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Today's Date: 23 May 2022

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Under 15 Boys
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.00 )
 11.39w/+3.02r4Vittorio AnahCrawley ACWorthing1 Jun
 11.51AIbukun AkintolaCroydon HCarshalton15 Aug
 11.60/+1.3Vittorio AnahCrawley ACCrawley30 Aug
 11.71ANoah RidgeonSutton&DistrictBattersea Park17 Jul
 11.72w/+2.35h3Conor KellyHerculesWimbSports City7 Aug
 11.75/0.82AIbukun AkintolaCroydon HBattersea Park4 Sep
 11.753ANoah RidgeonSutton&DistrictBattersea Park4 Sep
 11.793AConor KellyHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep
 11.82ASerigne GueyeSouth LondonCarshalton15 Aug
 11.84/0.82Luca AndersonHerne Hill HKingston31 Jul
 11.94/0.83Xavier TaylorWalton ACKingston31 Jul
 12.01AShawn BellHerculesWimbCarshalton15 Aug
 12.03ARaphael GrantEpsom & EwellCarshalton15 Aug
 12.021BShawn BellHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep
 12.12AMax SmithHolland SportsCrawley5 Jun
 12.11BJack HarringtonCroydon HCarshalton15 Aug
 12.2Jordan EbanksHerne Hill HCarshalton5 Jun
 12.2Peter BennettSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jul
 12.21ASebastian FoxSutton&DistrictCarshalton24 Jul
 12.25/-0.82h1Jack HarringtonCroydon HKingston31 Jul
 12.28/-0.83h1Raphael GrantEpsom & EwellKingston31 Jul
 12.32Luke HollisHaslemereBPortsmouth12 Jun
 12.32AHarrison TaylorCamberley&DistAldershot27 Jun
 12.33ARyen RennieBlkhth&BromDartford10 Jul
 12.30Billy GuestWalton ACGuildford17 Jul
 12.3Jaylan Ryan-CokerCroydon HCarshalton15 Aug
 12.32AQuentin PritchardGuildford&GCarshalton15 Aug
 12.4Jayden Fiifi Atta-FynnCroydon HBattersea Park17 Jul
 12.44ADominic FrankSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Aug
 12.49Quentin PritchardGuildford&GGuildford17 Jul
 12.5Cameron LeeSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Aug
 12.51/-1.03h2Jaylan Ryan-CokerCroydon HKingston31 Jul
 12.543BSebastian FoxSutton&DistrictBattersea Park4 Sep
 12.57Oliver BrownWalton ACGuildford17 Jul
 12.62AAngus StrachanKingston & PolyKingston5 Jun
 12.64AMatthew OpokuHerne Hill HBattersea Park17 Jul
 12.61nsJoseph Johnson-ColeHerne Hill HCarshalton24 Jul
 12.651nsJayden Fiifi Atta-FynnCroydon HBattersea Park4 Sep
 12.652nsOmari KoromaBelgrave HBattersea Park4 Sep
 12.67/+0.7Angus StachanKingston & PolyLee Valley10 Apr
 12.7Oliver OwenSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul
 12.7James GilmourHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul
 12.72BTanguy DurrntHerculesWimbBattersea Park17 Jul
 12.75AAyomide BelloSouth LondonCarshalton15 Aug
 12.8Javon BlakeHerculesWimbCarshalton5 Jun
 12.84AOliver BillinghamGuildford&GKingston5 Jun
 12.8Josiah Akoto-DwemohEpsom & EwellCoulsdon10 Jul
 12.8Joshua ClintonEpsom & EwellCoulsdon10 Jul
 12.83BJoshua OmotosoSutton&DistrictBattersea Park17 Jul
 12.81Scott FozardGuildford&GGuildford17 Jul
 12.86/-2.54r1Matthew EdwardsSurrey SchoolsKingston12 Jun
 12.86/-0.85h1Oliver BillinghamGuildford&GKingston31 Jul
 12.885AMatthew OpokuHerne Hill HBattersea Park4 Sep
 12.91BDarius LaneHerculesWimbCarshalton15 Aug
 12.9Zephan Wilson-JonesSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Aug
