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Today's Date: 23 May 2022

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Under 17 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.30 )
 10.94/+1.9Freddie ArkellHerculesWimbManchester (SC)7 Aug
 11.2Gregory MenkitiSlough JuniorSalisbury13 Jun
 11.23/-1.3Samuel SherlockGuildford&GWorthing2 May
 11.24/-0.1AJ AndersonCroydon HBattersea Park14 Aug
 11.27w/+3.1Robbie ThomsonWoking ACGrangemouth14 Aug
 11.37/+2.0Robbie ThomsonWoking ACGrangemouth14 Aug
 11.38w/+2.3Issah AbdulkarimBlkhth&BromBromley30 May
 11.4Deji BelloSouth LondonBattersea Park11 Jul
 11.4Jake EtheringtonCamberley&DistWinchester25 Jul
 11.4Ethan MaugeCroydon HWalton5 Sep
 11.47/+0.9Issah AbdulkarimBlkhth&BromBattersea Park12 Jun
 11.5Jacob AllenGuildford&GEton10 Jul
 11.5Roel SodustaKingston & PolyKingston11 Jul
 11.69w/+3.8Ammon ReadCroydon HLee Valley18 Aug
 11.7William OdgersCamberley&DistAldershot22 Aug
 11.7Eliot FergusonKingston & PolyWalton5 Sep
 11.7Bernard OseiKingston & PolyWalton5 Sep
 11.74/-0.5Mine EbrikuHerne Hill HBromley22 Sep
 11.75/+1.1Ashton McKayKingston & PolyWorthing2 May
 11.75/+0.3Mason Owusu-DellimoreSouth LondonKingston12 Jun
 11.80/+1.6Henry ThomasCroydon HCarshalton16 May
 11.8Marcus GayleHerculesWimbKingston11 Jul
 11.8Luis RichardsonKingston & PolyCarshalton14 Aug
 11.81/-0.4Jah My StephensSouth LondonDagenham30 Aug
 11.81w/+2.4Emmanuel AdeyemiHerculesWimbLee Valley1 Sep
 11.87/+0.5Ammon ReadCroydon HLee Valley18 Aug
 11.89/+0.3Will SpringettunattachedKingston12 Jun
 11.90/+0.3Jake TapleyWoking ACKingston12 Jun
 11.9Morgan RamsamyKingston & PolyKingston11 Jul
 11.9Jacob ThomasWalton ACWalton5 Sep
 11.91/+0.3Kit TemperleyunattachedKingston12 Jun
 11.91/0.47Emmanuel AdeyemiHerculesWimbKingston1 Aug
 11.94/+0.8Khalid AliHerculesWimbCarshalton16 May
 11.96/+1.3Jesaiah RichardsCroydon HLee Valley26 May
 11.96/0.0Daniel HaydonSouth LondonLee Valley21 Jul
 12.0Jack WestermanGuildford&GGuildford1 Jun
 12.0Christian Cairns ThomasBracknell ACEton10 Jul
 12.0Finn PuntonWalton ACKingston11 Jul
 12.0Jamie Moore-ArthurSutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Aug
 12.0Tom StreetHerculesWimbKingston18 Aug
 12.01w/+2.4Njiye OrluHerculesWimbLee Valley1 Sep
 12.1Ethan CurranCrawley ACCrawley20 Jun
 12.16/-1.86h2Njiye OrluHerculesWimbKingston1 Aug
 12.17/+0.9Max GeorgeHerne Hill HBattersea Park12 Jun
 12.18/-1.5Ben WellsunattachedKingston12 Jun
 12.2Will Ab-IorwerthWaverley HAldershot6 Jun
 12.2Charlie MoboWalton ACKingston11 Jul
 12.2Tobias McGintyEpsom & EwellCarshalton14 Aug
 12.23w/+2.2Kieran Bouwmeester-ReidStMRichmondParliament Hill1 Sep
 12.28/-1.5William McDonaldKingston & PolyKingston12 Jun
 12.3Yahya SamaraGuildford&GWinchester25 Jul
200 Metres (Standard: 26.00 )
22.0/0.0Freddie ArkellHerculesWimbLee Valley25 Apr 
