford21 Jun 
 10.71/+5.0 w8ADwayne Dowding Herne Hill HarriersEton10 May 
 10.74/+1.7 3h1Chris Pope Herne Hill HarriersCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 10.75/0.0 1r1Max Mondelli (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACHendon31 May 
 10.77/+1.1 1Damien Powell (U20)Croydon HarriersKingston14 Jun 
 10.78/+3.5 w2Jonathan Ilori (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACColumbia, MO, USA11 Apr 
 10.8 1ARechmial Miller (U17)Hercules Wimbledon ACPortsmouth20 Jul 
 10.80/+3.5 w2ns3Jamal Rhoden-Stevens (U23)Herne Hill HarriersEton10 May 
 10.81/+2.4 w1h2Matthew Threadgold Belgrave HarriersKingston25 May 
 10.83/+1.1 2r1Idris Ojuriye Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 May 
 10.83/-1.8 3r1Josh Street (U23)South London HarriersCrystal Palace19 Jul 
 10.86/+2.2 w5h1Reece McLawrence (U20)South London HarriersBedford21 Jun 
 10.89/nwr 1r3Babatunde Amosu Croydon HarriersTempe, AZ, USA29 Mar 
 10.89/+1.8 3r3Zanson Plummer (U20)Shaftesbury Barnet HarriersNewham14 May 
 10.9 2ALuke Dorrell (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWoking1 Jun 
 10.90/+1.1 6s2Reece McLawrence (U20)South London HarriersBedford21 Jun 
 10.91/+0.5 3Kertis Beswick (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACKingston24 May 
 10.91/+0.7 1Tyrese Johnson (U15)Croydon HarriersBirmingham12 Jul 
 10.92/+1.6 4r10Jordan Smith-Bent Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersLee Valley23 Jul 
 10.96/0.9 3Dean Hylton Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACKingston24 May 
 10.96/+1.3 2h1Philip Mauge (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACKingston24 May 
 10.98/+0.5 4ANicholas Atwell Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec12 Apr 
 11.0 1AIwan Fesnoux (U17)Epsom & Ewell HarriersEltham19 Apr 
 11.01/+6.5 w2r10Kishon Allen (U17)Herne Hill HarriersLee Valley9 Jul 
 11.02 1ns1Kevin Owusu-Mantey (U17)Hercules Wimbledon ACTooting Bec12 Jul 
 11.02/+0.7 3r2Peter Phillips Herne Hill HarriersTooting26 Jul 
 11.02/+0.7 4r1Dwayne Cowan Hercules Wimbledon ACNewham17 Aug 
 11.04 1AJoseph Chukwuadinula (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACTooting Bec12 Jul 
 11.05/+1.8 4h2Gift McLaren (U23)South London HarriersCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 11.05/-0.1 1r2Cameron Starr (U20)Sutton & District ACBattersea Park27 Jul 
 11.05/+3.9 w6h2Fawwaz Okunola (U20)Herne Hill HarriersCrystal Palace15 Jun 
 11.06/-0.4 1BJustin Green Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston26 Apr 
 11.08/-0.4 4r1Ismail Abdul Karim (U17)Herne Hill HarriersBromley9 Jun 
 11.08/+2.4 w1r4Victor Nwagbara Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersNewham14 May 
 11.1 2Jevonni McFarlane (U17)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec27 Apr 
 11.1 1Kishon Allen (U17)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec27 Apr 
 11.1 2nsSam Ige (U20)Belgrave HarriersBattersea Park21 Jun 
 11.12/-0.1 1r2Creston Harrison (U17)South London HarriersEltham25 Jun 
 11.13/+1.3 4h1Jaden Stevens (U23)Herne Hill HarriersKingston25 May 
 11.14/-1.1 2BAaron Adekoya (U20)Croydon HarriersNewham27 Apr 
 11.15/+1.2 1Chad Miller (U15)Hercules Wimbledon ACBedford30 Aug 
 11.16/+1.2 6r3Joe Yarde (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACNewham16 Jul 
 11.18/+2.8 w4r2Frederick Afrifa (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 May 
 11.19/-0.1 4h3George Huxley (U23)Ashford ACKingston25 May 
 11.2 2Edwin Miles (U20)Croydon HarriersBattersea Park14 May 