 13.0Blaise Gethen SmithWoking ACAldershot18 Jul
 13.0Dylan LewisWoking ACAldershot18 Jul
 13.0Sheriff SillyHerne Hill HCarshalton15 Aug
 13.04BHarry FindlayCamberley&DistAldershot22 Aug
200 Metres (Standard: 27.00 )
23.341ANoah RidgeonSutton&DistrictBattersea Park4 Sep 
23.40/+0.72Conor KellyHerculesWimbKingston21 Aug 
23.942AIbukun AkintolaCroydon HBattersea Park4 Sep 
24.053AShawn BellHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep 
24.13/+0.75Vittorio AnahCrawley ACKingston18 Jul 
24.342Xavier TaylorWalton ACKingston1 Aug 
24.471BMarkos SchuchinskyHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep 
24.51ASerigne GueyeSouth LondonCarshalton15 Aug 
24.61BSebastian FoxSutton&DistrictBattersea Park17 Jul 
24.7Luca AndersonHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul 
24.792BSebastian FoxSutton&DistrictBattersea Park4 Sep 
24.88/+0.71r6Luca AndersonHerne Hill HCarshalton16 May 
25.0James GilmourHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul 
25.0Ryen RennieBlkhth&BromErith17 Jul 
25.32AMax SmithHolland SportsTonbridge18 Jul 
25.31BRaphael GrantEpsom & EwellCarshalton15 Aug 
25.4Harrison TaylorCamberley&DistAldershot6 Jun 
25.4Jordan EbanksHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul 
25.4Oliver OwenSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul 
25.42AJack HarringtonCroydon HCarshalton24 Jul 
25.41BJavon BlakeHerculesWimbCarshalton15 Aug 
25.43/+0.7Max SmithHolland SportsCrawley4 Sep 
25.463BJack HarringtonCroydon HBattersea Park4 Sep 
25.50/-3.71William TaylorSurrey SchoolsKingston12 Jun 
25.575Oliver OwenSouth LondonKingston1 Aug 
25.61nsDanny TrowellEpsom & EwellCarshalton24 Jul 
25.7Giovanni MorosoKingston & PolyCoulsdon10 Jul 
25.72AOliver BillinghamGuildford&GCarshalton24 Jul 
25.7Dominic FrankSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Aug 
25.71/-3.72Angus StrachanKingston & PolyKingston12 Jun 
25.736Raphael GrantEpsom & EwellKingston1 Aug 
26.1Dylan SwanSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jul 
26.1James WellsWaverley HAldershot18 Jul 
26.12BJoseph Johnson-ColeHerne Hill HCarshalton24 Jul 
26.18/-3.73Thomas BatemanSurrey SchoolsKingston12 Jun 
26.2Darius LaneHerculesWimbCarshalton15 Aug 
26.23Isaac AmankwaahWalton ACGuildford17 Jul 
26.3Joshua ClintonEpsom & EwellCoulsdon10 Jul 
26.30Dylan LewisWoking ACGuildford17 Jul 
26.39Blaise Gethen SmithWoking ACGuildford17 Jul 
26.43ATanguy DurrntHerculesWimbBattersea Park17 Jul 
26.6Billy TrumanSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Aug 
26.61BBilly GuestWalton ACCarshalton4 Sep 
26.7Joshua OmotosoSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jul 
26.72/-3.74Flynn RobertsKingston & PolyKingston12 Jun 
26.83AMilo SealsReigate PrioryCarshalton24 Jul 
27.0Louie Morris-SandersSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Aug 
 300 Metres (Standard: 44.00 )
 36.781Noah RidgeonSutton&DistrictSports City8 Aug
 37.691AConor KellyHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep
 38.331Keeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HKingston31 Jul
 38.411h2Jon GoldstonHerne Hill HKingston31 Jul
