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Today's Date: 5 July 2022

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Under 20 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.24 )
 10.21/+1.01Romell Glave Croydon HBedford17 Jun
 10.28w/+2.4Rechmial Miller HerculesWimbMannheim, GER25 Jun
 10.33/+1.4Rechmial MillerHerculesWimbLee Valley24 May
 10.58Samir Williams Croydon HGateshead Quay8 Sep
 10.61w/+4.85r1Chad MillerHerculesWimbLee Valley7 Jun
 10.79/+1.8Tyrese Johnson-FisherCroydon HBedford17 Jun
 10.9Micah Francis-DwyerCroydon HCambridge19 Aug
 10.94/-0.7Chad MillerHerculesWimbDartford21 May
 10.97/+1.1DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet29 Apr
 11.07/-0.5Kaylen Francis Sutton&DistrictBromley10 Jul
 11.11nsTankoy GraySouth LondonDartford30 Apr
 11.1Luke KellyGuildford&GAndover17 Jun
 11.1Harry CallananSouth LondonTwickenham8 Jul
 11.17/+1.1Chuks Ajeh Croydon HLee Valley16 Aug
 11.20/+1.3Jameel Hussey HerculesWimbLee Valley16 Aug
 11.20/+1.1Eric Hammond-Sarfo Sutton&DistrictLee Valley16 Aug
 11.31/-0.7Joseph MassimoCrawley ACBromley14 Aug
 11.36/-1.3Sharif QuansahSouth LondonDartford21 May
 11.4Alex MeaklimKingston & PolyHarrow28 May
 11.40w/+2.6Abdulhafiz Massaquoi Herne Hill HCarshalton9 Apr
 11.452Daniel Shulakov HerculesWimbKingston10 Jun
 11.48w/+3.2Elliot BaileyCroydon HLee Valley16 Aug
 11.49w/+2.8Odia DaleyHerne Hill HPerivale19 Aug
 11.51/+1.3Abdulhafiz Massaquoi Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr
 11.53/+1.2Jevonni McFarlane Herne Hill HLee Valley26 Apr
 11.56/+1.4Troy ReidHerne Hill HNewham7 May
 11.56/+0.3Will StapletonKingston & PolyPerivale17 Jun
 11.58/0.0Elliot Bailey Croydon HTooting Bec26 Aug
 11.59/+1.3Filip Dabinski HerculesWimbTooting Bec1 Apr
 11.6James Vancliff Holland SportsCrawley8 Apr
 11.6Jonty MitchellGuildford&GPerivale25 Jun
 11.61/+0.5Tyrese LoweHerne Hill HTooting Bec22 Jul
 11.62/+0.7Cathan Marcell Herne Hill HLee Valley8 Apr
 11.70/+1.8Emmanuel AdeoyeSouth LondonNewham7 May
 11.7Calum BeauchampWalton ACTwickenham21 Jun
 11.7Odia DaleyHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 Jul
 11.8Charlie FeinsonWalton ACTwickenham21 Jun
 11.8Souleyman Bah Kingston & PolyKingston5 Jul
 11.85/+1.8Kehinde Adenuga Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr
 11.86Thomas WestermanGuildford&GPerivale28 May
 11.87/-1.9Verter Oppong KyeiCroydon HCroydon28 May
 11.89/+1.4Thomas BoutelleHerne Hill HNewham7 May
 11.9Darren MeaklimKingston & PolyEwell19 Jul
 11.9Aidan JacksonCamberley&DistPoole23 Jul
 11.9Jamie WestWalton ACAldershot19 Aug
 11.93Jordan LuckyHerne Hill HNewham7 May
 12.03/+0.7Taiwo AdenugaHerne Hill HTooting Bec26 Aug
 12.16Kit StreekGuildford&GKingston10 Jun
 12.2Edward MooreWoking ACHarrow28 May