 11.2/-1.3 2AAidan Fahey (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBattersea Park21 Jun 
200 Metres (Standard: 23.00)
 20.54/+2.4 w1r3Harry Aikines-AryeeteySutton & District ACClermont, FL, USA10 May 
 20.92/+2.7 w2r4Marvin Popoola (U20)Herne Hill HarriersMannheim, GER6 Jul 
 21.00/+2.1 w1s1Dwayne CowanHercules Wimbledon ACCrystal Palace15 Jun 
 21.01/+1.0 3Greg CackettBelgrave HarriersLa Roche Sur Yon, FRA23 Jul 
 21.07/+3.1 w3Dwayne DowdingHerne Hill HarriersCrystal Palace15 Jun 
 21.18/+0.1 1r10Femi OwoladeHerne Hill HarriersLee Valley6 Aug 
 21.34/+1.0 1h1Marvin Popoola (U20)Herne Hill HarriersCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 21.34/+0.2 2r3Dwayne CowanHercules Wimbledon ACLoughborough19 Jul 
 21.46/+1.1 1h2Byron RobinsonHerne Hill HarriersCrystal Palace15 Jun 
 21.46/+2.1 w3s1Lee McLaughlinCroydon HarriersCrystal Palace15 Jun 
 21.52 1r1Dwayne DowdingHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 May 
 21.62/+0.3 3r1Lee McLaughlinCroydon HarriersNewham14 May 
 21.7 1ADamien Powell (U20)Croydon HarriersLee Valley19 Apr 
 21.77/+1.1 2r13Max Mondelli (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACLee Valley23 Jul 
 21.80/+2.9 w4BJamal Rhoden-Stevens (U23)Herne Hill HarriersEton10 May 
 21.89/-1.9 3r1Josh Street (U23)South London HarriersCrystal Palace19 Jul 
 21.98/-0.8 1BByron RobinsonHerne Hill HarriersGateshead7 Jun 
 22.04 2r1Rechmial Miller (U17)Hercules Wimbledon ACTooting Bec5 May 
 22.04/+2.5 w6r1Leroy SlueHarrow ACBedford31 May 
 22.1 1Nicholas AtwellHerne Hill HarriersBattersea14 May 
 22.1 1AMatthew ThreadgoldBelgrave HarriersWoking17 May 
 22.10/+1.7 1BZanson Plummer (U20)Shaftesbury Barnet HarriersHendon27 Jul 
 22.15 3r1Iwan Fesnoux (U17)Epsom & Ewell HarriersTooting Bec5 May 
 22.18/+0.8 1h4Creston Harrison (U17)South London HarriersBirmingham11 Jul 
 22.19/+3.6 w1Joseph Massimo (U15)Crawley ACBedford31 Aug 
 22.24/+3.1 w1ADaniel Luke (U17)Croydon HarriersNewham27 Apr 
 22.26/-0.4 2AJordan Smith-BentKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston26 Apr 
 22.3 1ACameron Starr (U20)Sutton & District ACBracknell21 Jun 
 22.36/+1.5 1Edwin Miles (U20)Croydon HarriersKingston14 Jun 
 22.4 2nsSimeon Ramsey-Graham (U23)Herne Hill HarriersBattersea14 May 
 22.41/+1.1 2Daniel Luke (U17)Croydon HarriersKingston14 Jun 
 22.45/+0.7 2r2Frederick Afrifa (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 May 
 22.5 1AShaun Cooke (U20)Sutton & District ACKingston29 Jun 
 22.5 1r6Columba Blango (U23)Herne Hill HarriersTooting26 Jul 
 22.52/-1.2 1BJustin GreenKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston26 Apr 
 22.57 1BTheo Etienne (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon Park3 May 
 22.60/-1.2 6r6Joe Yarde (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACLa Chaux-De-Fonda, SUI6 Jul 
 22.60 2AJoseph Chukwuadinula (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACTooting Bec12 Jul 
 22.62/+0.9 4s1Victor NwagbaraKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston25 May 
 22.7 1AJoseph Massimo (U15)Crawley ACEton22 Jun 
 22.72/-0.8 4h2Finn Nightingale (U23)South London HarriersKingston25 May 
 22.74 1h1Ismail Abdul Karim (U17)Herne Hill HarriersBattersea Park14 Jun 
 22.76 2h1Jevonni McFarlane (U17)Herne Hill HarriersBattersea Park14 Jun 
 22.78/+1.5 3Frederick Feltham (U20)unattachedKingston14 Jun 
 22.80/-0.8 5h2Craig CoxCrawley ACKingston25 May 
 22.81/+1.5 4r10Tife Ajibade (U20)Croydon HarriersKingston14 Jun 
 22.82/-1.2 5r5Gift McLaren (U23)South London HarriersWatford18 Jun 