 38.722ASebastian FoxSutton&DistrictBattersea Park4 Sep
 38.81AShawn BellHerculesWimbBattersea Park17 Jul
 38.932Shawn BellHerculesWimbKingston31 Jul
 39.12ASamuel StapleyReigate PrioryCarshalton24 Jul
 39.41BTomas HusseinCroydon HBattersea Park17 Jul
 39.81BRyen RennieBlkhth&BromTonbridge8 Aug
 39.9Jediael YaredBelgrave HCarshalton5 Jun
 39.91AOliver BillinghamGuildford&GKingston5 Jun
 39.992h1Sam FothergillHolland SportsKingston31 Jul
 39.991BAdam NkosoHerne Hill HBattersea Park4 Sep
 40.003h2Tomas HusseinCroydon HKingston31 Jul
 40.1Danny TrowellEpsom & EwellCoulsdon10 Jul
 40.1Harrison TaylorCamberley&DistAldershot18 Jul
 40.294Fred HakeHerne Hill HKingston22 Aug
 40.471BRyen RennieBlkhth&BromMedway Park4 Sep
 40.562BJavon BlakeHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep
 40.6Archie PenniceardHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul
 40.688Oliver BillinghamGuildford&GKingston31 Jul
 40.9Zavier ZinmanWindsorSE&HEton10 Jul
 40.9James WellsWaverley HAldershot18 Jul
 41.3Drew GreylingWoking ACAldershot6 Jun
 41.324h1Luke OryemWalton ACKingston21 Aug
 41.451Danny TrowellEpsom & EwellKingston12 Jun
 41.455h1Isaac AmankwaahWalton ACKingston21 Aug
 41.65AKyron-Bailee BurkeCroydon HBattersea Park17 Jul
 41.8Dylan SwanSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jul
 41.8Scott FozardGuildford&GCoulsdon10 Jul
 42.165AKyron-Bailee BurkeCroydon HBattersea Park4 Sep
 42.254BBilly TrumanSutton&DistrictBattersea Park4 Sep
 42.32BZephan Wilson JonesSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jul
 42.61BCiaran LyasHolland SportsTonbridge18 Jul
 42.81BMilo SealsReigate PrioryCarshalton24 Jul
 42.892Sam BishopKingston & PolyKingston12 Jun
 42.92AFreddie Swinchin RewKingston & PolyCarshalton4 Sep
 43.1Ethan Van HuyssteenSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul
 43.124AMattias McGillHolland SportsCrawley4 Sep
 43.136h1Zephan Wilson-JonesSutton&DistrictKingston31 Jul
 43.2Sheriff SillyHerne Hill HCarshalton15 Aug
 43.6Warren WilsonHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul
 43.62BAlexander WilsonHerne Hill HCarshalton24 Jul
 43.71Joshua ClintonEpsom & EwellCoulsdon1 May
 43.89Dylan O'CallaghanHerne Hill HCoulsdon1 May
 44.0Tom HarmerSouth LondonCarshalton15 Aug
400 Metres
53.202r3Keeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HEltham4 Aug 
58.274r2Fred HakeHerne Hill HBromley23 Sep 
 800 Metres (Standard: 2:28.00 )
 1:58.443r1Keeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HBromley13 Aug
 2:03.431Samuel StapleyReigate PrioryKingston1 Aug
 2:05.943h3Sam LongHolland SportsKingston21 Aug
 2:06.5Tom HarmerSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul
 2:07.013Jacob JacquesEpsom & EwellKingston1 Aug
 2:07.31AAlex LennonSutton&DistrictBattersea Park17 Jul
 2:07.4Archie PenniceardHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul
 2:08.092r9Zavier ZinmanWindsorSE&HWatford11 Aug
 2:10.552r5Jacob HuntHolland SportsDagenham26 Jun
 2:11.203r5Joseph HuntHolland SportsDagenham26 Jun
 2:11.3Jon GoldstonHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul
 2:11.506Kyron-Bailee BurkeCroydon HKingston1 Aug
