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Today's Date: 22 September 2021

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Under 17 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.30 )
 10.80w/+2.4DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet25 Apr
 10.99/+0.93AKyle Cranston Herne Hill HLittle Marlow19 Jul
 11.00/+0.91ATyrese Johnson Croydon HCroydon28 Jun
 11.07/-0.9DSam TalbotExeter HCali, COL15 Jul
 11.12rAKishon Allen Herne Hill HTooting Bec10 May
 11.1w/+3.04AJoseph MassimoCrawley ACReading16 May
 11.15/+1.53Reece FerreiraSutton&DistrictAshford15 Aug
 11.17/0.02r4Jevonni McFarlane Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May
 11.17/+0.62Cathan Marcell Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 11.17/-0.81BJoseph MassimoCrawley ACErith20 Jun
 11.18/-1.51BChuks Ajeh Croydon HCroydon28 Jun
 11.22/+1.24ns2Chad Miller HerculesWimbKingston12 Aug
 11.32ALuke Kelly Guildford&GPoole16 May
 11.31BTroy Reid Herne Hill HTooting Bec20 Jun
 11.43AJoe O'Connor Walton ACErith16 May
 11.45/-2.23h2Takunda TsvakayiGuildford&GKingston24 May
 11.48/-1.73r3Obi OnyejekweCroydon HTooting Bec25 Jul
 11.52BEric Sarfo Sutton&DistrictTwickenham25 Apr
 11.53AJason Dwumfuo Woking ACPoole16 May
 11.54nsMatteo ArmezzaniBracknell ACBracknell20 Jun
 11.51/-2.25h2Verter Oppong-Kyei Croydon HKingston24 May
 11.52/+1.75BAdeyinka Adeniran Blkhth&BromStevenage18 Apr
 11.58mx/+1.32Dylan GordonCroydon HKingston12 Aug
 11.59/+1.73r1Ralphael Buckle HerculesWimbWimbledon Park12 Apr
 11.63AAnton Goransson Woking ACSouthampton18 Apr
 11.63nsPirathapan Yogarajah Sutton&DistrictTwickenham25 Apr
 11.66/-3.62ADaniel KaleHerne Hill HMile End30 May
 11.67/+0.33BDylan Gordon Croydon HReading16 May
 11.76AJames Blanchard Crawley ACHarrow18 Apr
 11.72AIbrahim KargboDorkingMVStreet17 Jun
 11.73Will StapletonKingston & PolyTwickenham23 Aug
 11.72/+1.61nsTyrell MatiscaCroydon HReading16 May
 11.74/+0.81ns4Shanard JacksonCroydon HEltham20 Jun
 11.79/-0.73r2Che Ochugbogu Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Apr
 11.84BJordan Hurlow Guildford&GSouthampton18 Apr
 11.81nsFraser McAllister Walton ACKingston13 May
 11.823AEmmanuel AdeoyeSouth LondonTooting Bec4 Jul
 11.84/+1.63rPh3Souleyman Bah Kingston & PolyBedford1 Aug
 11.90/+0.76ns1Tariq HallSouth LondonTooting Bec2 May
 11.95nsChe LouisSutton&DistrictPortsmouth31 May
 11.91ns2Keone PillayGuildford&GGuildford7 Jun
 11.92/-1.31ns2Rory Edwards-BennettCroydon HCroydon27 May
 11.98/+0.82ns4Capre ColeCroydon HEltham20 Jun
 12.04BThomas Westerman Guildford&GPoole16 May
 12.00/-2.11=Gabriel MalausseneKingston & PolyLeuven, BEL28 May
 12.03BAJ BennettsBelgrave HSt. Albans20 Jun
 12.03ns2Tankoy GraySouth LondonTooting Bec20 Jun
 12.045ns1Filip DabinskiHerculesWimbBattersea Park1 Jul
 12.15rBTyrelle Howell Herne Hill HTooting Bec10 May
 12.16ADaniel FarleyWoking ACBrighton26 Jul
 12.162r6Harry BinnionWoking ACWoking12 Aug
 12.22ACharlie SmithWoking ACWoking7 Jun
 12.25AAlex RodriguesCamberley&DistPoole12 Jul
 12.27AMax Deyt-AsageKingston & PolyBrighton26 Jul