 12.2Tyrelle HowellHerne Hill HBattersea Park28 Jun
 12.2William GwynneKingston & PolyAldershot8 Jul
 12.2/+0.9Rafe ScottGuildford&GCarshalton9 Sep
200 Metres (Standard: 25.04 )
20.95/-0.11s1Romell Glave Croydon HBedford18 Jun 
21.07/+1.21r2Rechmial MillerHerculesWimbKingston, JAM6 May 
21.34/-0.42s2Chad MillerHerculesWimbBedford18 Jun 
21.75/+0.2Micah Francis-Dwyer Croydon HBirmingham8 Jul 
21.78/-2.82Samir Williams Croydon HCrystal Palace10 Jun 
22.48/+1.0Eric Hammond-Sarfo Sutton&DistrictLee Valley16 Aug 
22.52r1Kaylen FrancisSutton&DistrictTooting Bec29 Apr 
22.51/+0.7Jameel Hussey HerculesWimbLee Valley16 Aug 
22.52/-0.13Sharif QuansahSouth LondonKingston14 May 
22.6Luke KellyGuildford&GAndover17 Jun 
22.67/+1.55nsTyri DonovanWindsorSE&HBasingstoke6 May 
22.88/-0.16Will StapletonKingston & PolyKingston14 May 
22.91w/+3.1Daniel ShulakovHerculesWimbCarshalton15 Apr 
23.1Chuks Ajeh Croydon HGillingham15 Apr 
23.1Harry CallananSouth LondonTwickenham8 Jul 
23.12/+1.2Tankoy GrayCroydon HBattersea Park10 May 
23.22w/+3.2Elliot BaileyCroydon HLee Valley16 Aug 
23.23/+1.0James Vancliff Holland SportsTooting Bec1 Apr 
23.3Chris-Collins Ahouzan Croydon HCroydon8 Jul 
23.36/+1.0Abdulhafiz Massaquoi Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr 
23.4Elliot BaileyCroydon HCroydon17 Jun 
23.42/-0.8Jevonni McFarlane Herne Hill HKingston22 Apr 
23.55ACalum Beauchamp Walton ACDartford30 Apr 
23.5Thomas WestermanGuildford&GGuildford30 Apr 
23.52/-0.8Daniel Shulakov HerculesWimbKingston22 Apr 
23.61/+1.0Filip Dabinski HerculesWimbTooting Bec1 Apr 
23.74/-3.9Joseph Massimo Crawley ACNorwich30 Apr 
23.8Aidan Jackson Camberley&DistHarrow21 May 
23.8Darren Meaklim Kingston & PolyEwell19 Jul 
23.89/+0.2Jamie West Walton ACCroydon28 May 
24.06/-1.4Charlie GoriupSouth LondonDartford20 Aug 
24.08/-2.05h2Jonty MitchellGuildford&GKingston14 May 
24.18/+1.9Jordan LuckyHerne Hill HNewham7 May 
24.18/-0.3Thomas BoutelleHerne Hill HBattersea Park27 May 
24.2Charlie FeinsonWalton ACEwell19 Jul 
24.3Harry ReynoldsKingston & PolyHillingdon30 Apr 
24.43/+1.0Kehinde Adenuga Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr 
24.5Souleyman BahKingston & PolyHarrow28 May 
24.54/+0.1Taiwo AdenugaHerne Hill HTooting Bec26 Aug 
24.64Sam BirchSouth LondonDartford21 May 
24.8Kit StreekGuildford&GWinchester21 May 
24.9Jordan AllenSutton&DistrictLewes8 Jul 
 400 Metres (Standard: 55.00 )
 49.14Ricky LutakomeSutton&DistrictBromley10 Jul
 49.5Romell GlaveCroydon HCroydon23 Jul
 49.812AMicah Francis-Dwyer Croydon HCroydon28 May
 49.89DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet29 Apr
 50.54AWill Stapleton Kingston & PolyHarrow28 May
 50.71AHarry Spawforth Guildford&GBournemouth15 Apr
 51.083Thomas WestermanGuildford&GKingston13 May
 51.174Charlie Feinson Walton ACKingston13 May