 2:12.783Lewis JessupHolland SportsAshford12 Jun
 2:12.783h3Josh PickenWaverley HKingston31 Jul
 2:13.044r2Alexander WilsonHerne Hill HBromley13 Aug
 2:13.11mx2r8Harry CurrieWalton ACWatford8 Sep
 2:13.45Warren WilsonCamberley&DistBattersea Park4 Sep
 2:13.854h3Benjy StreetHerculesWimbKingston31 Jul
 2:14.2Josh MaguireHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul
 2:14.586h1Frederick HakeHerne Hill HKingston21 Aug
 2:15.52Jediael YaredBelgrave HLee Valley26 May
 2:15.86Drew GreylingWoking ACGuildford17 Jul
 2:16.02rALucas EbertBelgrave HCarshalton5 Jun
 2:16.0Alexander DidaskalouWindsorSE&HEton10 Jul
 2:16.688r9Luke DanbySouth LondonCoulsdon1 May
 2:16.9Max LorkeSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul
 2:16.923r6Jack PhillpottsWindsorSE&HWatford11 Aug
 2:18.416h3Aiden ElfordWindsorSE&HKingston31 Jul
 2:18.7Oskar AspinallWoking ACAldershot18 Jul
 2:18.8Marcus HibbinsWindsorSE&HEton10 Jul
 2:18.98Conor KellySurrey SchoolsBedford18 Sep
 2:19.43AJoshua Harwood-WhiteKingston & PolyKingston5 Jun
 2:19.43AFabien WhitelockHerne Hill HCarshalton15 Aug
 2:19.6mx2r6Alexis DelaneyBelgrave HBattersea Park22 May
 2:20.072r2Max ReadSouth LondonEltham23 Jun
 2:20.15AOliver WinterHerculesWimbBattersea Park17 Jul
 2:20.5mx3r5Oliver CunninghamBelgrave HBattersea Park22 May
 2:20.8Hugo KellyHerculesWimbCoulsdon10 Jul
 2:20.9Thomas TaylorWindsorSE&HEton10 Jul
 2:21.24rBSebastian CockerellBelgrave HCarshalton5 Jun
 2:21.223AThomas VealeHolland SportsCrawley4 Sep
 2:21.445ATom DaviesHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep
 2:21.474h1Ethan NewellSutton&DistrictKingston31 Jul
 2:22.1Matt WeiszHerculesWimbCoulsdon10 Jul
 2:22.34AChristian BoydWalton ACKingston5 Jun
 2:22.34Noah RidgeonSutton&DistrictLee Valley26 May
 2:22.4mx1r2Oliver BillinghamGuildford&GGuildford1 Jun
 2:22.54AZeb BakerGuildford&GAldershot22 Aug
 2:23.51BCiaran LyasHolland SportsTonbridge18 Jul
 2:23.66mx1GWilliam WilsonCamberley&DistAldershot7 Jul
 2:23.71BJoel LawrenceReigate PrioryKingston5 Jun
 2:24.541BBenjamin HilsonHolland SportsCrawley4 Sep
 2:24.85AAbinadab PanchalinghamEpsom & EwellCarshalton24 Jul
 2:24.827h3Oscar SinnettWoking ACKingston31 Jul
 2:25.12BCallum Campbell-CurdWalton ACKingston5 Jun
 2:25.3Sheriff SillyHerne Hill HCarshalton15 Aug
 2:26.6Kobi BlakeCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jul
 2:26.62Zach DredgeWalton ACGuildford17 Jul
 2.27.0Joe McDonaldEpsom & EwellCoulsdon10 Jul
 2:27.48mx7r9William MorrisonHolland SportsBromley22 May
 2:27.61ATheo ShawGuildford&GCarshalton15 Aug
 2:27.63Harry FindlayCamberley&DistCarshalton11 Sep
 2:27.9Charlie MayoDorkingMVCarshalton15 Aug
 2:27.922r7Maximillian SimpsonBelgrave HCrawley8 May
1500 Metres (Standard: 5:10.00 )
4:11.182r3Keeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HCoulsdon8 Sep 
4:13.331Alex LennonSutton&DistrictKingston1 Aug 
4:23.87mx2r5Jediael YaredBelgrave HWimbledon2 Jun 
4:26.093Jacob HuntHolland SportsKingston1 Aug 
4:27.80mx8CTom HarmerSouth LondonEltham14 Jul 
4:28.464Fabien WhitelockHerne Hill HKingston1 Aug 
4:29.069r9Alexander DidaskalouWindsorSE&HWatford25 Aug 
4:29.4Joseph HuntSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul 