 12.21/+0.42r2Kit Streek Guildford&GBracknell28 Mar
 12.22/+1.32r2Abdulhafiz Massaquoi Herne Hill HWimbledon Park12 Apr
 12.24/-1.33ns2Chris Collins-AhouzanCroydon HCroydon27 May
 12.34ns1George PattenAldershotF&DWimbledon Park20 Jun
200 Metres (Standard: 26.00 )
21.88/+1.43Joseph MassimoCrawley ACBedford30 Aug 
21.89/+1.44Chad MillerHerculesWimbBedford30 Aug 
22.5w/+4.77BJevonni McFarlane Herne Hill HEton9 May 
22.68/+1.44r2Jevonni McFarlaneHerne Hill HTooting Bec4 May 
22.83Luke KellyGuildford&GKingston13 Jun 
22.83Jack TaylorGuildford&GKingston13 Jun 
22.84/+0.74h1Cathan Marcell Herne Hill HBedford30 Aug 
22.92/+1.46r2Kishon Allen Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May 
22.921ns2Kyle CranstonHerne Hill HKingston12 Aug 
23.03BEric Sarfo Sutton&DistrictTwickenham25 Apr 
23.02AJoe O'ConnorWalton ACDartford26 Jul 
23.092AChuks Ajeh Croydon HCroydon31 May 
23.32nsTroy ReidHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Jun 
23.31nsMatteo ArmezzaniBracknell ACPortsmouth4 Jul 
23.34/+1.24h2James Blanchard Crawley ACKingston23 May 
23.42ATyrese Johnson Croydon HHarrow18 Apr 
23.41BReece FerreiraSutton&DistrictPortsmouth31 May 
23.54AJason Dwumfuo Woking ACPoole16 May 
23.55Ayo Joshua FashoroSutton&DistrictKingston13 Jun 
23.67w/+3.83r1Daniel FarleyWoking ACGillingham12 Apr 
23.74BAJ Bennetts Belgrave HEastbourne25 Apr 
23.71BTyri DonovanEpsom & EwellWorthing4 Jul 
23.75w/+2.48Sam WattlesHerne Hill HKingston23 May 
23.76/+1.25h2Sam WattlesHerne Hill HKingston23 May 
23.83ADaniel FarleyWoking ACHarrow31 May 
23.83nsChe LouisSutton&DistrictPortsmouth31 May 
23.83AAidan Jackson Camberley&DistWinchester14 Jun 
23.84/+0.81r2Tariq HallSouth LondonTooting Bec29 Aug 
23.862ns2Shanard JacksonCroydon HKingston12 Aug 
23.911r3Dylan GordonCroydon HWimbledon Park10 Jun 
23.95/-0.56h1Anton Goransson Woking ACKingston23 May 
23.98/+1.26h2Chris-Collins AhouzanCroydon HKingston23 May 
24.04BEmmanuel AdeoyeSouth LondonTooting Bec20 Jun 
24.11nsFraser McAllister Walton ACKingston13 May 
24.13Will StapletonKingston & PolyTwickenham23 Aug 
24.15/+0.51Gabriel MalausseneKingston & PolyLeuven, BEL28 May 
24.17/-0.36r1Chris Annous Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Apr 
24.24AVerter Oppong-KyeiCroydon HCrawley26 Jul 
24.273ns2Filip DabinskiHerculesWimbBattersea Park1 Jul 
24.285ns2Harry ReynoldsKingston & PolyKingston12 Aug 
24.36BRory Edwards-Bennett Croydon HHarrow18 Apr 
24.31BAlex MeaklimKingston & PolyBrighton26 Jul 
24.31/-0.93r1Ralphael Buckle HerculesWimbWimbledon Park12 Apr 
24.376r6Harry BinnionWoking ACWoking12 Aug 
24.37mx/-0.13r3Anthony ThompsonSouth LondonTooting Bec29 Aug 
24.40/+1.27h2Thomas Westerman Guildford&GKingston23 May 
24.43BAlex Rodrigues Camberley&DistWinchester14 Jun 
24.56AMax Deyt-AsageKingston & PolyKingston28 Jun 
24.54BJordan Hurlow Guildford&GKingston28 Jun 
24.61nsCharlie SmithWoking ACWoking7 Jun 
24.60/-3.05h2Dan RuddHolland SportsKingston13 Jun 
24.63BGavin GriffithsKingston & PolyKingston28 Jun 
24.73nsDouglas Smullen Sutton&DistrictHastings20 Jun 
24.74mx1r4Hayden Young Reigate PrioryWimbledon Park29 Apr 
