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Today's Date: 23 May 2022

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Under 20 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.24 )
 10.43/+0.3Chad MillerHerculesWimbMannheim, GER29 Jun
 10.45w/+4.0Samir WilliamsCroydon HLee Valley26 Jun
 10.58w/+3.2Derek KinlockCroydon HLee Valley28 Aug
 10.66/+1.5Derek KinlockCroydon HTooting Bec24 Aug
 10.71w/+3.5James HansonWoking ACNewham16 Jun
 10.78/+0.9James HansonWoking ACNewham16 Jun
 10.79w/+3.6Micah Francis-DwyerCroydon HLee Valley28 Aug
 10.84/+1.0Samir WilliamsCroydon HLee Valley5 Jun
 10.87/0.05Micah Francis-DwyerCroydon HBedford2 Jun
 10.88/+1.51BDylan Da CostaCroydon HGuildford30 Jun
 10.88w/+3.03AJoseph MassimoCrawley ACHendon30 Jun
 10.93w/+2.1Michael MillerCroydon HLee Valley22 May
 10.96/1.2Michael MillerCroydon HCardiff15 May
 10.97/+0.84h1Kyle Reynolds-WarmingtonBlkhth&BromBirmingham12 Jul
 11.03/0.0Dylan BaldockSutton&DistrictBromley13 Apr
 11.04/0.62AJoseph MassimoCrawley ACCrawley19 May
 11.04/-0.62h1Alex HansonWoking ACBedford2 Jun
 11.11Luke LaughtonEpsom & EwellKingston3 Jul
 11.18/1.83AMatthew HarrisGuildford&GPerivale26 May
 11.19w/+2.4Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford22 May
 11.24w/+2.3Owen HeardHarrow ACGillingham17 Aug
 11.27w/+2.8Luke MorleySutton&DistrictCarshalton30 Mar
 11.29/+0.82James VancliffHolland SportsBattersea8 May
 11.29/+1.4Micah GoodeHerne Hill HTooting Bec24 Aug
 11.31APeter ShodipeSouth LondonKingston13 Jul
 11.3w/+3.92Joseph FosterCamberley&DistPortsmouth8 Jun
 11.31/-0.3Owen HeardHarrow ACBromley17 Jun
 11.31/+0.3Philip KastnerWalton ACSportcity3 Aug
 11.32w/+2.8Eric Hammond-SarfoSutton&DistrictLee Valley28 Aug
 11.38w/+3.9Elliot BaileyCroydon HLee Valley28 Aug
 11.4Luke MorleySutton&DistrictCarshalton1 May
 11.42AEthan DrayWalton ACWalton19 May
 11.41BSean EdwardsCroydon HKingston15 Jun
 11.47/+1.86ALuke ManzanoHerne Hill HPerivale26 May
 11.51Joseph FosterCamberley&DistBromley13 Jul
 11.55/0.03BJoshua PearsonWindsorSE&HBromley28 Jul
 11.55/+0.2Elliot BaileyCroydon HLee Valley31 Jul
 11.56/-0.81AShemar FergusonSutton&DistrictEltham17 Aug
 11.62/-1.02Will StapletonKingston & PolySheffield25 May
 11.64Ade AladeCroydon HStevenage28 Apr
 11.74AMatthew DyerEpsom & EwellWalton19 May
 11.7Kenneth BallWoking ACTwickenham19 Jun
 11.7Kehinde AdenugaHerne Hill HTooting Bec17 Aug
 11.73w/+4.8Ezekiel DavisSouth LondonNewham16 Jun
 11.81BEric Hammond-SarfoSutton&DistrictTooting Bec19 May
 11.9Adrian PantonCroydon HStevenage28 Apr
 11.99/-0.5Ezekiel DavisSouth LondonLee Valley19 Jun
 11.99/-1.5Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellCarshalton7 Sep
 12.02BAdam CoatesEpsom & EwellKingston15 Jun
 12.05/+1.2Gbolahan JimohHerne Hill HCarshalton30 Mar
 12.07/+1.8Kayden WilsonHerne Hill HTooting Bec24 Aug
 12.13ASpencer GallEpsom & EwellMilton Keynes13 Jul
 12.19/-1.77Will YangStMRichmondKingston11 May
200 Metres (Standard: 25.04 )
21.22/+1.3Derek KinlockCroydon HTooting Bec24 Aug 
21.38/+1.7Chad MillerHerculesWimbEspoo, FIN18 Aug 
21.39/+0.62James HansonWoking ACBedford1 Jun 
21.65/+1.82h2Alex HansonWoking ACBirmingham12 Jul 