23.0Samuel MowaCroydon HBattersea Park11 Jul 
23.11/+1.5Robbie ThomsonWoking ACScotstoun31 Jul 
23.2Jake EtheringtonCamberley&DistAldershot27 Jun 
23.2Issah AbdulkarimBlkhth&BromDartford5 Sep 
23.3Jacob AllenGuildford&GEton10 Jul 
23.3Ethan MaugeCroydon HWalton5 Sep 
23.39/-0.2Ethan CurranCrawley ACCrawley5 Sep 
23.4Gregory MenkitiSlough JuniorAldershot27 Jun 
23.4Roel SodustaKingston & PolyKingston11 Jul 
23.6Klaysen KafutiCroydon HBattersea Park20 Jun 
23.61/+0.6Jah My StephensSouth LondonDagenham30 Aug 
23.71/-0.32h2Mason Owusu-DellimoreSouth LondonKingston31 Jul 
23.77/+0.33Jamie Moore-ArthurSutton&DistrictKingston31 Jul 
23.79/-0.3Mine EbrikuHerne Hill HBromley22 Sep 
23.84/+0.34Tom StreetHerculesWimbKingston31 Jul 
23.87/+1.1Hayden ChristianGuildford&GEton11 Sep 
23.9Jack WestermanGuildford&GAldershot22 Aug 
24.08/+1.4Khalid AliHerculesWimbLee Valley10 Apr 
24.09w/+4.7Njiye OrluHerculesWimbLee Valley1 Sep 
24.10Finn PuntonWalton ACAldershot31 May 
24.1Leon LafreniereWoking ACCarshalton21 Jul 
24.1Luis RichardsonKingston & PolyCarshalton14 Aug 
24.2Deji BelloSouth LondonBattersea Park11 Jul 
24.21/-3.0Amari-Jai AndersonCroydon HCarshalton27 Jun 
24.25w/+3.4Jake TapleyWoking ACHarrow27 May 
24.27/+0.36Eliot FergusonKingston & PolyKingston31 Jul 
24.3Tobias McGintyEpsom & EwellKingston11 Jul 
24.3Ammon ReadCroydon HKingston25 Jul 
24.4Will Ab-IorwerthWaverley HAldershot6 Jun 
24.4Njiye OrluHerculesWimbKingston18 Aug 
24.5Sam HintonGuildford&GAldershot20 Jun 
24.51/-2.9Henry ThomasCroydon HCarshalton27 Jun 
24.58/+1.1George EveredReigate PrioryStratford (CT)12 Sep 
24.6Arthur FordHolland SportsLewes27 Jun 
24.6Morgan RamsamyKingston & PolyKingston11 Jul 
24.6Edward EnserBracknell ACAldershot14 Aug 
24.7Indraneel KandlaguntaSlough JuniorSalisbury13 Jun 
24.7Marcus GayleHerculesWimbKingston11 Jul 
24.7Christopher VaughanWalton ACCarshalton14 Aug 
24.8William OdgersCamberley&DistAldershot6 Jun 
24.8Kai CollinsGuildford&GGuildford27 Jun 
25.0Dhruv SimmoniteKingston & PolyCarshalton14 Aug 
25.0Oliver ConnorCamberley&DistBasingstoke19 Sep 
25.01/-1.24h1William McDonaldKingston & PolyKingston31 Jul 
25.09/-1.25h1Ben WellsWalton ACKingston31 Jul 
25.2Eternal NemialaKingston & PolyKingston11 Jul 
25.3Will PanesGuildford&GGuildford27 Jun 
25.4Jacob ThomasWalton ACCarshalton14 Aug 
25.5Noah LairdHolland SportsLewes27 Jun 
25.6Oliver NewellGuildford&GGuildford1 Jun 
25.6Max Nathan-AmissahGuildford&GAldershot22 Aug 
25.7/-0.4Tilewa BalogunGuildford&GGuildford27 Jun 
25.7Eghosa OmosighoWalton ACKingston11 Jul 
25.7Yahya SamaraGuildford&GWinchester25 Jul 
25.9Thomas Alderton BaileyGuildford&GAldershot22 Aug 
 400 Metres (Standard: 58.00 )
 50.42Samuel MowaCroydon HKingston22 Aug
 50.85Ethan CurranCrawley ACStratford (CT)12 Sep
 51.25Freddie ArkellHerculesWimbCoulsdon1 May