4:30.128r5Jediael YaredBelgrave HCarshalton16 May 
4:30.6410r5Luke DanbySouth LondonCarshalton16 May 
4:32.11mx2r2Sam LongHolland Sports Crawley30 Aug 
4:32.774r1Marcus HibbinsWindsorSE&HKingston12 Jun 
4:33.17mx2r4Zavier ZinmanWindsorSE&HAldershot4 Aug 
4:33.4mx1r2Benjy StreetHerculesWimbBattersea Park22 May 
4:34.17mx4rDVictor HolstenEpsom & EwellAldershot31 May 
4:35.055Drew GreylingWoking ACKingston1 Aug 
4:36.17mx2r4Lewis JessupHolland SportsBromley22 May 
4:36.506Alexander WilsonHerne Hill HKingston1 Aug 
4:38.14mx2rDArchie PenniceardHerne Hill HEltham23 Jun 
4:38.16mx2r4Lucas EbertBelgrave HCarshalton16 May 
4:38.336r1Samson TaylorEpsom & EwellKingston12 Jun 
4:39.103h2Ibrahim Mohamed AchchiHerculesWimbKingston31 Jul 
4:39.558r1Kyron-Bailee BurkeCroydon HKingston12 Jun 
4:40.038Daniel SimpsonEpsom & EwellKingston22 Aug 
4:40.29mx5r4Sebastian CockerellBelgrave HWimbledon2 Jun 
4:41.18mx6r5Jack PhillpottsWindsorSE&HBromley22 May 
4:41.7Ethan WalshDorkingMVCarshalton24 Jul 
4:42.21mx8r4Ronan McArdleHerculesWimbWimbledon2 Jun 
4:42.468Hugo KellyHerculesWimbKingston1 Aug 
4:43.14mx1r2Jack HobdenHerculesWimbWimbledon2 Jun 
4:43.54mx7DWarren WilsonHerne Hill HEltham14 Jul 
4:43.7010Jack HobdenHerculesWimbKingston1 Aug 
4:44.095h2Thomas VealeHolland SportsKingston31 Jul 
4:44.39mx1r3Oliver WinterHerculesWimbWimbledon2 Jun 
4:44.4710r1Max LorkeSouth LondonKingston12 Jun 
4:44.82BFred HakeHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul 
4:44.93mx2rFRafferty HerdAldershotF&DAldershot31 May 
4:45.5811r1Thomas TaylorWindsorSE&HKingston12 Jun 
4:47.0Sean MarcusGuildford&GEton10 Jul 
4:48.617h2Ronan McArdleHerculesWimbKingston31 Jul 
4:48.65mx1r2Jon GoldstonHerne Hill HEltham23 Jun 
4:50.00mx2r3Oliver CunninghamBelgrave HCarshalton16 May 
4:50.31BTom DaviesHerculesWimbBattersea Park17 Jul 
4:51.44mx4r6Ciaran LyasHolland SportsBromley22 May 
4:51.706h1Sebastian CockerellBelgrave HKingston31 Jul 
4:52.24AEthan NewellSutton&DistrictCarshalton24 Jul 
4:52.31mx2r2Oliver HoldenHerculesWimbWimbledon2 Jun 
4:52.646r2Euan WillisReigate PrioryBromley11 Apr 
4:52.72BBenjy CarrEpsom & EwellCarshalton24 Jul 
4:52.76mx11r4Josh MaguireHerne Hill HWimbledon2 Jun 
4:52.77mx1r1Matt WeiszHerculesWimbWimbledon2 Jun 
4:52.81Oskar AspinallWoking ACGuildford17 Jul 
4:52.88mx9r3Ben WhyattSouth LondonCoulsdon8 Sep 
4:53.357h1Oliver HoldenHerculesWimbKingston31 Jul 
4:53.48mx3r2Oliver WarbeyHerculesWimbWimbledon2 Jun 
4:53.8mx4r2Oscar LahsGuildford&GGuildford1 Jun 
4:55.128h1Oliver WinterHerculesWimbKingston31 Jul 
4:55.13mx2r2Noah FindellSouth LondonCoulsdon8 Sep 
4:57.23BChristopher CullSutton&DistrictCarshalton24 Jul 
4:57.529h1William WilsonCamberley&DistKingston31 Jul 
4:58.5Tom HookEpsom & EwellCarshalton24 Jul 
4:58.7Christian BoydWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jul 
4:59.664r2Luca LupiWoking ACKingston12 Jun 
5:00.625r2Archie RobinsonWindsorSE&HKingston12 Jun 
5:00.83mx6r3Alexis DelaneyBelgrave HCarshalton16 May 
5:00.86mx7r3Matthew YoungHerculesWimbCarshalton16 May 
5:03.0Oscar SinnettWoking ACAldershot18 Jul 
5:04.711r4Benjamin HilsonHolland SportsCrawley30 Aug 
5:04.9mx4rEBenjamin EveringhamCamberley&DistAldershot28 Apr 