 22.83/-1.1 4ALawrence Croll MensahHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec12 Apr 
 22.84/+1.1 6r16Cathan Marcell (U17)Herne Hill HarriersLee Valley23 Jul 
 22.86/+0.9 4s1Andre NembhardKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston25 May 
 22.87/+3.6 w3Chad Miller (U15)Hercules Wimbledon ACBedford31 Aug 
 22.88/-0.3 1ATyrese Johnson (U15)Croydon HarriersCroydon31 May 
 22.9 1nsSam Ige (U20)Belgrave HarriersAshford19 Apr 
 22.94 3nsIdris OjuriyeHerne Hill HarriersWimbledon3 May 
400 Metres (Standard: 51.00)
 44.71 1Martyn RooneyCroydon HarriersZurich, SUI15 Aug 
 46.52 4r3Dwayne CowanHercules Wimbledon ACCopenhagen, DEN8 Aug 
 47.65 1Peter PhillipsHerne Hill HarriersCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 48.0 4ANicholas AtwellHerne Hill HarriersBedford1 Jun 
 48.27 1r1Zak Curran (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACWoking6 Aug 
 48.32 2r1Blade Ashby (U23)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 May 
 48.73 2Shaun Cooke (U20)Sutton & District ACHendon3 Aug 
 48.9 2Sean HallHercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon11 Jun 
 48.91 4r3Greg CackettBelgrave HarriersClermont, FL, USA26 Apr 
 48.91 3ATim KuriaWoking ACSouthampton7 Jun 
 49.12 1r1Femi OwoladeBlackheath & Bromley Harriers ACMile End7 Jul 
 49.18 1r1Andrew ClementsWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACNewham17 Aug 
 49.60 1ALee McLaughlinCroydon HarriersCroydon17 May 
 50.05 1h2Neville Harris (U23)Sutton & District ACCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 50.2 3AHugo Fleming (U20)Walton ACKingston29 Jun 
 50.45 4r1Chris McAlister (U20)Sutton & District ACTooting Bec5 May 
 50.74 3Adam Bellis (M35)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersIzmir, TUR27 Aug 
 50.88 1Max Coyle (U17)Reigate Priory ACKingston14 Jun 
 50.90 3r1Columba Blango (U23)South London HarriersEltham20 Aug 
 51.0 5AAlex Hobbs (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston29 Jun 
800 Metres (Standard: 2:00.00)
 1:49.35 8AOliver Aitchison (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford17 May 
 1:50.02 1AZak Curran (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACWatford10 Sep 
 1:51.57 6BLewis Lloyd (U23)Herne Hill HarriersStretford12 Jul 
 1:51.91 5Hugo Fleming (U20)Walton ACBedford22 Jun 
 1:52.04 8AJonny Hay (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford16 Jul 
 1:52.31 6Daniel Wallis (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACBirmingham12 Jul 
 1:53.22 8r1Martyn RooneyCroydon HarriersGainesville, FL, USA4 Apr 
 1:53.67 7rBTom Holden (U20)South London HarriersWatford16 Jul 
 1:53.80 2h7Neville Harris (U23)Sutton & District ACBedford4 May 
 1:54.43 3Feysel Nadew (U17)Herne Hill HarriersBirmingham12 Jul 
 1:54.8 2GGilbert GrundyGuildford & Godalming ACWatford17 May 
 1:55.21 6rAPatrick Lucas (U20)Croydon HarriersEltham28 May 
 1:55.86 9h1Calum Roots (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACBedford21 Jun 
 1:55.97 2r1Harry Spawforth (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACBasingstoke16 Jul 
 1:56.20 5r23Nathan Mapperley (U20)Camberley & District ACWatford16 Jul 
 1:56.55 2Jonathan DarbyKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston24 May 
 1:56.58 6BHugo Madden (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACBrighton14 May 
 1:56.82 2r1Nathan Inkester (U17)South London HarriersLee Valley12 Apr 
 1:56.82 3Ben Brunswick (U20)Dorking Mole Valley ACKingston14 Jun 
 1:56.97 2Edward Olsen (U17)Herne Hill HarriersKingston24 May 
 1:57.14 1Paskar OworBelgrave HarriersBattersea 2 Jul 
