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Today's Date: 15 July 2024

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(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
100 Metres (Standard: 12.80)
 11.00/+5.0 wImani LansiquotSutton & District ACClermont FL, USA23 Apr 
 11.15/+0.6 Imani LansiquotSutton & District ACBirmingham2 Aug 
 11.22/+4.5 wKristal AwuahHerne Hill HarriersLa Chaux-de-Fonds, SUI3 Jul 
 11.30/+1.9 Kristal AwuahHerne Hill HarriersStratford (CT)17 Jul 
 11.49/+4.7 wCheyanne Evans-GrayCroydon HarriersDagenham30 Jul 
 11.52/+1.8 Cheyanne Evans-GrayCroydon HarriersStratford (CT)17 Jul 
 11.66/+2.8 wAmanda Obijiaku (U20)South London HarriersHigh Point NC, USA11 May 
 11.74/+2.3 wNiyah Costley (U20)Herne Hill HarriersChelmsford18 Jun 
 11.76/+1.9 Amanda Obijiaku (U20)South London HarriersHigh Point NC, USA10 May 
 11.77 Olivia OkoliGuildford & Godalming ACPalo Alto CA, USA1 Apr 
 11.86/+0.3 Niyah Costley (U20)Herne Hill HarriersStratford (CT)10 Jun 
 11.90/+1.9 Aaliyah Brown (U20)South London HarriersBedford19 Jun 
 11.90/+1.9 Racheal Largie-Poleon (U20)Croydon HarriersCrawley7 Aug 
 11.98/+3.6 wJennifer Eduwu (U20)South London HarriersDagenham1 May 
 12.00/+0.8 Saskia King (U20)Herne Hill HarriersBedford21 Aug 
 12.01/+2.8 wLucy HoadSutton & District ACManchester (SC)24 Jun 
 12.04/-4.5 Marcia Sey (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACKnoxville TN, USA8 Apr 
 12.06 Lucy HoadSutton & District ACChelmsford19 Jun 
 12.08/+1.9 Jennifer Eduwu (U20)South London HarriersDagenham1 May 
 12.10/+4.4 wHannah Bell (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACDagenham3 Jul 
 12.11/-0.3 Mary AbichiEnfield & Haringey ACLee Valley20 Jul 
 12.14/2.9 w1Sapphire Haley (U17)Herne Hill HarriersStratford17 Jul 
 12.19/4.4 w1BIndiana Marshall (U17)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACWoking26 Jun 
 12.2 1AArabella Wilson (U17)Winchester & District ACAbingdon2 Jul 
 12.25/0.0 1Hannah Bell (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACKingston14 May 
 12.3 1AGracelyn Kendeck (U15)Croydon HarriersEwell4 Jun 
 12.35/+3.3 wCharmaine GrantHerne Hill HarriersStratford (CT)17 Jul 
 12.36/+3.3 wLisa Boland (W40)Epsom & Ewell HarriersDagenham30 Jul 
 12.37/0.0 2Mallory Cluley (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACKingston14 May 
 12.37 1.21 2Esme Taylor (U15)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersHorspath10 Sep 
 12.39/+0.9 Ninsola Adewale (U20)Croydon HarriersCrawley7 Aug 
 12.4 1ALia Bonsu (U17)Croydon HarriersEwell4 Jun 
 12.41 1h4Indiana Marshall (U17)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACWorthing26 Jul 
 12.43/+1.5 Charmaine GrantHerne Hill HarriersDagenham30 Jul 
 12.46/+1.2 Lisa Boland (W40)Epsom & Ewell HarriersKingston28 Aug 
 12.47/+0.4 Zoe Dake (U20)Croydon HarriersChelmsford30 Apr 
 12.50/0.3 1h2Tochi Davids (U17)Croydon HarriersKingston14 May 
 12.50/+1.0 1Sapphire Haley (U17)Herne Hill HarriersStratford (CT)10 Jun 
 12.5 1AElla Rennie (U15)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec30 Jul 
 12.52/+1.6 Kayla Bowley (U23)Croydon HarriersChelmsford4 May 
 12.52 1 h2Ava Dauley (U15)Surrey SchoolsKingston11 Jun 
 12.52 1Caitlyn Harvey (U17)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersWalton13 Jul 
 12.55/+0.8 Jemma WoodSutton & District ACCoulsdon30 Apr 
 12.55/+1.3 Emily Read (U23)Woking ACLoughborough22 Jun 