24.771P2Souleyman Bah Kingston & PolyBedford31 May 
24.83ns1George PattenAldershotF&DWimbledon Park20 Jun 
24.85BHarry WilliamsCamberley&DistKingston28 Jun 
24.91BLiam BushellWalton ACDartford28 Jun 
24.93/-0.43Henry BoldenCamberley&DistWoking6 Sep 
25.04BFinn Graham Guildford&GPoole16 May 
25.12/+1.51r3Josh Dhillon HerculesWimbWimbledon Park12 Apr 
25.25BKit Streek Guildford&GGuildford7 Jun 
25.29/+1.62r2Abdulhafiz Massaquoi Herne Hill HWimbledon Park12 Apr 
25.42BJamie West Walton ACDartford26 Jul 
25.59/+1.53r3Belmiro Costa HerculesWimbWimbledon Park12 Apr 
25.65nsTankoy GraySouth LondonTooting Bec20 Jun 
25.634nsAlexander WiafeCroydon HCroydon4 Jul 
25.73nsHarry HuntCamberley&DistBasingstoke26 Apr 
25.74AJames VancliffHolland SportsHorsham15 Aug 
25.70mx/+0.13r5Rayan Moumneh Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May 
25.70mx/-2.64r2Hallam WebbCamberley&DistBromley20 Jul 
25.80/+1.13r3Bernie Lumor Belgrave HNewham10 Jun 
25.85/+0.45r2Matt FordDorkingMVCrawley24 Jun 
25.94nsEmmanuel ThomasCroydon HCoulsdon14 Jun 
25.986r4Julien GummersBelgrave HTooting Bec4 May 
 400 Metres (Standard: 58.00 )
 49.90DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet25 Apr
 51.411Daniel Farley Woking ACKingston24 May
 51.63mx3r1Luke Kelly Guildford&GWoking12 Aug
 52.171h2Joseph Bouakaze-Khan Guildford&GLeuven, BEL28 May
 52.301r1Ricky Lutakome Sutton&DistrictBromley10 Aug
 52.382Samuel Westerman Guildford&GKingston24 May
 52.504r1Yasser Qureshi Sutton&DistrictCrawley15 Jul
 52.71AHarry Reynolds Kingston & PolyBrighton26 Jul
 52.753Sam Wattles Herne Hill HKingston24 May
 53.09OAJ BennettsBelgrave HBedford19 Sep
 53.295AKieron Connor Croydon HCroydon28 Jun
 53.34AHarry Boyd Guildford&GUxbridge9 May
 53.44AChris-Collins Ahouzan Croydon HSt. Albans25 Apr
 53.416r1James BlanchardCrawley ACCrawley15 Jul
 53.533Hayden Young Reigate PrioryKingston13 Jun
 53.621Gabriel Malaussene Kingston & PolyLeuven, BEL28 May
 53.704AFeysel NadewHerne Hill HEton1 Aug
 53.751nsKeone Pillay Guildford&GAldershot23 Aug
 53.94nsJosh Dhillon HerculesWimbCarshalton19 Apr
 54.01BAdam Bator Brown Guildford&GUxbridge9 May
 54.01AAlex Rodrigues Camberley&DistWinchester14 Jun
 54.044h1Thomas Westerman Guildford&GKingston24 May
 54.21ns1Calum Beauchamp Walton ACWalton3 Jun
 54.52BChe Louis Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth4 Jul
 54.613George Grassly DorkingMVCrawley31 Aug
 54.665h1Rafe Scott Guildford&GKingston24 May
 54.73BTyri Donovan Epsom & EwellCarshalton31 May
 54.81nsJack Smillie Epsom & EwellEwell22 Jul
 54.93AHarry WilliamsCamberley&DistReading13 Sep
 55.51nsMatteo Armezzani Bracknell ACHorsham31 May
 55.54BMatthew Boxall Crawley ACCrawley26 Jul
 55.684h2Hallam Webb Camberley&DistKingston24 May
 55.72AFraser McAllister Walton ACDartford28 Jun
 56.03BHarry Grace AldershotF&DAldershot15 Aug
 56.31BCharlie Feinson Walton ACErith16 May
 56.395h2George Edkins StJohnsLhdKingston24 May
 56.43BChris Cecil Kingston & PolyBrighton26 Jul
 56.5OOscar GleaveHerne Hill HReading27 Jun
 56.53nsMarcus LevettEpsom & EwellEwell22 Jul