5:05.53BRory OrsbornEpsom & EwellCarshalton15 Aug 
5:05.9Max ReadSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul 
5:05.982BEwan MurphyHolland SportsCrawley4 Sep 
5:08.5Michael BanksHerculesWimbCoulsdon10 Jul 
 1 Mile
 4:59.096Tom HarmerSouth LondonWormwood Scrubs22 Aug
 5:08.8mx1r8Daniel SimpsonEpsom & EwellEwell26 Aug
 5:10.43mx8r5Oliver WinterHerculesWimbWimbledon28 Jul
 5:13.45mx11r6Hugo KellyHerculesWimbWimbledon28 Jul
 5:13.8mx6r8Elliott ManningEpsom & EwellEwell26 Aug
 5:17.12mx11r5Ronan McArdleHerculesWimbWimbledon28 Jul
3000 Metres (Standard: 11:30.00 )
9:26.87mx8r2Alex LennonSutton&DistrictTonbridge30 Aug 
9:51.641Joseph HuntHolland SportsKingston1 Aug 
10:01.562Alexander DidaskalouWindsorSE&HKingston1 Aug 
10:09.88mx1r3Victor HolstenEpsom & EwellBromley22 May 
10:10.66mx10r2Luke DanbyHolland SportsTonbridge30 Aug 
10:14.28mx8r4Oliver WinterHerculesWimbCoulsdon1 May 
10:14.413Marcus HibbinsWindsorSE&HKingston1 Aug 
10:16.36mx9r4Ronan McArdleHerculesWimbCoulsdon1 May 
10:33.30mx4r3Hugo KellyHerculesWimbCoulsdon1 May 
10:36.73mx1r2Benjy CarrEpsom & EwellCoulsdon1 May 
10:40.40mx10r3Tom DaviesHerculesWimbCoulsdon1 May 
10:43.0mx4rBThomas TaylorWindsorSE&HAldershot28 Apr 
10:44.034Benjy CarrEpsom & EwellKingston1 Aug 
11:03.20mx12r3Noah FernandezHerculesWimbCoulsdon1 May 
11:04.00mx13h3Matthew YoungHerculesWimbCoulsdon1 May 
11:09.4mx11rBWilliam WilsonCamberley&DistAldershot28 Apr 
11:14.69mx13r4Michael BanksHerculesWimbCoulsdon1 May 
11:27.64mx9r3Ewan MurphyHolland SportsBromley22 May 
 80 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 15.50 )
 11.61ASonny BlackburnKingston & PolyCarshalton15 Aug
 11.68/-0.2Conor KellySurrey SchoolsBedford18 Sep
 11.73/-0.34Vittorio AnahCrawley ACKingston21 Aug
 11.87/+1.42Sonny BlackburnKingston & PolyLee Valley24 Jul
 12.06James QueenWalton ACGuildford17 Jul
 12.64/0.0Quentin PritchardGuildford&GCarshalton11 Sep
 12.67w/+2.1Keeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep
 12.81AKeeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HCarshalton15 Aug
 12.92ADanny TrowellEpsom & EwellCarshalton15 Aug
 13.01h5Noah RidgeonSutton&DistrictLee Valley26 May
 13.01/0.01Dylan KalsiSouth LondonBattersea Park12 Jun
 13.11AHarry FindlayCamberley&DistAldershot27 Jun
 13.11BMax LeonEpsom & EwellCarshalton15 Aug
 13.141Rhys ConlonWoking ACKingston12 Jun
 13.19/0.0Harry FindlayCamberley&DistCarshalton11 Sep
 13.292William OwenSurrey SchoolsKingston12 Jun
 13.32AScott FozardGuildford&GCarshalton15 Aug
 13.32/+0.21Keeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HKettering21 Aug
 13.45/0.0Scott FozardGuildford&GCarshalton11 Sep
 13.48/-1.5Sam BishopKingston & PolyGuildford17 Jul
 13.5/+1.83Jaiden ElliotSurrey SchoolsReading12 Jun
 13.61rADylan TaylorHerne Hill HCarshalton5 Jun
 14.02AFriso BoomsmaWalton ACKingston5 Jun
 14.01/-0.6Dylan TaylorHerne Hill HLee Valley26 May
 14.36/-0.32h4Matthew OpokuHerne Hill HLee Valley26 May
 15.15/-1.24h3Orson MatthewsHerne Hill HLee Valley26 May
 15.2Thomas GreenwoodSurrey SchoolsLee Valley26 Jun
High Jump (Standard: 1.37m )
1.80Conor KellyHerculesWimbBedford18 Sep 