 51.9Luke DronfieldGuildford&GGuildford27 Jun
 52.0Jack WestermanGuildford&GAldershot14 Aug
 52.082Leon LafreniereWoking ACKingston1 Aug
 52.5Edward EnserBracknell ACAldershot14 Aug
 52.564Finn PuntonWalton ACKingston1 Aug
 52.7Klaysen KafutiCroydon HBattersea Park20 Jun
 53.02Hayden ChristianGuildford&GBedford18 Sep
 53.335Sam HintonGuildford&GKingston1 Aug
 53.5Harvey KandeHerne Hill HKingston25 Jul
 53.6Josh PuntonWalton ACKingston25 Jul
 53.7Chukwuebuka NkamuoCroydon HBattersea Park11 Jul
 53.8Tom StreetHerculesWimbCarshalton20 Jun
 54.1Christopher VaughanWalton ACWalton1 Sep
 54.454h1Indraneel KandlaguntaSlough JuniorKingston1 Aug
 54.53Max NaylorSutton&DistrictCarshalton27 Jun
 54.695h1Chizoba NkamuoCroydon HKingston1 Aug
 54.8Dhruv SimmoniteKingston & PolyCarshalton14 Aug
 55.1Harry YoungHolland SportsLewes27 Jun
 55.3George PittwoodWalton ACWalton5 Sep
 55.4Kai CollinsGuildford&GAldershot14 Aug
 56.0Oliver ConnorCamberley&DistBasingstoke19 Sep
 56.95Dante ClarkeHerne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep
 57.1Adam CanningsWaverley HAldershot6 Jun
 57.13Michael WarneHolland Sports Coulsdon1 May
 57.14George EveredReigate PrioryEltham4 Aug
 57.8Hamish ChappleStMRichmondCarshalton20 Jun
 57.82Kieran Bouwmeester-ReidStMRichmondParliament Hill1 Sep
 58.0Noah LairdHolland SportsLewes27 Jun
800 Metres (Standard: 2:18.00 )
1:54.802h2Edward EnserBracknell ACManchester (SC)10 Jul 
2:01.197rDHarry Forman WilshawKent ACEltham4 Aug 
2:01.692Ben ShepherdWalton ACKingston31 Jul 
2:01.706rCChristopher VaughanWalton ACEltham23 Jun 
2:02.073r2Oliver EmmentWindsorSE&HBromley22 May 
2:02.163Josh PuntonWalton ACKingston31 Jul 
2:02.252r1Samuel MowaCroydon HKingston12 Jun 
2:02.276r11Sam NesbittRanelagh HWatford11 Aug 
2:02.664r1Connor FoleyKingston & PolyKingston12 Jun 
2:02.788rCHarvey KandeHerne Hill HEltham23 Jun 
2:02.894Oscar CurryReigate PrioryKingston31 Jul 
2:03.456h1George PittwoodWalton ACKingston21 Aug 
2:04.386r1Dhruv SimmoniteKingston & PolyKingston12 Jun 
2:04.403BLeon LafreniereWoking ACBracknell11 Jul 
2:05.2Chukwuebuka NkamuoCroydon HBattersea Park20 Jun 
2:05.3mx2Sam HintonGuildford&GGuildford7 Jul 
2:07.3Max NaylorSutton&DistrictCarshalton20 Jun 
2:07.362BChizoba Carl NkamuoCroydon HBattersea Park14 Aug 
2:08.2Toby SpencerWindsorSE&HAldershot20 Jun 
2:08.74AMartin SunderlandWoking ACAldershot14 Aug 
2:10.237r9Robin BebbingtonHerne Hill HCoulsdon1 May 
2:10.427r1Noah LairdHolland SportsKingston12 Jun 
2:10.76r3Sam AtkinsKingston & PolyWalton1 Sep 
2:11.04BDaniel SlavenEpsom & EwellCarshalton14 Aug 
2:11.19mx2rDMorgan MkambulaAldershotF&DAldershot31 May 
2:11.265h2Morgan MkambulaAldershotF&DKingston31 Jul 
2:12.514r2Harry TuckmanWalton ACKingston12 Jun 
2:13.3Will IronsSutton&DistrictCarshalton20 Jun 
2:13.31mx3r8David Aisa MillerHerne Hill HCoulsdon1 May 