 51.2Calum BeauchampWalton ACTwickenham21 Jun
 51.3Charlie GoriupSouth LondonTooting Bec29 Apr
 51.40Jameel HusseyHerculesWimbDartford21 May
 51.605Harry BoydGuildford&GKingston13 May
 51.87Joseph Massimo Crawley ACCrawley8 Apr
 51.87Rafe Scott Guildford&GPerivale28 May
 51.9Aidan JacksonCamberley&DistHarrow28 May
 52.3Harry ReynoldsKingston & PolyHillingdon30 Apr
 52.36James Vancliff Holland SportsCrawley8 Apr
 52.4Jonty MitchellGuildford&GGuildford19 Aug
 52.6Aiden GraingerCamberley&DistHillingdon30 Apr
 52.61Chris-Collins Ahouzan Croydon HCroydon28 May
 52.7Tom WestermanGuildford&GGuildford19 Aug
 53.2Yasser Qureshi Sutton&DistrictKingston17 Jun
 53.3Luke KellyGuildford&GWinchester21 May
 53.5Jordan AllenSutton&DistrictKingston5 Jul
 53.72BJamie West Walton ACDartford30 Apr
 53.8Sam BirchSouth LondonTwickenham8 Jul
 53.83Harry ManningGuildford&GPerivale28 May
 53.89Feysel NadewHerne Hill HTooting Bec7 Jun
800 Metres (Standard: 2:12.00 )
1:49.596rARicky Lutakome Sutton&DistrictBrighton31 May 
1:50.391r1Thomas StainesColorado State Golden CO, USA22 Apr 
1:54.826r24George GrasslyDorkingMVWatford9 Aug 
1:55.31Blake MooreWindsorSE&HWatford12 Jul 
1:55.475rFAdam MooreWindsorSE&HWatford24 Jun 
1:55.90Harry BoydGuildford&GBasingstoke19 Jul 
1:56.298rBFeysel Nadew Herne Hill HEltham24 May 
1:56.458rBKieron Connor Croydon HEltham24 May 
1:58.0Harry SpawforthGuildford&GGuildford30 Apr 
1:58.39Harry GraceAldershotF&DWatford15 Jun 
1:59.5Charlie Feinson Walton ACKingston5 Jul 
2:01.94William Bardsley South LondonHorspath16 Aug 
2:02.043Ollie Percival AldershotF&DKingston14 May 
2:02.1Jordan Allen Sutton&DistrictHorsham21 May 
2:02.178r24Abel Tadesse Herne Hill HWatford12 Jul 
2:03.3Samuel CheesmanGuildford&GWinchester21 May 
2:03.40Matt PharaohWalton ACWatford12 Jul 
2:03.8Sam Birch South LondonTooting Bec17 Jun 
2:03.81James AndrewsCrawley ACBromley28 May 
2:04.2Lewis ReidAldershotF&DPortsmouth10 Jun 
2:04.682r11Alex RodriguesAldershotF&DWatford6 Sep 
2:05.1111r19Harry ReynoldsKingston & PolyWatford9 Aug 
2:05.2Alex LyneSouth LondonTooting Bec19 Jul 
2:06.08Isaac MammenWalton ACCroydon28 May 
2:06.6Craig RawlingsSutton&DistrictLewes8 Jul 
2:07.4Mark Jacoby Walton ACCroydon23 Jul 
2:08.5James Lyne South LondonDartford20 Aug 
2:08.8Gabriel LewisKingston & PolyKingston5 Jul 
2:09.2Alex Gurteen Epsom & EwellEwell31 May 
2:10.232Michael Slavin Sutton&DistrictCarshalton2 Apr 
2:10.927Lucas JeffsHerculesWimbKingston14 May 
2:11.10Alex HickmontBelgrave HBasingstoke21 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:40.00 )
 3:51.18Adam MooreWindsorSE&HStretford19 Aug
 3:53.055rEGeorge GrasslyDorkingMVWatford24 Jun
 3:53.87Blake MooreWindsorSE&HStretford19 Aug
 3:56.231r22Ricky Lutakome Sutton&DistrictWatford26 Jul