21.701AJoseph MassimoCrawley ACCrawley19 May 
21.73/+0.5Dylan Da CostaCroydon HBedford1 Jun 
22.19/-0.4Dylan BaldockSutton&DistrictCarshalton30 Mar 
22.19w/+2.91AMicah Francis-DwyerCroydon HGuildford30 Jun 
22.38Kyle Reynolds-WarmingtonBlkhth&BromBattersea17 Aug 
22.48/+0.9Josh WatsonBlkhth&BromBromley17 Jun 
22.50Sean EdwardsCroydon HCroydon13 Jul 
22.61AMicah Francis-DwyerCroydon HKingston15 Jun 
22.6Ethan DrayWalton ACKingston3 Jul 
22.81AMatthew HarrisGuildford&GGuildford15 Jun 
22.82ALuke LaughtonEpsom & EwellMilton Keynes13 Jul 
22.92James VancliffHolland SportsWimbledon5 Jun 
22.91BNicholas HamiltonCroydon HCroydon28 Jul 
22.97w/+3.0Elliot BaileyCroydon HLee Valley31 Jul 
22.98/-1.6Michael MillerCroydon HBedford1 Jun 
23.03/-0.33Israel OspinaCroydon HKingston12 May 
23.06w/+3.1Micah GoodeHerne Hill HLee Valley28 Aug 
23.13w/+2.93AGeorge MearsGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun 
23.14/+0.5Micah GoodeHerne Hill HTooting Bec29 Jun 
23.17/+1.2Tom WestermanGuildford&GLoughborough29 May 
23.19/+0.4Joshua PearsonWindsorSE&HBedford1 Jun 
23.32/+0.21Will StapletonKingston & PolySheffield25 May 
23.35/-4.91AShemar FergusonSutton&DistrictEltham17 Aug 
23.41BThomas HandleyCamberley&DistHillingdon26 May 
23.50/-0.4Luke ManzanoHerne Hill HCarshalton30 Mar 
23.51ARory PaynSutton&DistrictLewes15 Jun 
23.52AAdam CoatesEpsom & EwellKingston15 Jun 
23.52/-2.4Elliot BaileyCroydon HDagenham29 Jun 
23.53Joseph FosterCamberley&DistBromley13 Jul 
23.72ALuke MorleySutton&DistrictTooting Bec19 May 
23.74AMatthew DyerEpsom & EwellWalton19 May 
23.72BGeorge MearsGuildford&GGuildford15 Jun 
23.80Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellTooting Bec13 Apr 
23.89/+1.12AKenneth BallWoking ACHarrow19 May 
23.97Archie CarpenterGuildford&GStevenage28 Apr 
24.12BKehinde AdenugaHerne Hill HTooting Bec17 Aug 
24.12/+1.9Kayden WilsonHerne Hill HTooting Bec24 Aug 
24.20Peter ShodipeSouth LondonTooting Bec13 Apr 
24.3Joseph EvesAldershotF&DAldershot13 Jul 
24.37Joshua TaylorWalton ACWalton17 Jul 
24.63BSpencer GallEpsom & EwellMilton Keynes13 Jul 
24.87/+0.5Ka-hunt ToSouth LondonCarshalton30 Mar 
24.93BJames NaylorReigate PrioryWorthing13 Jul 
 400 Metres (Standard: 55.00 )
 49.61ADerek KinlockCroydon HCroydon28 Jul
 49.691Joshua PearsonWindsorSE&HKingston11 May
 49.744Will StapletonKingston & PolySportcity1 Jun
 50.02Tom WestermanGuildford&GLoughborough12 Jun
 50.14Joseph MassimoCrawley ACEltham14 Aug
 50.262Thomas HandleyCamberley&DistKingston11 May
 50.332AShemar FergusonSutton&DistrictEltham17 Aug
 50.34Harry GrindleBelgrave HHendon16 Jun
 50.473Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellKingston11 May
 50.993AJonty MitchellGuildford&GEltham17 Aug
 51.054Ethan DrayWalton ACKingston11 May
 51.42Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford25 May
 51.51BDylan Da CostaCroydon HCroydon28 Jul
 51.735James VancliffHolland SportsKingston11 May
 51.74Elliot BaileyCroydon HEltham14 Aug
 51.8Israel OspinaCroydon HWalton13 Apr
 52.02George MearsGuildford&GBromley13 Apr
 52.1Daniel WestonAldershotF&DTwickenham1 Sep
 52.48Samir WilliamsCroydon HStevenage28 Apr