 1:57.63 1nsDom Nolan (U23)Croydon HarriersLoughborough28 May 
 1:58.10 mx4r2Lascelles Hussey (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec26 Jul 
 1:58.40 2r17Steve Payne (U20)Bracknell ACWatford13 Aug 
 1:58.93 7r17Brogan McCawley (U20)Camberley & District ACWatford13 Aug 
 1:58.98 3nsHenry Pearce (U23)Tonbridge ACLoughborough28 May 
 1:59.00 5AEsmond Ferns (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACEton2 Aug 
 1:59.20 2BJoseph Bouakaze-Khan (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston14 Jun 
 1:59.24 2r21Joseph Lyne (U20)South London HarriersWatford16 Jul 
 1:59.57 6r8David WhiteCroydon HarriersWatford9 Apr 
 1:59.59 4h2Tom Butcher (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston25 May 
 1:59.8 1BChristian Beale (U20)Woking ACBrighton29 Jun 
 2:00.0 1AGeorge Gathercole (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACCrawley27 Jul 
 2:00.00 1r1Will Bardsley (U17)South London HarriersBromley11 Aug 
1500 Metres (Standard: 4:08.00)
 3:43.90 1AJonny Hay (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford13 Aug 
 3:44.52 11rAJack Crabtree (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACStretford12 Jul 
 3:49.29 4BLewis Lloyd (U23)Herne Hill HarriersWatford16 Jul 
 3:51.72 8rCTom Holden (U20)South London HarriersWatford17 May 
 3:55.38 2rEDaniel Wallis (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACSolihull16 Aug 
 3:57.25 7AChris BusailehHerne Hill HarriersEltham21 Jul 
 3:58.22 8Lascelles Hussey (U20)Herne Hill HarriersEltham23 Jul 
 3:58.56 4r16Henry Pearce (U23)Tonbridge ACWatford4 Jun 
 3:58.98 2r16Hugo Fleming (U20)Walton ACWatford7 May 
 3:59.47 6AFrederick SlemeckHercules Wimbledon ACEltham25 Jun 
 3:59.69 12DAlex RobinsonHercules Wimbledon ACWatford17 May 
 4:00.10 1r18George Gathercole (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford2 Jul 
 4:01.51 9r19Jack Rowe (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford2 Jul 
 4:02.16 12r19Ben Bradley (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford2 Jul 
 4:02.55 Jack Wyllie (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford27 Aug 
 4:02.60 10r17Charlie Critchley (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford7 May 
 4:02.62 5r16David WhiteCroydon HarriersWatford4 Jun 
 4:03.29 8h2Johnnie Bland (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 4:03.46 14BJoshua Grace (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford16 Jul 
 4:03.55 12ADom Nolan (U23)Croydon HarriersEltham25 Jun 
 4:03.79 1BRussell BentleyKent ACGateshead7 Jun 
 4:05.16 11r18Rian McCawley (U17)Camberley & District ACWatford2 Jul 
 4:05.52 1Harry Spawforth (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston14 Jun 
 4:05.75 2Joe Lyne (U20)South London HarriersKingston24 May 
 4:06.28 2r16Ben Brunswick (U20)Dorking Mole Valley ACWatford30 Jul 
 4:06.45 3Peter Chambers (U20)Croydon HarriersKingston24 May 
 4:07.3 1Paskar OworBelgrave HarriersBattersea14 May 
 4:07.51 Dane Blomquist (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford27 Aug 
1 Mile (Standard: 4:30.0)
 4:14.14 1AGilbert GrundyGuildford & Godalming ACBrighton14 May 
 4:17.23 3r1Jonathan Burgess (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACMemphis, TN, USA15 Mar 
 4:17.37 4CJoshua Grace (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACOxford19 Jul 
 4:17.93 5CHenry Pearce (U23)Tonbridge ACOxford19 Jul 
 4:23.76 4AFrederick SlemeckHercules Wimbledon ACEltham20 Aug 
 4:27.9 1Hugo Fleming (U20)Walton ACPortsmouth12 Apr 
 4:27.93 1Tom Holden (U20)South London HarriersWimbledon Park6 Apr 