 3:59.033r1Thomas StainesColorado State Pueblo CO, USA18 Mar
 3:59.16Harry Boyd Guildford&GMilton Keynes3 Jun
 4:04.008r16Samuel Cheesman Guildford&GWatford31 May
 4:05.5Ollie PercivalAldershotF&DUxbridge17 Jun
 4:07.2Abel Tadesse Herne Hill HTooting Bec19 Jul
 4:09.64Feysel Nadew Herne Hill HKingston6 May
 4:12.392Lewis Reid AldershotF&DKingston13 May
 4:14.03mxWill BrockmanAldershotF&DWatford31 May
 4:14.19Daniel Cooke Camberley&DistWatford28 Jun
 4:15.39mx7r14Matt PharaohWalton ACWatford31 May
 4:15.408h3William Bardsley South LondonBedford29 Apr
 4:17.6711r16Matt Pharaoh Walton ACWatford26 Jul
 4:18.22mx2r14Harry Grace AldershotF&DWatford3 May
 4:18.433Harry GraceAldershotF&DKingston13 May
 4:25.5Kieron ConnorCroydon HHornchurch21 May
 4:25.60Alex LyneSouth LondonCoulsdon7 Sep
 4:26.07Toby PhillipsSouth LondonCoulsdon7 Sep
 4:26.2Isaac Mammen Walton ACLewes25 Jun
 4:26.9Cameron GibsonGuildford&GWinchester21 May
 4:30.4Matthew GibbonsHerculesWimbBattersea Park28 Jun
 4:31.2Alex Gurteen Epsom & EwellHorsham21 May
1 Mile (Standard: 5:40.00 )
4:38.381Ricky LutakomeSutton&DistrictCarshalton9 Apr 
4:39.452George GrasslyDorkingMVCarshalton9 Apr 
4:54.634Laurie PopeHerne Hill HCarshalton9 Apr 
4:55.454r2Matthew GibbonsHerculesWimbWoodford5 Sep 
4:57.295Lucas JeffsHerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr 
5:10.89Joseph BrienHerculesWimbWoodford5 Sep 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 10:00.00 )
 8:35.2417r4George Grassly DorkingMVWatford19 Apr
 8:41.72mx1r2Adam Moore WindsorSE&HWatford3 May
 8:44.34mx6r2Blake Moore WindsorSE&HWatford3 May
 8:48.2717r3Lewis ReidAldershotF&DWatford28 Jun
 8:54.686r1Samuel CheesmanGuildford&GBasingstoke19 Jul
 9:04.628r1Ollie PercivalAldershotF&DBasingstoke19 Jul
 9:05.4Harry BoydGuildford&GPerivale25 Jun
 9:20.0415r1Daniel CookeCamberley&DistBasingstoke19 Jul
 9:22.30mx9r2Will BrockmanAldershotF&DWatford23 Aug
 9:28.2010Rian McCawley AldershotF&DLeeds22 Mar
 9:31.137Cameron GibsonGuildford&GKingston14 May
 9:31.558Matt PharaohWalton ACKingston14 May
 9:32.2Matthew GibbonsHerculesWimbTooting Bec19 Jul
 9:37.7Gabriel LewisKingston & PolyAldershot8 Jul
5000 Metres (Standard: 20:00.00 )
15:30.365r1Adam MooreWindsorSE&HTwickenham18 Mar 
15:40.9415r6Samuel CheesmanGuildford&GWimbledon23 Aug 
16:58.43mx1r2James LyneSouth LondonWimbledon23 Aug 
17:15.21mx1r2Laurie PopeHerne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr 
17:23.8Adam SeaburyEpsom & EwellDartford20 Aug 
17:47.6Gabriel LewisKingston & PolyEton19 Aug 
18:08.31mx1r1Alex LyneSouth LondonWimbledon23 Aug 
18:15.93Ryan GalvinSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Apr 
18:23.2George ChaplinKingston & PolyKingston15 Apr 
18:26.52Alex GalvinSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Apr 