 56.84AMark Jacoby Walton ACDartford26 Jul
 57.03nsJordan Hurlow Guildford&GWalton12 Jul
 57.216h1Cameron Chisholm Walton ACKingston24 May
 57.362r2Jack Blayney HerculesWimbWimbledon Park10 Jun
 57.43APeter McNamara Woking ACSalisbury12 Jul
 57.94nsEmmanuel ThomasCroydon HWalton12 Jul
 58.05AKit Streek Guildford&GSouthampton18 Apr
800 Metres (Standard: 2:18.00 )
1:53.943Feysel Nadew Herne Hill HBedford30 Aug 
1:56.637Ricky Lutakome Sutton&DistrictBedford30 Aug 
1:57.225rCKieron Connor Croydon HEltham22 Jul 
1:57.525r25Harry Boyd Guildford&GWatford15 Jul 
1:59.103r1George Grassly DorkingMVGillingham8 Sep 
2:00.654r4Aiden Grainger Camberley&DistWatford23 Sep 
2:00.737r10Samuel CheesmanGuildford&GWatford9 Sep 
2:00.861Joseph Bouakaze-KhanGuildford&GLeuven, BEL28 May 
2:01.02AAlex Rodrigues Camberley&DistUxbridge9 May 
2:01.214Lewis LayleeHerne Hill HBattersea Park1 Jul 
2:01.424Bradley Young Reigate PrioryKingston23 May 
2:01.93Josiah PawsonSouth LondonCrawley13 Jun 
2:02.102r1Harry Reynolds Kingston & PolyTooting Bec4 May 
2:02.503rHJonathan Chen Herne Hill HEltham19 Aug 
2:03.71Calum BeauchampWalton ACTwickenham8 Jul 
2:05.31AHarry GraceAldershotF&DAldershot28 Jun 
2:05.43ALewis ReidCamberley&DistWoking5 Jul 
2:05.71nsCharlie Feinson Walton ACWalton12 Jul 
2:05.713r1Jonny Lecoutre Guildford&GWoking12 Aug 
2:05.83AOllie Percival AldershotF&DGuildford7 Jun 
2:05.964Gabriel LewisKingston & PolyHendon9 Jun 
2:06.693nsAbel TadesseHerne Hill HTooting Bec4 Jul 
2:07.585r1Paul Burgess Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 May 
2:08.011r2Chris CecilKingston & PolyHendon1 Aug 
2:08.41nsLewis MannWalton ACTwickenham8 Jul 
2:08.955nsPaul Chalobah Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Jul 
2:09.561nsLuke WakelingCroydon HCroydon31 May 
2:10.004h2Joshua HallKingston & PolyKingston23 May 
2:10.122h2William HarveyGuildford&GKingston13 Jun 
2:11.416h2James AndrewsCrawley ACKingston23 May 
2:11.586h1Oscar Subuh-Symons DorkingMVKingston23 May 
2:11.667h2Aaron Bruce Kingston & PolyKingston23 May 
2:12.364Archie DrawbridgeReigate PrioryCrawley31 Aug 
2:12.481BWill BrockmanAldershotF&DAldershot23 Aug 
2:13.658r3Jake Blayney HerculesWimbWimbledon Park9 Apr 
2:14.04APeter McNamaraWoking ACWoking5 Jul 
2:14.117h1Adam BloxsomeWoking ACKingston23 May 
2:14.91BConnor Dearden HorshamBSHGillingham18 Apr 
2:15.32BCameron Chisholm Walton ACGillingham18 Apr 
2:16.03AJack SmillieEpsom & EwellPerivale15 Aug 
2:16.013h2Oscar GleaveHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun 
2:16.22ARoss Maxwell Camberley&DistBasingstoke26 Apr 
2:16.806r2Hayden YoungReigate PrioryCrawley24 Jun 
2:17.03BMarcus LevettEpsom & EwellPerivale15 Aug 
2:17.335Alex Lyne South LondonWimbledon Park12 Apr 
2:17.84r1Henry Stiff South LondonTooting Bec10 May 
2:17.95ATom Knight Holland SportsGillingham18 Apr 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:55.00 )
 4:04.443Harry Boyd Guildford&GAshford15 Aug
 4:06.251ARicky Lutakome Sutton&DistrictLittle Marlow19 Jul
 4:06.6211r14George Grassly DorkingMVWalnut, USA3 Jun
 4:11.142r12Alex Rodrigues Camberley&DistWatford3 Jun