2:13.9Gusie LewisSutton&DistrictCarshalton20 Jun 
2:14.055r2David Aisa MillerHerne Hill HKingston12 Jun 
2:14.15mx1r2Sonny BreezeS FactorGillingham7 Aug 
2:15.1William BeltonHerculesWimbKingston11 Jul 
2:15.7Samuel HallKingston & PolyKingston11 Jul 
2:15.788h1Oscar KinironsBelgrave HKingston21 Aug 
2:16.4mx2r7Harry QuinnAldershotF&DAldershot25 Aug 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:55.00 )
 4:06.565rBChristo ChiltonSouth LondonAldershot31 May
 4:08.239rBOliver EmmentWindsorSE&HAldershot31 May
 4:08.26mx12r12Sam NesbittKingston & PolyWatford25 Aug
 4:08.351Conrad NormanSouth LondonKingston12 Jun
 4:08.8511rBMatthew PickeringSouth LondonAldershot31 May
 4:10.68mx1r3Jacob TaylorSouth LondonCoulsdon8 Sep
 4:11.683r1Sonny MaundStragglersLee Valley12 Jun
 4:12.418r11Martin SunderlandWoking ACWatford25 Aug
 4:13.241Jacob TaylorSouth LondonBattersea Park12 Jun
 4:13.43AEdward EnserBracknell ACAldershot20 Jun
 4:13.816rDSam NesbittRanelagh HMilton Keynes5 Jun
 4:16.37mx6rCJames WinshipBracknell ACAldershot31 May
 4:17.885Daniel SlavenEpsom & EwellKingston12 Jun
 4:19.63AOscar CurryReigate PrioryLewes27 Jun
 4:21.86mx3r3Alex BishopWindsorSE&HBromley22 May
 4:24.05mx7rCRobin BebbingtonHerne Hill HEltham14 Jul
 4:24.67James WinshipBracknell ACBracknell8 May
 4:25.366Robin BebbingtonHerne Hill HKingston1 Aug
 4:26.56mx6r5Christopher VaughanWalton ACAldershot4 Aug
 4:27.95Connor FoleyKingston & PolyCarshalton27 Jun
 4:28.034AHarry Forman WilshawKent ACEltham11 Jul
 4:28.906rFToby SpencerWindsorSE&HMilton Keynes5 Jun
 4:28.92BJosh PuntonWalton ACKingston11 Jul
 4:29.60mx4r1Nathan ToynHolland Sports Gillingham3 May
 4:30.54AMax PassinghamGuildford&GGuildford27 Jun
 4:30.93Christopher VaughanWalton ACCarshalton27 Jun
 4:32.23AMorgan MkambulaAldershotF&DAldershot14 Aug
 4:33.32AJoe GambieCroydon HWalton5 Sep
 4:36.02mx7r1Alex JackHerne Hill HEltham4 Aug
 4:37.1Harvey KandeHerne Hill HBattersea Park20 Jun
 4:37.21BLouis BellGuildford&GAldershot22 Aug
 4:38.876Nathan ToynHolland SportsKingston12 Jun
 4:39.40mx3r4David Aisa MillerHerne Hill HCarshalton16 May
 4:42.13ATobie DaweCamberley&DistAldershot18 Jul
 4:42.2Adam HammadiHerculesWimbCarshalton20 Jun
 4:42.607Alex JackHerne Hill HKingston1 Aug
 4:42.74AKay DaviesGuildford&GEton10 Jul
 4:43.74BLewis TaggHolland SportsLewes27 Jun
 4:44.1mx6r2Nathan MansfieldHerculesWimbBattersea Park22 May
 4:44.683ADouglas AikmanCroydon HBattersea Park14 Aug
 4:44.93AHarry TuckmanWalton ACWalton5 Sep
 4:45.7Hamish ChappleStMRichmondCarshalton20 Jun
 4:48.2mx1r4Harry BellHerne Hill HBattersea Park22 May
 4:48.63Gusie LewisSutton&DistrictCarshalton27 Jun
 4:49.62BFinlay SandersWalton ACWalton5 Sep
 4:49.898Nathan MansfieldHerculesWimbKingston1 Aug
 4:50.09+mx3r4William BeltonHerculesWimbWimbledon28 Jul