 52.49Prince ReidBlkhth&BromWatford15 May
 53.01Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellCarshalton7 Sep
 53.536BMarcus ShantryWindsorSE&HEton6 Jul
 53.73BJoshua TaylorWalton ACWalton19 May
 53.86mxLucas BoytWindsorSE&HWatford10 Jul
 54.22AKehinde AdenugaHerne Hill HTooting Bec17 Aug
 54.3Joe HubbardWalton ACWalton5 May
 54.374Tom OswaldHerculesWimbKingston8 Jun
 54.41Marvin TchangwaWindsorSE&HEton19 May
 54.8Friso KolffWalton ACEwell29 May
 54.85James NaylorReigate PrioryCrawley26 Aug
 54.92Robbie TamblingSouth LondonCroydon22 May
 54.946Peter SinclairGuildford&GKingston8 Jun
800 Metres (Standard: 2:12.00 )
1:51.56Harry BoydGuildford&GWatford10 Jul 
1:56.00Ben MarksWalton ACWatford12 Jun 
1:56.26Marcus ShantryWindsorSE&HWatford10 Jul 
1:57.0George GrasslyDorkingMVChester-le-Street17 Jun 
1:57.84Oliver CoppellottiWalton ACWatford15 May 
1:58.00Joe BlacknellAldershotF&DWatford10 Jul 
1:58.04Arlo LudewickHerne Hill HTooting Bec24 Aug 
1:58.06Ben FitzpatrickWalton ACWatford12 Jun 
1:58.442Tim AinaCroydon HKingston12 May 
1:58.70Aaron EnserBracknell ACWatford15 May 
1:58.91Daniel WestonAldershotF&DWatford4 Sep 
1:59.37Sam ShawKingston & PolyEltham19 Jun 
1:59.55Joshua TaylorWalton ACWatford12 Jun 
2:00.47Joshua Genco-RussoWoking ACBrighton29 May 
2:00.48Edward DawsonWalton ACWatford12 Jun 
2:01.15Eric WilliamsKingston & PolyEltham14 Aug 
2:01.20Michael CottrillWalton ACWatford10 Jul 
2:01.86Prince ReidBlkhth&BromBromley13 Jul 
2:02.05Sam BarkerHerculesWimbTooting Bec6 May 
2:02.14Lucas BoytWindsorSE&HWatford12 Jun 
2:02.17Thomas HardmanGuildford&GWatford10 Jul 
2.02.623BMarvin TchangwaWindsorSE&HCrawley26 May 
2:02.67James SpencerWoking ACWatford7 Aug 
2:02.9Finlay WhiteHerculesWimbTooting Bec17 Aug 
2:03.163Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellKingston21 Aug 
2:03.26Ethan KendallAldershotF&DBasingstoke17 Jul 
2:03.82AJack StraceyKingston & PolyHillingdon26 May 
2:04.335h1Robbie TamblingSouth LondonKingston12 May 
2:04.393BHenry FisherBlkhth&BromHendon30 Jun 
2:05.037h1Friso KolffWalton ACKingston12 May 
2:05.4Charlie KershawWindsorSE&HEton13 Apr 
2:06.1Eitan OrensteinHerculesWimbWimbledon19 May 
2:06.3Benjamin RolfeWoking ACEton13 Apr 
2:07.005h1Jack ClarkeDorkingMVKingston8 Jun 
2:07.115h2Dario KanSutton&DistrictKingston12 May 
2:07.69Henry SilversteinHerculesWimbTooting Bec29 Jun 
2.09.55William BrockmanAldershotF&DCroydon19 May 
2:09.6Luke HillCroydon HEltham17 Jul 
2:10.32Luke MannCamberley&DistHarrow5 May 
2:10.75Luke NettsSouth LondonLee Valley6 Apr 
2:10.788h1Nathan FitzpatrickWindsorSE&HKingston12 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:40.00 )
 3:52.04Luke Van OudtshoornAldershotF&DWatford26 Jun
 3:53.88George GrasslyDorkingMVWatford10 Jul
 3:57.435Max HeydenAldershotF&DBedford23 Jun
 3:58.81BHarry BoydGuildford&GGuildford15 Jun
 4:01.69Marcus ShantryWindsorSE&HWatford29 May
 4:02.61AAaron EnserBracknell ACChelmsford19 May
 4:02.883Joe BlacknellAldershotF&DKingston11 May
 4:03.81Arlo LudewickHerne Hill HCoulsdon4 Sep
 4:05.154Ben FitzpatrickWalton ACKingston11 May
 4:08.4Ben MarksWalton ACWalton5 May