 4:12.254r18Samuel Cheesman Guildford&GWatford29 Jul
 4:12.31mx2r1Feysel Nadew Herne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul
 4:15.67mx11r15Ollie Percival AldershotF&DWatford29 Jul
 4:16.86mx4r1Jonathan Chen Herne Hill HBromley10 Aug
 4:17.41BLewis Laylee Herne Hill HTooting Bec20 Jun
 4:19.32mx1r1Paul Burgess Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug
 4:21.294AKieron Connor Croydon HCroydon28 Jun
 4:21.31nsAbel Tadesse Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Jul
 4:21.42AHarry Reynolds Kingston & PolyTwickenham25 Apr
 4:22.193Joseph Bouakaze-Khan Guildford&GLeuven, BEL28 May
 4:22.692James Lyne South LondonKingston24 May
 4:23.10mx7r11Aiden Grainger Camberley&DistWatford3 Jun
 4:26.14mx3r10Harry Grace AldershotF&DWatford1 Jul
 4:26.22nsLaurie PopeHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Jun
 4:27.938r16Daniel Cooke Camberley&DistWatford29 Jul
 4:28.87mx8r9Will Brockman AldershotF&DWatford26 Aug
 4:29.31ALewis Reid Camberley&DistWinchester14 Jun
 4:32.13mx12r9Oscar Subuh-Symons DorkingMVWatford26 Aug
 4:33.893Paul Chalobah Herne Hill HKingston24 May
 4:34.38Matthew Gibbons HerculesWimbTooting Bec22 Jul
 4:34.3mx2Connor Dearden HorshamBSHHorsham9 Aug
 4:34.91ACharlie Feinson Walton ACDartford28 Jun
 4:36.304Aaron Bruce Kingston & PolyKingston24 May
 4:36.685Sam Cliff DorkingMVKingston13 Jun
 4:36.84nsMalik Nehaili Belgrave HTooting Bec20 Jun
 4:37.22mx6r7Tom Knight Holland SportsWatford6 May
 4:37.31ACameron Chisholm Walton ACErith16 May
 4:37.976William Driscoll Reigate PrioryKingston13 Jun
 4:40.7mx1r3Lucas Jeffs HerculesWimbWimbledon Park5 Aug
 4:42.58mx10r13Ryan Galvin Sutton&DistrictWatford29 Jul
 4:43.12nsHenry Stiff South LondonCoulsdon14 Jun
 4:43.175Thomas Rigard-Asquith Herne Hill HKingston24 May
 4:43.72mx4r4Jake Blayney HerculesWimbWimbledon Park5 Aug
 4:46.176Cosmo Craven HerculesWimbWimbledon Park12 Apr
 4:46.879Dane Lawrence Croydon HKingston13 Jun
 4:47.216Alex Lyne South LondonKingston24 May
 4:48.73nsRyan Allalat South LondonCoulsdon14 Jun
 4:49.15AJames Fleming Camberley&DistSouthampton18 Apr
 4:49.6710Jack Taylor Guildford&GKingston13 Jun
 4:50.01ns1Cameron Gibson Guildford&GReading13 Sep
 4:50.1POscar Gleave Herne Hill HLee Valley21 May
 4:50.44nsAlex Gurteen Epsom & EwellEwell22 Jul
 4:52.05mx6r10Alex Galvin Sutton&DistrictWatford29 Jul
 4:52.30DSam Talbot Exeter HArona, ESP7 Jun
 4:53.879Seb Hudspith HerculesWimbWimbledon Park12 Apr
 4:53.9ORafe ScottGuildford&GReading28 Jun
 4:54.3OAJ BennettsBelgrave HReading28 Jun
1 Mile (Standard: 5:55.00 )
4:36.4310Lewis LayleeHerne Hill HEltham19 Aug 
5:07.96mx7r1Thomas Rigard-AsquithHerne Hill HTooting Bec4 May 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 10:40.00 )
 8:55.4313Harry BoydGuildford&GBedford30 Aug
 9:03.3mx3Ricky LutakomeSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park5 Aug
 9:07.192George GrasslyDorkingMVKingston24 May
 9:14.604Samuel Cheesman Guildford&GLittle Marlow19 Jul
 9:15.525Ollie Percival AldershotF&DBedford18 Jul
 9:17.32mx8r2Alex Rodrigues Camberley&DistWatford8 Apr