 4:50.16mx7r1Sam OsmondSouth LondonEltham14 Jul
 4:50.731nsStephen SmithWalton ACCarshalton27 Jun
 4:50.76Will IronsSutton&DistrictCarshalton27 Jun
 4:51.8PMichael WarneHolland SportsKingston31 May
 4:53.275ABen GoldingWoking ACEton11 Sep
 4:54.2Thomas ErskineHolland SportsLee Valley27 Jun
 4:54.4Evan Cowell-NewHerne Hill HBattersea Park20 Jun
 4:54.72+mx6r4Oscar KinironsBelgrave HWimbledon28 Jul
1 Mile (Standard: 5:55.00 )
4:49.32r10Daniel SlavenEpsom & EwellEwell26 Aug 
4:51.278Robin BebbingtonHerne Hill HWormwood Scrubs22 Aug 
5:07.37mx3r4William BeltonHerculesWimbWimbledon28 Jul 
5:15.09mx6r4Oscar KinironsBelgrave HWimbledon28 Jul 
5:16.7mx7r2Kay DaviesGuildford&GGuildford7 Jul 
5:21.32r1Finlay SandersWalton ACKingston18 Aug 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 10:40.00 )
 8:58.88mx2r5Christo ChiltonSouth LondonCoulsdon1 May
 9:07.7mx3r2Matthew PickeringSouth LondonAldershot25 Aug
 9:17.911BOliver EmmentWindsorSE&HBracknell11 Jul
 9:18.7512rBMartin SunderlandWoking ACMillfield29 May
 9:23.19mx13rAJames WinshipBracknell ACAldershot7 Jul
 9:28.91mx9rDAlex BishopWindsorSE&HMilton Keynes5 Jun
 9:38.162Rupert FergusonThames H&HKingston12 Jun
 9:50.51ADouglas AikmanCroydon HKingston25 Jul
 9:52.083r3Nathan ToynHolland SportsBromley11 Apr
 9:52.111Alex BishopWindsorSE&HKingston1 Aug
 10:00.612Toby SpencerWindsorSE&HKingston1 Aug
 10:03.3mx8r1David Aisa MillerHerne Hill HBattersea Park22 May
 10:03.453Stephen SmithWalton ACKingston1 Aug
 10:16.04BAdam JansenCroydon HBattersea Park11 Jul
 10:16.2mx2Morgan MkambulaAldershotF&DBracknell8 May
 10:29.376Oliver CornerEpsom & EwellKingston12 Jun
 10:29.42AKay DaviesGuildford&GWinchester25 Jul
1500 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 5:30.00 )
4:43.11Martin SunderlandWoking ACLoughborough4 Sep 
 100 Metres Hurdles (Standard: 17.00 )
 13.62/+0.7Ashton McKayKingston & PolyCarshalton16 May
 13.77/0.0Hayden ChristianGuildford&GLee Valley26 May
 14.0Dante ClarkeHerne Hill HWalton5 Sep
 14.42Eliot FergusonKingston & PolyKingston31 Jul
 14.5Christian Cairns ThomasBracknell ACEton10 Jul
 14.56/-0.6Henry ThomasCroydon HKingston12 Jun
 14.9William OdgersCamberley&DistAldershot22 Aug
 16.6James PearceHolland SportsBrighton25 Jul
400 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 68.00 )
55.54Luke DronfieldGuildford&GManchester (SC)7 Aug 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.50m )
 1.88Klaysen KafutiCroydon HKingston12 Jun
 1.85Ovie WhiskeyCroydon HKingston25 Jul
 1.80Dante ClarkeHerne Hill HLee Valley28 Aug
 1.80James PearceHolland SportsCrawley5 Sep
 1.79Kieran Bouwmeester-ReidStMRichmondCarshalton27 Jun
 1.73Jack Le VesconteKingston & PolyCarshalton27 Jun
 1.71Dhruv SimmoniteKingston & PolyWalton5 Sep
 1.70Eliot FergusonKingston & PolyKingston25 Jul
 1.70Frederick ReadEpsom & EwellCarshalton14 Aug