 4:09.22Charlie KershawWindsorSE&HWatford29 May
 4:09.73Oliver CoppellottiWalton ACWatford29 May
 4:10.29Michael CottrillWalton ACWatford24 Jul
 4:10.78Joshua Genco-RussoWoking ACWatford1 May
 4:11.52AIndy BarnesKingston & PolyKingston30 Jun
 4:14.5Henry FisherBlkhth&BromEltham17 Jul
 4:14.9William BrockmanAldershotF&DAldershot13 Jul
 4:15.266Sam BarkerHerculesWimbKingston11 May
 4:16.71BEric WilliamsKingston & PolyKingston30 Jun
 4:16.968Prince ReidBlkhth&BromKingston11 May
 4:17.843Henry SilversteinHerculesWimbKingston8 Jun
 4:18.32Ethan KendallAldershotF&DBasingstoke15 Jun
 4:20.32ANathan JanmohamedWalton ACWalton19 May
 4.21.42BEdward DawsonWalton ACWalton19 May
 4:21.40Matthew ClutterbuckWindsorSE&HWatford24 Jul
 4:25.693BPavit KullarWindsorSE&HBromley28 Jul
 4:26.473BLucas BoytWindsorSE&HReading15 Jun
 4:26.73AJames SpencerWoking ACBrighton28 Jul
 4:28.8012Friso KolffWalton ACKingston11 May
 4:28.9Daniel IllisHerculesWimbWimbledon19 May
 4.29.13BDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellWalton19 May
 4:29.12Dario KanSutton&DistrictCarshalton30 Mar
 4:32.662AThomas HardmanGuildford&GPerivale26 May
 4:33.29Ben GillhamSutton&DistrictCarshalton30 Mar
 4:35.2Humphrey AllenKingston & PolyKingston30 Jun
 4:35.903AAdam ShewCroydon HPerivale26 May
 4:37.182ANicholas IrelandGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun
 4:37.74Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBasingstoke23 Jun
 4:38.36Nathan FitzpatrickWindsorSE&HEton19 May
1 Mile (Standard: 5:40.00 )
4:41.75mx2r3Henry SilversteinHerculesWimbWimbledon Park1 May 
4:43.93Prince ReidBlkhth&BromFinsbury Park21 Jun 
5:39.66mx13r3Gabriel DurandHerculesWimbWimbledon Park1 May 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 10:00.00 )
 8:14.97Max HeydenAldershotF&DBrighton29 May
 8:25.79Luke van OudtshoornAldershotF&DWatford1 May
 8:39.16Joe BlacknellAldershotF&DBrighton29 May
 8:48.29Ben FitzpatrickWalton ACWatford26 Jun
 8:58.751AAaron EnserBracknell ACReading5 May
 9:00.63Henry SilversteinHerculesWimbWimbledon26 Jun
 9:03.50Ben BishopWindsorSE&HWatford26 Jun
 9:05.472AJames WalkerWindsorSE&HBromley28 Jul
 9:05.903AMarcus ShantryWindsorSE&HHendon30 Jun
 9:10.253AMatthew ClutterbuckWindsorSE&HReading5 May
 9:11.357AArlo LudewickHerne Hill HChelmsford9 Jun
 9:21.15Tom DraytonHerculesWimbWimbledon26 Jun
 9:22.72AIndy BarnesKingston & PolyHillingdon26 May
 9:23.532Oliver CoppellottiWalton ACWalton17 Jul
 9:27.16William BrockmanAldershotF&DBasingstoke17 Jul
 9:27.66Michael CottrillWalton ACWatford26 Jun
 9:32.72Eric WilliamsKingston & PolyKingston3 Jul
 9:37.8Matthew MaginnCroydon HCatford20 Jun
 9:38.05mxBen DibleyStragglersWatford21 Aug
 9.46.962BNathan FitzpatrickWindsorSE&HReading5 May
 9:54.7Bilal BentchakalSutton&DistrictCarshalton1 May
 9:55.5Ben GillhamSutton&DistrictCarshalton1 May
5000 Metres (Standard: 20:00.00 )
14:41.98Max HeydenAldershotF&DLoughborough15 Jun 
14:53.1Luke van OudtshoornAldershotF&DTooting Bec13 Apr 
15:47.07Marcus ShantryWindsorSE&HReading15 Jun 
15:49.256AArlo LudewickHerne Hill HKingston6 Jul 
15:50.68Tom DraytonHerculesWimbWimbledon7 Aug 