 9:28.097Paul BurgessHerne Hill HLittle Marlow19 Jul
 9:43.112Laurie PopeSouth LondonBattersea Park13 Jun
 9:45.89mx14r1Daniel CookeCamberley&DistBasingstoke22 Jul
 9:50.32ALewis ReidCamberley&DistKingston28 Jun
 9:50.81BDaniel CookeCamberley&DistKingston28 Jun
 9:56.835Adam TolefreeWoking ACErith20 Jun
 10:10.52AWill BrockmanAldershotF&DAldershot28 Jun
 10:11.72ARyan Galvin Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth4 Jul
 10:17.31ACameron GibsonGuildford&GBrighton26 Jul
 10:17.685Alex Galvin Sutton&DistrictKingston13 Jun
 10:26.82mx20r1James FlemingCamberley&DistBasingstoke22 Jul
 10:27.566Lucas JeffsHerculesWimbKingston13 Jun
 10:34.729James FlemingCamberley&DistKingston24 May
 10:36.24mx1r1Nehaili Malik Herne Hill HTooting Bec4 Apr
1500 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 5:30.00 )
4:54.01AAlex RodriguesCamberley&DistBrighton26 Jul 
 100 Metres Hurdles (Standard: 17.00 )
 13.24/+0.92Obi Onyejekwe Croydon HAshford16 Aug
 13.71w/+2.15h2Adeyinka Adeniran Blkhth&BromGateshead10 Jul
 13.86/+0.97Adeyinka AdeniranBlkhth&BromAshford16 Aug
 13.894h1AJ Bennetts Belgrave HGateshead10 Jul
 14.03/-0.52BHarry Binnion Woking ACErith20 Jun
 14.33ADarren Meaklim Kingston & PolySouthampton18 Apr
 14.44/0.03Andrei Smirnov HerculesWimbKingston23 May
 14.83BAlex Meaklim Kingston & PolySouthampton18 Apr
 15.02ACapre Cole Croydon HHarrow18 Apr
 15.32/0.06Hayden Young Reigate PrioryKingston23 May
 15.44/-1.16Toby McRae Guildford&GKingston13 Jun
 15.84w/+2.8ORafe Scott Guildford&GCarshalton12 Sep
 15.9/+0.6ORafe ScottGuildford&GReading28 Jun
 16.02Henry Bolden Camberley&DistEton3 Jun
 16.1PBen Tudor Sutton&DistrictCrawley27 May
 16.24AFreddie Garnham Kingston & PolyKingston28 Jun
 16.32AEmmanuel Thomas Croydon HCrawley26 Jul
 16.34/+1.1OFergus Donnelly Holland SportsBedford18 Jul
 16.6PChris Annous Herne Hill HLee Valley21 May
110 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 25.04 )
14.38/-0.4DSam TalbotExeter HStreet26 Apr 
 400 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 68.00 )
 57.865h1Calum Beauchamp Walton ACBedford29 Aug
 60.71AAlex RodriguesCamberley&DistKingston28 Jun
 63.01ARafe ScottGuildford&GGuildford7 Jun
 63.42AChris-Collins Ahouzan Croydon HHarrow18 Apr
 63.752Euan TraynorWalton ACKingston13 Jun
 63.983Thomas McGachieDorkingMVKingston13 Jun
 65.02ADarren MeaklimKingston & PolyBrighton26 Jul
 65.344Ben TudorSutton&DistrictKingston13 Jun
 66.865Mark JakobyWalton ACKingston13 Jun
 66.915Andrei SmirnovHerculesWimbKingston24 May
High Jump (Standard: 1.50m )
1.871Lekan Ogunlana Croydon HKingston13 Jun 
1.831AMichael Fieldus Guildford&GUxbridge9 May 
1.802AJ Bennetts Belgrave HKingston24 May 
1.801Iyanu AdebisiWoking ACEton3 Jun 
1.80DSam Talbot Exeter HArona, ESP6 Jun 
1.771Feysel NadewHerne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun 
1.751Finn Graham Guildford&GSouthampton18 Apr 
1.751BRafe ScottGuildford&GGuildford7 Jun 
1.703AAidan Jackson Camberley&DistKingston28 Jun 
1.702Jonathan McKenzie Woking ACWoking6 Sep 
1.651BFergus Donnelly Holland SportsGillingham18 Apr 