18:33.2Benjamin StandageEpsom & EwellKingston17 Jun 
18:35.2Finlay WhiteHerculesWimbTooting Bec17 Jun 
 2000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 7:30.00 )
 6:24.40Samuel CheesmanGuildford&GHorspath10 Sep
 6:29.5Will BrockmanAldershotF&DReading10 Jun
 6:31.75Aaron Enser (U17)Bracknell ACBirmingham3 Sep
 6:59.92AMatthew Domingues (U17)Holland SportsHastings15 Apr
 7:15.15James AndrewsCrawley ACHendon23 Jul
 7:15.7Marcus Shantry (U17)AldershotF&DUxbridge17 Jun
110 Metres Hurdles (99.0cm) (Standard: 22.04 )
13.48/0.02Robert SakalaCroydon HGrosseto, ITA22 Jul 
14.36/-2.9DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet30 Apr 
15.5Darren Meaklim Kingston & PolyHillingdon30 Apr 
15.791Toby McRaeGuildford&GKingston10 Jun 
16.0Alex MeaklimKingston & PolyHarrow28 May 
16.41Harry BinnionWoking ACKingston10 Jun 
16.98/+1.1Rafe Scott Guildford&GPerivale28 May 
 400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 65.00 )
 52.811Tyri DonovanWindsorSE&HBirmingham8 Jul
 56.91ACalum Beauchamp Walton ACDartford30 Apr
 58.7Darren Meaklim Kingston & PolyHarrow28 May
 60.1Israel Ospina (U17)Croydon HHornchurch21 May
 60.622Rafe ScottGuildford&GKingston10 Jun
 63.2Harry Binnion Woking ACSouthampton19 Aug
High Jump (Standard: 1.55m )
1.96DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet29 Apr 
1.951ALekan Ogunlana Croydon HCroydon28 May 
1.85Rafe Scott Guildford&GCrawley8 Apr 
1.80Jonathan MackenzieWoking ACHillingdon30 Apr 
1.80Emmanuel ThomasCroydon HCroydon28 May 
1.80David BishopCrawley ACBromley28 May 
1.73Marcus Levett Epsom & EwellCarshalton2 Apr 
1.70Darren MeaklimKingston & PolyHillingdon30 Apr 
1.70William GwynneKingston & PolyHarrow28 May 
1.65Aaron HymanEpsom & EwellKingston10 Jun 
1.63Aaron BrownHerne Hill HAldershot8 Jul 
1.63Connor DeardenHorshamBSHHorsham8 Jul 
1.55Fergus Donnelly Holland SportsHastings15 Apr 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 2.20m )
 4.70William Gwynne Kingston & PolyPerivale17 Jun
 4.63Emmanuel Thomas Croydon HBedford15 Jul
 4.10DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet30 Apr
 3.80Sam Haswell Croydon HCambridge19 Aug
 3.60Connor Dearden HorshamBSHHastings15 Apr
 3.30Rafe Scott Guildford&GWinchester21 May
Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
7.19/+1.8DSam TalbotExeter HStreet29 Apr 
6.77Alex Meaklim Kingston & PolyHarrow25 Jun 
6.621AJevonni McFarlane Herne Hill HTooting15 Apr 
6.55Jonty MitchellGuildford&GAbingdon23 Jul 
6.25Eric Hammond-Sarfo Sutton&DistrictCarshalton2 Apr 
6.25Verter Oppong Kyei Croydon HHornchurch21 May 
6.04Jordan Aki-SawyerrHerculesWimbKingston10 Jun 
6.00Henry BoldenCamberley&DistHillingdon30 Apr 
6.00/+0.75Christopher SinclairHerne Hill HCrystal Palace11 Jun 
5.92Aidan Jackson Camberley&DistHarrow28 May 