1.652Sebastian FoxSutton&DistrictKingston31 Jul 
1.602ARyen RennieBlkhth&BromErith17 Jul 
1.571AKeeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HBattersea Park4 Sep 
1.553=Noah RidgeonSutton&DistrictLee Valley26 May 
1.552AOliver BrownWalton ACGuildford17 Jul 
1.543Finlay RoweSurrey SchoolsKingston12 Jun 
1.53James CelliersHolland SportsTonbridge18 Jul 
1.503AMax SmithHolland Sports Crawley5 Jun 
1.502AHarry JuppSutton&DistrictBattersea Park4 Sep 
1.48Harry FindlayCamberley&DistCarshalton11 Sep 
1.472AJustin CollinsReigate PrioryCarshalton4 Sep 
1.471AFriso BoomsmaWalton ACCarshalton4 Sep 
1.45Max LeonEpsom & EwellCoulsdon10 Jul 
1.45James BrookesHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul 
1.453ANathan StocksGuildford&GGuildford17 Jul 
1.45Josh MaguireHerne Hill HBattersea Park17 Jul 
1.456Zephan Wilson JonesSutton&DistrictKingston31 Jul 
1.45Scott FozardGuildford&GCarshalton11 Sep 
1.452AArchie RowanWaverley HBasingstoke19 Sep 
1.4413=Thomas GreenwoodSurrey SchoolsLee Valley26 Jun 
1.4013=Matthew OpokuHerne Hill HLee Valley26 May 
1.4013=Jediael YaredBelgrave HLee Valley26 May 
1.402BGiovanni MorosoKingston & PolyKingston5 Jun 
1.40Connor SmalboneGuildford&GEton10 Jul 
1.401BOscar FloodGuildford&GGuildford17 Jul 
1.40Dylan TaylorHerne Hill HBattersea Park17 Jul 
1.402ALiam WarneHolland SportsCarshalton15 Aug 
1.404ATanguy DurrntHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep 
1.39Ewan MurphyHolland SportsCarshalton11 Sep 
1.39Quentin PritchardGuildford&GCarshalton11 Sep 
1.39Benny PocockEpsom & EwellCarshalton11 Sep 
 Long Jump (Standard: 4.60m )
 5.69/+0.4Conor KellyHerculesWimbBedford18 Sep
 5.591AHarrison TaylorCamberley&DistAldershot27 Jun
 5.57/+1.91Ethan Van HuyssteenSouth LondonKingston12 Jun
 5.491AOliver BillinghamGuildford&GCarshalton24 Jul
 5.42w/+3.91pBVittorio AnahCrawley ACCrawley8 May
 5.201AVittorio AnahCrawley ACTonbridge18 Jul
 5.19Oliver OwenSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul
 5.151AZephan Wilson JonesSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Aug
 5.142ABlaise Gethen SmithWoking ACAldershot18 Jul
 5.131BMarkos SchuchinskyHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep
 5.10/+0.4Keeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep
 5.075Noah RidgeonSutton&DistrictLee Valley26 May
 5.011ATomas HusseinCroydon HBattersea Park17 Jul
 4.996Matthew OpokuHerne Hill HLee Valley26 May
 4.95/+0.8Quentin PritchardGuildford&GCarshalton11 Sep
 4.90w/+2.72Colin LiSurrey SchoolsKingston12 Jun
 4.881BCalvin CookeSutton&DistrictCarshalton15 Aug
 4.87Dylan TaylorHerne Hill HCoulsdon1 May
 4.86Flynn RobertsKingston & PolyCarshalton24 Jul
 4.80w/+3.1Harry FindlayCamberley&DistCarshalton11 Sep
 4.76/+0.4Scott FozardGuildford&GCarshalton11 Sep
 4.64Dylan LewisWoking ACGuildford17 Jul
 4.632AAdam NkosoHerne Hill HCarshalton15 Aug
 4.63/0.012Ryan YapHerculesWimbKingston22 Aug
 4.60Benny PocockEpsom & EwellCoulsdon10 Jul
Triple Jump (Standard: 9.50m )
12.24/+1.31Mattao Bougel-KotlarSurrey SchoolsKingston12 Jun 
12.18/+0.51Vittorio AnahCrawley ACCrawley30 Aug 
 Shot Put (4kg) (Standard: 8.00m )
 16.001Alexander AbebreseHerne Hill HSports City8 Aug