3000 Metres (Standard: 8:55.00)
 8:05.19 1r3Jonny Hay (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford30 Jul 
 8:12.53 1AJack Crabtree (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACManchester9 Aug 
 8:15.23 2r3Joshua Grace (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford30 Jul 
 8:24.51 10r3Ian Bailey (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford30 Jul 
 8:27.59 4Jack Rowe (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBedford21 Jun 
 8:29.5 1Paskar OworBelgrave HarriersWimbledon11 Jun 
 8:32.03 mx6r2Henry Pearce (U23)Tonbridge ACWatford2 Jul 
 8:34.62 13r2Ben Bradley (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford4 Jun 
 8:34.73 9rBHenry Pearce (U23)Tonbridge ACStretford12 Jul 
 8:35.03 18r3Gilbert GrundyGuildford & Godalming ACWatford23 Apr 
 8:39.58 8Jack Wyllie (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBedford21 Jun 
 8:41.23 20r2George Gathercole (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford4 Jun 
 8:41.24 2BChris BusailehHerne Hill HarriersLee Valley9 Aug 
 8:45.6 1Gordon PearceKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBattersea2 Jul 
 8:45.96 25r3George Corcoran (U23)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersWatford30 Jul 
 8:46.13 mx14r2Dane Blomquist (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford2 Jul 
 8:52.25 mx4r2Edward Olsen (U17)Herne Hill HarriersWatford23 Apr 
 8:54.13 2Alex RobinsonHercules Wimbledon ACTooting13 Aug 
5000 Metres (Standard: 16:15.00)
 13:33.28 3Luke CaldwellDorking Mole Valley ACWalnut, CA, USA18 Apr 
 14:28.52 2ANicholas Torry (M35)Serpentine RunnersTooting Bec 5 Jul 
 14:29.28 9AIan Bailey (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACOxford19 Jul 
 14:31.74 3AAndy MaudClapham ChasersTooting5 Jul 
 14:33.05 15Jonny Hay (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBirmingham28 Jun 
 14:39.43 15AKojo Kyereme (M35)Shaftesbury Barnet HarriersWatford17 May 
 14:40.87 1Paskar OworBelgrave HarriersCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 14:41.25 7BSteven ConnorAldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford17 May 
 14:48.11 10rBJack Rowe (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford17 May 
 14:56.92 2Jonathan Burgess (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACConway, AR, USA18 Apr 
 14:56.98 4BChris BusailehHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 Jul 
 15:07.99 2AFred SlemeckHercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon3 May 
 15:12.57 8h1Ben Bradley (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBedford3 May 
 15:13.89 2Jack Wyllie (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACCrystal Palace15 Jun 
 15:27.83 1nsRussell BentleyKent ACGateshead7 Jun 
 15:32.39 3Gordon PearceKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersTooting Bec5 May 
 15:34.46 12CAlex RobinsonHercules Wimbledon ACOxford19 Jul 
 15:35.07 4Jonathan SteadHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 May 
 15:37.42 5Matthew Sharp (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACParliament Hill10 Sep 
 15:40.26 6Robert TuerHercules Wimbledon ACParliament Hill10 Sep 
 15:41.49 13Dane Blomquist (U20)Camberley & District ACOxford19 Jul 
 15:43.22 1nsKieran White (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon3 May 
 15:48.2 3BNeil Aitken (M40)Clapham ChasersCatford11 Sep 
 15:50.02 2AJohn McMillanClapham ChasersMile End17 May 
 15:52.36 3ARyan EvansSouth London HarriersWimbledon3 May 
 15:58.78 3ABruce Harrold (M35)Dorking Mole Valley ACTooting Bec21 Jun 