15:52.43Henry SilversteinHerculesWimbWimbledon7 Aug 
16:15.1Ben BishopWindsorSE&HEton13 Apr 
16:17.236BJames WalkerWindsorSE&HWigan4 Aug 
16:25.79Matthew ClutterbuckWindsorSE&HReading15 Jun 
17:11.69mxEric WilliamsKingston & PolyEltham19 Jun 
17:12.6Matthew MaginnCroydon HWalton13 Apr 
17:14.9mxBen GilhamSutton&DistrictEltham17 Jul 
17:22.50Bilal BentchakalSutton&DistrictBromley13 Apr 
18:08.53Nathan FitzpatrickWindsorSE&HBattersea17 Aug 
18:10.2Finlay WhiteHerculesWimbGuildford15 Jun 
18:43.11George ToveySouth LondonCoulsdon4 Sep 
19:15.73BIfetobi SalakoBlkhth&BromHarrow15 Jun 
19:20.42BBenjamin RolfeWoking ACColchester17 Aug 
 2000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 7:30.00 )
 6:17.21Marcus ShantryWindsorSE&HReading5 May
 6:21.991BAaron EnserBracknell ACSportcity8 Sep
 6:32.57Henry FisherBlkhth&BromBromley29 Apr
 6:47.11AEric WilliamsKingston & PolyBrighton28 Jul
 6:50.42AHenry Smith (U17)Epsom & EwellKingston15 Jun
 7:05.043APavit KullarWindsorSE&HBromley28 Jul
 7:08.82ABenjamin RolfeWoking ACChelmsford15 Jun
 7:10.871BLiam Stone (U17)WindsorSE&HBattersea17 Aug
 7:20.9Shaun Waters (U17)Woking ACEton13 Apr
 7:25.43BFrank Townley (U17)Woking ACChelmsford15 Jun
 7:27.92AWill StapletonKingston & PolySt. Albans15 Jun
110 Metres Hurdles (99.0cm) (Standard: 22.04 )
14.39/+0.14Josh WatsonBlkhth&BromBirmingham13 Jul 
14.62/+1.8Philip KastnerWalton ACSportcity4 Aug 
14.68/+1.12h2Hakan DigbyCroydon HBirmingham13 Jul 
14.73/+0.9Owen HeardHarrow ACHendon31 Aug 
15.04/+0.71AAlex O'Callaghan-BrownBlkhth&BromBromley28 Jul 
15.1Ezra RodriquesCroydon HCroydon28 Jul 
15.52Callum HolderSutton&DistrictCrawley26 Aug 
15.72/-0.62BJoshua LoachCrawley ACCrawley26 May 
16.04/-0.1Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBasingstoke23 Jun 
 400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 65.00 )
 53.304Alex O'Callaghan-BrownBlkhth&BromBedford23 Jun
 56.732AJosh WatsonBlkhth&BromHendon30 Jun
 57.631BWill StapletonKingston & PolyScotstoun3 Aug
 58.41AAdam CoatesEpsom & EwellWalton19 May
 59.442Joe HubbardWalton ACKingston8 Jun
 59.84ARoss JacksonCamberley&DistChelmsford15 Jun
 60.04AHenry FisherBlkhth&BromBromley13 Jul
 61.712AJamie ChapmanStMRichmondPerivale26 May
 63.42AHakan DigbyCroydon HCroydon28 Jul
 63.62BLewis ChoulsEpsom & EwellWalton19 May
 64.391BPrince ReidBlkhth&BromReading5 May
High Jump (Standard: 1.55m )
2.071Jack EnnisCroydon HBirmingham12 Jul 
1.961Oliver JointBracknell ACKingston12 May 
1.95Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellCarshalton7 Sep 
1.93Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford25 May 
1.852ALuke MannCamberley&DistKingston30 Jun 
1.804AJoshua LoachCrawley ACCrawley26 May 
1.77Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBasingstoke22 Jun 
1.654Jonathan HodsonKingston & PolyKingston8 Jun 
1.55Ade AladeCroydon HWalton13 Apr 
1.552=Lewis ChoulsEpsom & EwellAbingdon17 Aug 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 2.20m )
 4.604Owen HeardHarrow ACBirmingham12 Jul
 4.40Tolu Ayo-OjoShaft.BarnetBasingstoke17 Jul
 3.602ALewis HerzogCamberley&DistKingston30 Jun
 3.57Philip KastnerWalton ACSportcity4 Aug