 13.48Omari Jackson-WhyteHerne Hill HSports City11 Jul
 11.302Conor KellySurrey SchoolsLee Valley26 Jun
 11.062ATate WilliamsSouth LondonCarshalton15 Aug
 9.96Hugo BlackwoodGuildford&GGuildford17 Jul
 9.683Noah RidgeonSutton&DistrictLee Valley26 May
 9.681Harrison TaylorCamberley&DistAldershot25 Aug
 9.473AJaylan Ryan-CokerCroydon HCarshalton15 Aug
 9.252Jonathan LaiCamberley&DistAldershot6 Jun
 8.849Thomas GreenwoodSurrey SchoolsLee Valley26 Jun
 8.524Torin RamsayHerne Hill HKingston31 Jul
 8.46Keeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep
 8.32Quentin PritchardGuildford&GEton10 Jul
 8.15Scott FozardGuildford&GCarshalton11 Sep
 8.07Nathan StocksGuildford&GGuildford17 Jul
Discus (1.25kg) (Standard: 20.00m )
27.771James WellsWaverley HKingston1 Aug 
26.241AQuentin PritchardGuildford&GCarshalton4 Sep 
25.31Harrison TaylorCamberley&DistKingston8 May 
25.071ATorin RamsayHerne Hill HBattersea Park4 Sep 
24.181AAlexander AbebreseHerne Hill HBattersea Park17 Jul 
23.531BHugo BlackwoodGuildford&GCarshalton4 Sep 
21.263ATanguy DurrntHerculesWimbBattersea Park4 Sep 
20.731AJonathan LaiCamberley&DistAldershot27 Jun 
20.602AJoshua PonertCamberley&DistCarshalton4 Sep 
 Hammer (4kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
 42.021Hugo BlackwoodGuildford&GKingston21 Aug
 21.091AOmari Jackson-WhyteHerne Hill HBattersea Park4 Sep
Javelin (600g) (Standard: 22.00m )
48.59Harrison TaylorCamberley&DistBasingstoke19 Sep 
47.373George JohnsonSurrey SchoolsSports City7 Aug 
32.302Louis SimmonsGuildford&GKingston12 Jun 
30.261ATate WilliamsSouth LondonCarshalton15 Aug 
28.981BHarry FindlayCamberley&DistAldershot22 Aug 
25.701BMax LorkeSouth LondonCarshalton15 Aug 
24.923Dylan O'CallaghanHerne Hill HCarshalton5 Jun 
24.652BJonathan LaiCamberley&DistAldershot27 Jun 
24.48Fulton AshworthCamberley&DistAldershot27 Jun 
24.381AQuentin PritchardGuildford&GCarshalton15 Aug 
23.891BConnor SmalboneGuildford&GCarshalton15 Aug 
23.33Zak DouceSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jul 
23.152ALiam WarneHolland SportsCarshalton15 Aug 
22.931BRyen RennieBlkhth&BromMedway Park4 Sep 
22.72Nathan StocksGuildford&GGuildford17 Jul 
22.482BIan Du ToitSutton&DistrictBattersea Park4 Sep 
22.104AEthan MooreCroydon HCarshalton15 Aug 
 Pentathlon (U15 Boys events)
 2899pts3Conor KellyHerculesWimbBedford18 Sep
 2609pts1Keeran SriskandarajahHerne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep
 2309ptsNoah RidgeonSutton&DistrictLee Valley26 May
 1971pts2Quentin PritchardGuildford&GCarshalton11 Sep
 1950pts3Harry FindlayCamberley&DistCarshalton11 Sep
 1919pts4Scott FozardGuildford&GCarshalton11 Sep
 1794ptsMatthew OpokuHerne Hill HLee Valley26 May
 1768ptsJediael YaredBelgrave HLee Valley26 May
 1642pts17Thomas GreenwoodSurrey Schools1Lee Valley27 Jun
 1484pts5Warren WilsonHerne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep
 1483ptsOrson MatthewsHerne Hill HLee Valley26 May
 1429ptsw/+2.2Benny PocockEpsom & EwellCarshalton11 Sep
 1269pts7Alexander WilsonHerne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep
 1255ptsEwan MurphyHolland SportsCarshalton11 Sep

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