 15:59.61 6h2Henry Pearce (U23)Tonbridge ACBedford3 May 
 16:01.35 4Cassian Hyde (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACCrystal Palace15 Jun 
 16:06.7 2AOllie Garrod (U23)Epsom & Ewell HarriersKingston21 Jun 
 16:14.95 1Rian McCawley (U17)Camberley & District ACAshford25 Jun 
10,000 Metres (Standard: 35:00.00)
 28:47.39 14Luke CaldwellDorking Mole Valley ACGlasgow1 Aug 
 30:15.04 2r3Ian Bailey (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACParliament Hill10 May 
 30:25.30 12r5Nicholas Torry (M35)Serpentine RunnersParliament Hill10 May 
 30:26.24 4r3Kojo Kyereme (M35)Shaftesbury Barnet HarriersParliament Hill10 May 
 30:29.07 1Jonny Hay (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBedford4 May 
 30:32.71 5r3Steven ConnorAldershot, Farnham & District ACParliament Hill10 May 
 30:37.68 7r3Andy MaudClapham ChasersParliament Hill10 May 
 32:11.36 3r2Gordon PearceKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersParliament Hill10 May 
 32:20.74 20r3James McMullanHerne Hill HarriersParliament Hill10 May 
 32:23.31 5r2John McMillanClapham ChasersParliament Hill10 May 
 32:24.19 6r2Ryan EvansSouth London HarriersParliament Hill10 May 
 32:39.38 11r2Richard KowenickiThames Hare & HoundsParliament Hill10 May 
 32:45.49 2Matthew Sharp (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACTooting23 Aug 
 32:48.38 15r2Fred SlemeckHercules Wimbledon ACParliament Hill10 May 
 33:50.8 4ARobert TuerHercules Wimbledon ACWalthamstow27 Jun 
 34:48.29 12r1Tim ElseyHerne Hill HarriersParliament Hill10 May 
 34:58.46 11George HowardRanelagh HarriersTooting23 Aug 
3000 Metres Steeplechase (91.4cm) (Standard: 10:00.00)
 9:48.6 1ACharlie Critchley (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACAldershot17 May 
 9:51.96 4ANathan Ditton (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACLee Valley9 Aug 
 9:56.07 1Benjamin ToomerHercules Wimbledon ACCarshalton13 Sep 
110 Metres Hurdles (106.7cm) (Standard: 16.00)
 14.31/+3.4 w4h1Rushane Thomas (U20)Herne Hill HarriersLoughborough19 Jul 
 14.40/-0.4 2ARushane Thomas (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 Jul 
 14.69/-2.6 1BBlade Ashby (U23)Herne Hill HarriersLee Valley9 Aug 
 14.73/+2.7 w7h3Joe Yarde (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACBirmingham29 Jun 
 14.75/+1.1 3Joe Yarde (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACNewham11 Jun 
 15.4 1AChris HallKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston12 Jul 
400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 58.00)
 50.93 1Blade Ashby (U23)Herne Hill HarriersBedford21 Jun 
 51.19 4rBJacob Paul (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACOordegem-Lede, BEL31 May 
 52.58 2AAndrew ClementsWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACLee Valley9 Aug 
 53.39 1Chris McAlister (U20)Sutton & District ACBirmingham12 Jul 
 54.17 3Paul Cave (U23)Epsom & Ewell HarriersLa Crosse, WI, USA9 Apr 
 54.26 2BJoe Yarde (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACLee Valley9 Aug 
 55.0 1Austin FernsHercules Wimbledon ACTooting27 Jul 
 56.77 1Adrian HemeryKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston25 May 
 57.46 1BTom Parry (U23)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersDerby5 Jul 
 57.47 1AStirling Gibbons (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACYeovil17 May 
3000 Metres Track Walk (Standard: 15:00.00)
High Jump (Standard: 1.90m [6ft3in])
 2.05m 2ATayo Andrews (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 Jul 