 1.65Christian Cairns ThomasBracknell ACEton10 Jul
 1.65Romane McFarlaneHerculesWimbCarshalton14 Aug
 1.62Hayden ChristianGuildford&GLee Valley27 Jun
 1.60Davian Hinds-HallCroydon HBattersea Park20 Jun
 1.60Marcus GayleHerculesWimbKingston11 Jul
 1.60Harry BrownHolland SportsBrighton25 Jul
 1.605Thomas ErskineHolland SportsKingston1 Aug
 1.56Michael WarneHolland Sports Coulsdon1 May
 1.55Harry YoungHolland SportsCarshalton16 May
 1.55Peter BluntHolland SportsCrawley14 Aug
Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
6.93/+1.51Samuel SherlockGuildford&GKingston1 Aug 
6.33/0.0Dante ClarkeHerne Hill HKingston21 Aug 
6.10/+0.92Hayden ChristianGuildford&GKingston1 Aug 
5.80Gregory MenkitiSlough JuniorAldershot27 Jun 
5.68Lyes PeesadDorkingMVCrawley20 Jun 
5.65Luis RichardsonKingston & PolyCarshalton14 Aug 
5.57Jacob ThomasWalton ACWalton5 Sep 
5.55Indraneel KandlaguntaSlough JuniorSalisbury13 Jun 
5.35Alexander PalominoSutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Aug 
5.24Kieran Bouwmeester-ReidStMRichmondKingston11 Jul 
5.24James PearceHolland SportsCrawley5 Sep 
5.23Max Nathan-AmissahGuildford&GAldershot22 Aug 
5.22Thomas ErskineHolland SportsCrawley14 Aug 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 11.25m )
 10.99Henry ThomasCroydon HKingston25 Jul
 10.97Issah AbdulkarimBlkhth&BromGillingham25 Jul
 10.81/+0.61Indraneel KandlaguntaSlough JuniorKingston1 Aug
Shot Put (5kg) (Standard: 9.50m )
12.53Alie SesayHerne Hill HBattersea Park12 Jun 
11.74Kieran Bouwmeester-ReidStMRichmondLee Valley25 Sep 
11.71Matthew SmithWoking ACSwindon27 Jun 
11.541Teddy GannonWindsorSE&HKingston1 Aug 
11.49Hayden ChristianGuildford&GLee Valley27 Jun 
10.42Dante ClarkeHerne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep 
9.813Joshua BrownEpsom & EwellKingston1 Aug 
 Discus (1.5kg) (Standard: 23.00m )
 49.74Teddy GannonWindsorSE&HMoulton5 Sep
 34.49Matthew SmithWoking ACAldershot6 Jun
 31.85Kieran Bouwmeester-ReidStMRichmondLee Valley25 Sep
 30.69Hayden ChristianGuildford&GBedford18 Sep
 30.24Dante ClarkeHerne Hill HCarshalton12 Sep
 27.883Joshua BrownEpsom & EwellKingston1 Aug
 23.77Michael WarneHolland SportsBrighton25 Jul
Javelin (700g) (Standard: 28.00m )
40.57Kieran Bouwmeester-ReidStMRichmondLee Valley25 Sep 
39.70Mackenzie NiddrieGuildford&GYeovil12 Jun 
39.44Matthew SmithWoking ACAldershot6 Jun 
38.251Hayden ChristianGuildford&GKingston1 Aug 
32.04Benjamin AppuhamyKingston & PolyCarshalton27 Jun 
29.20Dante ClarkeHerne Hill HCarshalton12 Sep 
 Octathlon (Standard: 2000pts )
 4413ptsHayden ChristianGuildford&GBedford19 Sep
 4144ptsDante ClarkeHerne Hill HCarshalton12 Sep
 2971ptsMichael WarneHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep
 2875ptsThomas ErskineHolland SportsCarshalton12 Sep

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