 3.503ADaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellKingston15 Jun
 3.20Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellExeter22 Sep
Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
6.98/+1.0Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford25 May 
6.661AOwen HeardHarrow ACHarrow15 Jun 
6.471BReuben VaughanCroydon HLee Valley4 Aug 
6.41/+1.9Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellCarshalton7 Sep 
6.35Callum HolderSutton&DistrictEltham17 Aug 
6.33Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBasingstoke22 Jun 
6.30/+1.92Eric Hammond-SarfoSutton&DistrictKingston11 May 
6.18Jack EnnisCroydon HWalton13 Apr 
6.14Luke MannCamberley&DistGuildford9 Jun 
5.862ABenjamin BoardmanEpsom & EwellAbingdon17 Aug 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 11.00m )
 13.06/-0.81Jamie ChapmanStMRichmondKingston12 May
 12.84/+0.32Tolu Ayo-OjoShaft.BarnetKingston12 May
 12.77/+2.02ALuke MannCamberley&DistBrighton28 Jul
 12.241ABenjamin BoardmanEpsom & EwellAbingdon17 Aug
 12.02Israel OspinaCroydon HWalton13 Apr
 11.54Ryan HesterHerculesWimbTooting Bec24 Aug
 11.271BMicah GoodeHerne Hill HGuildford15 Jun
Shot Put (6kg) (Standard: 10.00m )
14.13Sam MaceWalton ACWalton5 May 
13.67Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford25 May 
13.641ABen McLaren PorterCamberley&DistBrighton28 Jul 
13.282Tiarnan MatthewsHerne Hill HKingston11 May 
12.99Alexander WiafeCroydon HStevenage28 Apr 
12.96Reuben VaughanCroydon HTooting Bec24 Aug 
12.941APhilip BartlettSouth LondonSportcity8 Sep 
12.233ADejean Marshall-BrownHerne Hill HCroydon28 Jul 
10.14Aaron Marlow (U17)Kingston & PolyHarrow5 May 
 Discus (1.75kg) (Standard: 25.00m )
 50.892Reuben VaughanCroydon HBirmingham13 Jul
 42.35Sam MaceWalton ACTwickenham1 Sep
 41.522APhilip BartlettSouth LondonBromley28 Jul
 40.432AJames LancasterShaft.BarnetHendon30 Jun
 39.661ABen McLaren PorterCamberley&DistHillingdon26 May
 35.28Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford26 May
 30.785ADejean Marshall-BrownHerne Hill HCroydon28 Jul
 25.12Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBasingstoke23 Jun
Hammer (6kg) (Standard: 25.00m )
64.171Sam MaceWalton ACKingston11 May 
63.941James LancasterShaft.BarnetKingston8 Jun 
 Javelin (800g) (Standard: 35.00m )
 51.571AElliot BayleyHorshamBSHTooting Bec17 Aug
 45.74Finlay BarberCamberley&DistHarrow19 May
 42.97Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford26 May
 42.45George Hopkins (U17)Woking ACEton13 Apr
 42.24Alex TischlerHerne Hill HTooting Bec6 May
 40.032ALuke NewellKingston & PolyAbingdon17 Aug
 39.284BSam MaceWalton ACSwansea12 May
 37.841BOwen HeardHarrow ACKingston30 Jun
 37.722BJames WalkerWindsorSE&HBromley28 Jul
 37.125Toby GrayGuildford&GKingston8 Jun
 35.804ADaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellKingston15 Jun
 35.663ATom WestermanGuildford&GGuildford30 Jun
Decathlon (U20 events) (Standard: 3500pts )
6692pts5Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford26 May 
5516pts5Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBasingstoke23 Jun 

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