1.654Darren Meaklim Kingston & PolyKingston24 May 
1.655Verter Oppong-KyeiCroydon HCroydon27 May 
1.654James MadicoWoking ACKingston13 Jun 
1.653ACuthbert Assan Croydon HEltham20 Jun 
1.651Samuel GurneyHerculesWimbTooting Bec25 Jul 
1.653Henry Bolden Camberley&DistWoking6 Sep 
1.606Charlie TownendKingston & PolyKingston24 May 
1.609Keone PillayGuildford&GKingston13 Jun 
1.601BEmmanuel ThomasCroydon HEltham20 Jun 
1.553Tom Knight Holland SportsGillingham18 Apr 
1.552Connor Dearden HorshamBSHGillingham18 Apr 
1.552BAlan Berkeley Kingston & PolyTwickenham25 Apr 
1.5510Filip DabinskiHerculesWimbKingston13 Jun 
1.552AMarcus LevettEpsom & EwellPerivale15 Aug 
1.53PBen TudorSutton&DistrictCrawley27 May 
1.501Alex Bond HerculesWimbWimbledon Park12 Apr 
1.504Connor CurtisCamberley&DistEton3 Jun 
1.503BWill StapletonKingston & PolyKingston4 Jul 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 2.20m )
 4.00DSam TalbotExeter HCali, COL16 Jul
 3.604Connor Dearden HorshamBSHErith20 Jun
 3.202AEmmanuel ThomasCroydon HCrawley31 Aug
Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
7.15/+1.3DSam Talbot Exeter HArona, ESP6 Jun 
6.401AReece Ferreira Sutton&DistrictHastings20 Jun 
6.261AVerter Oppong-Kyei Croydon HHarrow18 Apr 
6.151Keone Pillay Guildford&GKingston28 Jun 
6.15/+0.64Alex Meaklim Kingston & PolyAshford15 Aug 
6.091AJ Bennetts Belgrave HCoulsdon18 Apr 
6.032Jevonni McFarlane Herne Hill HCoulsdon18 Apr 
6.022AEric Sarfo Sutton&DistrictPortsmouth4 Jul 
6.011AHenry Bolden Camberley&DistPoole12 Jul 
5.852Gavin Griffiths Kingston & PolyKingston28 Jun 
5.841BRayan Moumneh Herne Hill HMile End30 May 
5.82PChris Annous Herne Hill HLee Valley21 May 
5.752Euan Traynor Walton ACGillingham18 Apr 
5.601BAidan Jackson Camberley&DistPoole12 Jul 
5.562Wali Acogny Belgrave HTooting Bec4 Apr 
5.511nsWill StapletonKingston & PolyKingston4 Jul 
5.484ADarren Meaklim Kingston & PolySouthampton18 Apr 
5.48/+0.45Reegan Boyce Croydon HKingston24 May 
5.471nsJake Wakeling Walton ACWalton5 Jul 
5.46w/+2.3ORafe ScottGuildford&GCarshalton12 Sep 
5.433AMichael Fieldus Guildford&GUxbridge9 May 
5.342Anthony Nwodo Herne Hill HWimbledon Park12 Apr 
5.343AJonathan McKenzie Woking ACWoking5 Jul 
5.272Freddie GarnhamKingston & PolyTwickenham8 Jul 
5.26/+1.9*Rafe ScottGuildford&GCarshalton12 Sep 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 11.25m )
 13.37/+0.22Alex Meaklim Kingston & PolyAshford16 Aug
 12.821Andrew Enchill Sutton&DistrictKingston13 Jun
 12.751AKeone PillayGuildford&GGuildford7 Jun
 12.542AVerter Oppong-Kyei Croydon HReading16 May
 12.322Reegan Boyce Croydon HKingston13 Jun
 12.081Andrei SmirnovHerculesWimbBirmingham22 Jun
 12.051BFreddie GarnhamKingston & PolyKingston4 Jul
 11.761Euan Traynor Walton ACGillingham18 Apr
 11.755Nicholas VeerapenSutton&DistrictKingston13 Jun
 11.582nsUgo NkwochaGuildford&GWalton12 Jul
 11.541BRayan Moumneh Herne Hill HMile End30 May
 11.522Tyrelle Howell Herne Hill HTooting Bec10 May
 11.432BEmmanuel ThomasCroydon HDartford15 Aug
 11.35/+0.25Joshua LoachCrawley ACKingston24 May
Shot Put (5kg) (Standard: 9.50m )