5.88Odia DaleyHerne Hill HPerivale19 Aug 
5.77Thomas Boutelle Herne Hill HTwickenham18 Mar 
5.71William GwynneKingston & PolyHarrow28 May 
5.69w/+3.5James VancliffHolland SportsCarshalton9 Sep 
5.68Samir WilliamsCroydon HCambridge19 Aug 
5.58Harry ReynoldsKingston & PolyHillingdon30 Apr 
5.46/+0.4DRafe Scott Guildford&GStreet29 Apr 
5.39Jonathan MackenzieWoking ACHarrow28 May 
5.36/0.0James VancliffHolland SportsCarshalton9 Sep 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 11.00m )
 13.65/+1.01Alex Meaklim Kingston & PolyKingston14 May
 12.72Verter Oppong KyeiCroydon HCroydon23 Jul
 12.06Odia DaleyHerne Hill HPerivale19 Aug
 11.93Emmanuel ThomasCroydon HCambridge19 Aug
 11.86Harry ReynoldsKingston & PolyPoole23 Jul
 11.82David BishopCrawley ACBromley28 May
 11.55Kieran WoodwardEpsom & EwellEwell19 Jul
 11.43Harry ManningGuildford&GPerivale28 May
 11.27Jonty MitchellGuildford&GAbingdon23 Jul
 11.21Thomas BoutelleHerne Hill HBattersea Park27 May
 11.20Harry BoydGuildford&GAbingdon23 Jul
 11.18Henry BoldenCamberley&DistHillingdon30 Apr
Shot Put (6kg) (Standard: 10.00m )
14.351Dominic BarnabySouth LondonKingston10 Jun 
12.92DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet29 Apr 
12.871Dejean Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HKingston13 May 
12.531AAlexander Wiafe Croydon HDartford30 Apr 
 Discus (1.75kg) (Standard: 25.00m )
 35.83DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet30 Apr
 34.831Dejean Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HKingston13 May
 30.86Alexander Anderson Woking ACCrawley25 Mar
 27.45Alexander Wiafe Croydon HCroydon23 Jul
 26.00Finlay BarberCamberley&DistHarrow25 Jun
 25.29Rafe ScottGuildford&GCarshalton10 Sep
Hammer (6kg) (Standard: 25.00m )
59.831Peter Cassidy Guildford&GKingston13 May 
54.28Reiss Senior Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr 
53.38Munroe Ritchie Crawley ACCrawley25 Mar 
25.101AChuks Ajeh Croydon HDartford30 Apr 
 Javelin (800g) (Standard: 35.00m )
 53.961Lekan Ogunlana Croydon HKingston14 May
 51.88Elliot Bayley HorshamBSHBromley21 Aug
 49.87DSam Talbot Exeter HStreet30 Apr
 43.71Finlay Barber Camberley&DistHarrow25 Jun
 43.29Harry Gibbons Guildford&GBournemouth15 Apr
 42.22Dylan Carlsson-Smith Shaft.BarnetBedford30 Apr
 42.14Thomas WestermanGuildford&GGuildford30 Apr
 41.89Alex Tischler (U17)Herne Hill HCarshalton17 Jun
 39.29Jonty Mitchell Guildford&GAndover17 Jun
 38.61Sam Mace (U17)Walton ACKingston15 Apr
 38.06Tom WestermanGuildford&GGuildford19 Aug
 36.22Samuel GurneyHerculesWimbKingston10 Jun
 35.43Craig RawlingsSutton&DistrictLewes8 Jul
Decathlon (U20 events) (Standard: 3500pts )
7377pts1Sam Talbot Exeter HStreet30 Apr 
4800pts1Rafe ScottGuildford&GCarshalton10 Sep 

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