 2.02m 2Ocean Schwartz (U17)Holland Sports ACBirmingham11 Jul 
 2.01m 1AThomas AshbyHerne Hill HarriersKingston26 Apr 
 2.00m 2Jamie Horne (U17)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACCrystal Palace16 Aug 
 1.98m 2Mityrae Brooks (U17)Croydon HarriersKingston14 Jun 
 1.93m 1Jake Field (U20)Sutton & District ACHorsham31 Aug 
 1.91m 1AGeorge Gomez (U23)South London HarriersTooting Bec21 Jun 
 1.90m 6AAlex Mackintosh (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersSouthampton7 Jun 
Pole Vault (Standard: 3.65m [12ft0in])
 5.00m 2CJack Phipps (U23)Woking ACWalnut, CA, USA18 Apr 
 4.45m 1Greg Conlon (M35)Walton ACTwickenham18 Jun 
 4.30m 4Dylan Carlsson-Smith (U17)Shaftesbury Barnet HarriersBirmingham11 Jul 
 4.25m 1AGordon Lester (U23)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston12 Jul 
 4.10m 1Daniel Ditton (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACEton19 Apr 
 3.90m 1BKaspars KazemaksWoking ACTonbridge21 Apr 
 3.83m DJustin Tarrant (U20)Crawley ACBedford20 Jul 
 3.70m 1John Andrews (M50)Epsom & Ewell HarriersEwel1 Jun 
Long Jump (Standard: 6.50m [21ft4in])
 7.75m/+1.1 2Jermaine OlasanBlackheath & Bromley Harriers ACChula Vista, CA, USa24 Apr 
 7.73m/+1.0 1Elliot Safo (U23)Croydon HarriersNew Haven, CT, USA10 May 
 7.53m/+0.1 3Ezekiel EwuloWoodford Green with Essex LadiesLa Roche Sur Yon, FRA23 Jul 
 7.43m/+2.1 wOliver Newport (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACEton10 May 
 7.39m/+4.8 w2AJoe Lawrence (U23)Kent ACEton10 May 
 7.26m/+1.1 2AOliver Newport (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACTooting Bec5 Jul 
 7.11m DThomas AshbyHerne Hill HarriersCarshalton13 Sep 
 7.02m/-0.2 2AChris HallKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersSouthampton7 Jun 
 7.01m/-1.9 2Paul OgunCroydon HarriersKingston25 May 
 6.79m/+0.9 1BHumphrey WaddingtonKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersSouthampton7 Jun 
Triple Jump (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in])
 16.10m/+4.1 w1Jonathan Ilori (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACColumbia, MO, USA11 Apr 
 15.97m/0.0 1Babatunde AmosuCroydon HarriersWalnut, CA, USA18 Apr 
 15.70m/+1.3 1Jonathan Ilori (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACColumbia, MO, USA11 Apr 
 15.42m/+1.1 2Nana Owusu-NyantekyiCroydon HarriersJacksonville, FL, USA28 May 
 14.83m/-0.3 3Stefan Amokwandoh (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACBedford22 Jun 
 14.73m/+1.7 2BPaul OgunCroydon HarriersBirmingham19 Jul 
 14.37m/+1.2 2AJermaine OlasanBlackheath & Bromley Harriers ACLee Valley9 Aug 
 14.37m/+2.2 w1Jacob Veerapen (U17)Sutton & District ACCrystal Palace17 Aug 
 14.22m/+2.3 wDavid WellsteadKent ACCrystal Palace15 Jun 
 14.20m 1AJacob Veerapen (U17)Sutton & District ACPortsmouth20 Jul 
 13.96m/+2.3 w5AHumphrey Waddington Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersSouthampton7 Jun 
 13.94m/+1.4 1BHumphrey WaddingtonKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBasingstoke10 May 
 13.85m 1David WellsteadBelgrave HarriersKingston25 May 
 13.75m 1ANnamdi OdumHercules Wimbledon ACTooting Bec12 Jul 
 13.41m/+3.5 w3Phillip Thomas (U17)Herne Hill HarriersCrystal Palace17 Aug 
 13.29m 1AThomas AshbyHerne Hill HarriersWimbledon3 May 
 13.28m Stephen BabalolaSouth London HarriersTooting Bec12 Jul 
 13.28m 1AChris HallKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston12 Jul 
 13.27m/-0.2 2Alex Williams-Baffoe (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston25 May 
 13.25m 1APhillip Thomas (U17)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec21 Jun 