15.114Jordan Wilson unattachedBedford29 Aug 
13.751Dominic Barnaby South LondonKingston13 Jun 
13.37DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet25 Apr 
12.771Reiss Senior Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
12.261Fergus Donnelly Holland SportsGillingham18 Apr 
12.101Will Hur Crawley ACCroydon28 Jun 
11.842Dejean Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HTooting Bec27 Sep 
11.01OAJ Bennetts Belgrave HBedford20 Sep 
10.663Nnaemeka Anyadele Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
10.612Calum O'Neill South LondonKingston24 May 
10.584Rayan Moumneh Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun 
10.034Alexander WiafeCroydon HTooting Bec27 Sep 
9.821Elliot Bayley HorshamBSHDartford26 Jul 
9.594Dzhan Kurt Croydon HCroydon28 Jun 
9.58OEmmanuel ThomasCroydon HCarshalton12 Sep 
 Discus (1.5kg) (Standard: 23.00m )
 38.832Will Hur Crawley ACKingston13 Jun
 38.132Calum O'Neill South LondonKingston24 May
 37.02DSam Talbot Exeter HArona, ESP7 Jun
 36.31OAJ Bennetts Belgrave HReading27 Jun
 35.391Jake Habgood Guildford&GWoking12 Aug
 35.053Nnaemeka Anyadele Herne Hill HKingston13 Jun
 30.041Dejean Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HTooting Bec27 Sep
 27.151Sam Chetwynd HerculesWimbBattersea Park13 Jun
 25.99PChris Annous Herne Hill HLee Valley21 May
 25.593Dzhan Kurt Croydon HCroydon28 Jun
 25.524Finlay Barber Camberley&DistKingston28 Jun
 23.59ORafe ScottGuildford&GCarshalton13 Sep
Hammer (5kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
50.192Reiss Senior Herne Hill HChelmsford16 May 
25.111Fraser McAllisterWalton ACDartford28 Jun 
24.534Chuks Ajeh Croydon HReading16 May 
22.971Leon NewellKingston & PolyKingston28 Jun 
 Javelin (700g) (Standard: 28.00m )
 53.64DSam Talbot Exeter HCali.COL16 Jul
 49.744ALekan Ogunlana Croydon HLittle Marlow19 Jul
 46.801Elliot Bayley HorshamBSHDartford26 Jul
 45.94OAJ Bennetts Belgrave HReading27 Jun
 44.592Harry Gibbons Guildford&GKingston24 May
 41.053Oscar Tyrrell Kingston & PolyKingston24 May
 40.943Oliver Dunn Guildford&GKingston13 Jun
 40.262AThomas Westerman Guildford&GAldershot23 Aug
 40.145Samuel Gurney HerculesWimbKingston13 Jun
 36.605Calum O'Neill South LondonKingston24 May
 36.246Leon Blatch Croydon HKingston13 Jun
 35.331BJake Habgood Guildford&GAldershot23 Aug
 35.20PChris Annous Herne Hill HLee Valley21 May
 33.712Edward Moore Woking ACWoking6 Sep
 32.68OFergus Donnelly Holland SportsBedford18 Jul
 32.602Chris Pickett Holland SportsDartford26 Jul
 31.731AFinlay Barber Camberley&DistWoking5 Jul
 30.758Harvey Gillard Woking ACKingston13 Jun
 30.115Reece Sanyaolu Herne Hill HBattersea Park13 Jun
 29.77ORafe ScottGuildford&GCarshalton13 Sep
 29.735Reiss Senior Herne Hill HAshford18 Apr
 29.184Leon Newell Kingston & PolyKingston28 Jun
Octathlon (Standard: 2000pts )
4859pts3AJ BennettsBelgrave HReading28 Jun 
3645pts14Rafe ScottGuildford&GReading28 Jun 
3370pts7Fergus DonnellyHolland SportsBedford19 Jul 
3104pts21Oscar GleaveHerne Hill HReading28 Jun 

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