 13.14m/+4.2 w4Alex Meaklim (U17)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersCrystal Palace17 Aug 
 13.07m/+2.0 -Alex Meaklim (U17)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersCrystal Palace16 Aug 
 12.80m/0.0 4Andrew Enchill (U15)Sutton & District ACBirmingham11 Jul 
Shot Putt (7.26kg) (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in])
 16.12m 1Michael WheelerHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 May 
 15.91m 1Joey Watson (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACBromley21 May 
 15.81m 1Chris DackKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 14.80m DThomas AshbyHerne Hill HarriersBedford 24 May 
 13.38m 3Thomas Bullen (U23)South London HarriersCrystal Palace14 May 
 13.11m 1AIan FrankishEpsom & Ewell HarriersWoking17 May 
Discus (2kg) (Standard: 35.00m [115ft0in])
 54.78m 1nsTom NormanWoodford Green with Essex LadiesKingston26 Apr 
 49.70m 1Thomas AshbyHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec23 Jul 
 45.37m 1AAndy WhebleKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBath9 Aug 
 44.31m 1AChris DackKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBasingstoke10 May 
 42.76m 6AJoey Watson (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACTooting5 Jul 
 39.82m 1BGavin Johnson-AssoonHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec21 Jun 
 39.52m 2AThomas Bullen (U23)South London HarriersTooting Bec21 Jun 
 37.90m 2nsTony Richards (M60)Croydon HarriersKingston26 Apr 
 37.57m 2AKaspars KazemaksWoking ACAndover19 Apr 
 35.75m 1BGareth Cook (M45)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston12 Jul 
 35.66m 1BNathan Fergus (U17)South London HarriersWimbledon3 May 
Hammer (7.26kg) (Standard: 39.60m [130ft0in])
 50.56m 4AGareth Cook (M45)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersDerby5 Jul 
 49.86m 1AMunroe Ritchie (U17)Crawley ACAshford17 May 
 44.50m 3Joey Watson (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACHendon29 Mar 
 43.85m 3Robert SmithWalton ACKingston30 Apr 
 43.80m 4AAndy WhebleKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersSouthampton7 Jun 
 42.04m 4Curtis Knight (U20)Walton ACKingston5 Apr 
Javelin (800g) (Standard: 50.00m [164ft0in])
 67.09m 2Gavin Johnson-AssoonHerne Hill HarriersCrystal Palace14 Jun 
 54.13m 2ARoy ChambersWoking ACDartford21 Jun 
 51.00m 1Thomas AshbyHerne Hill HarriersTooting26 Jul 
Decathlon (Standard: 5000pts)
 7031pts 1Thomas AshbyHerne Hill HarriersCarshalton13 Sep 
 5866pts Kaspars KazemaksWoking ACBedford24 May 
 5187pts 3Roy ChambersWoking ACCarshalton13 Sep 

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These rankings are produced from the information held in our rankings database. For each performance we hold the athlete's name and their club. For some athletes we also hold their date of birth which allows us to verify the age group they were in at the time of achieving the performance. For those athletes we are able to create a "Profile" which shows, on one screen, all the performance data we hold for that athlete and this is shown as a link from the athlete's name. At no time do we display the date of birth of any living athlete.

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Under-20 Women       Under-20 Men
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Under-13 Girls       Under-13 Boys

(1) Event; (2) Age Group; (3) Athlete's First Name & Last Name; (4) Athlete's Club and/or School; (5) the Performance and (6) the Date and Venue when and where it was achieved.