 12.60/+0.6 Esinam Dake (U23)Croydon HarriersLoughborough15 Jun 
 12.62 4Emma Fisher (U17)Walton ACKingston14 May 
 12.62/0.2 3Inessa-Renee Atta-Fynn (U17)Croydon HarriersKingston14 May 
 12.65 1h6Sophie Osborn (U17)Epsom & Ewell HarriersCarshalton28 May 
 12.69/+3.1 w2h2.3Kyra Stone (U17)Hercules Wimbledon ACDagenham3 Jul 
 12.7 Marcia Francisco (U23)Sutton & District ACCarshalton22 May 
 12.7 3AAtarah Kenton (U15)Croydon HarriersTooting Bec30 Jul 
 12.71/-0.1 6h4Kyra Stone (U17)Hercules Wimbledon ACBedford27 Aug 
 12.72/+1.5 Christal Afriyie Amponsah (U20)Croydon HarriersCrawley7 Aug 
 12.77/0.2 5Alecia Davidson (U17)Herne Hill HarriersKingston14 May 
 12.8 1ALily King (U17)Epsom & Ewell HarriersEwell4 Jun 
 12.80 Charlotte Williams (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersWalton13 Jul 
 12.8 Jaydine Robinson (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec13 Aug 
 12.80/+5.2 wEsther Ibiama (U20)Woking ACWoking26 Jun 
200 Metres (Standard: 26.20)
 22.70/+3.5 wImani LansiquotSutton & District ACManchester (SC)26 Jun 
 22.71/+3.5 wKristal AwuahHerne Hill HarriersManchester (SC)26 Jun 
 22.93/+1.4 Imani LansiquotSutton & District ACPoznan, POL27 May 
 23.15/+0.1 Kristal AwuahHerne Hill HarriersStratford (CT)17 Jul 
 23.89/+0.6 Amanda Obijiaku (U20)South London HarriersColumbia SC, USA23 Apr 
 24.32/-0.9 Mary AbichiEnfield & Haringey ACLee Valley20 Jul 
 24.55/-0.4 1Jennifer Eduwu (U20)South London HarriersKingston14 May 
 24.74/1.5 3 H7Arabella Wilson (U17)Winchester & District ACBedford17 Sep 
 24.92 2Tochi Davids (U17)Croydon HarriersGillingham11 Jun 
 25.00/-0.4 2Racheal Largie-Poleon (U20)Croydon HarriersKingston14 May 
 25.1 Lucy HoadSutton & District ACCarshalton22 May 
 25.17/+2.5 wAaliyah Brown (U20)South London HarriersDagenham1 May 
 25.2 1AGracelyn Kendeck (U15)Croydon HarriersEwell4 Jun 
 25.27/-0.4 Nicole KendallThames Valley HarriersCardiff7 May 
 25.29/1.3 1Jemma WoodSutton & District ACKingston15 May 
 25.3 Kayla Bowley (U23)Croydon HarriersBattersea Park12 Jun 
 25.39/1.4 1Ella Rennie (U15)Herne Hill HarriersHorspath10 Sep 
 25.4 1 2Lily Rose Brown (U15)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec11 Sep 
 25.5/1.7 2ACaitlyn Harvey (U17)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersWalton26 Jun 
 25.50/+0.2 Ninsola Adewale (U20)Croydon HarriersCrawley7 Aug 
 25.63/+2.8 wHannah Bell (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACDagenham3 Jul 
 25.65/+0.3 Emily Read (U23)Woking ACLoughborough22 Jun 
 25.79/1.7 2Madison O'Gorman (U17)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACKingston15 May 
 25.8 Jaydine Robinson (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec13 Aug 
 25.81/+1.2 Hannah Bell (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACCarshalton12 Jun 
 25.86/+0.7 Susie McLoughlin (W45)Walton ACStratford (CT)14 Aug 
 25.98/1.3 4Mallory Cluley (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACKingston15 May 
 26.0 Stephanie Fisher (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACGillingham22 May 
 26.00 1AElin Roberts (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACEwell4 Jun 
 26.01/-2.9 H3Sienna Kidd (U17)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACCrawley25 Jun 
 26.02/1.7 1BIndiana Marshall (U17)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACHendon28 May 
 26.02 H3Sophie Ajuka (U17)Sutton & District ACCrawley25 Jun 
 26.10/+0.4 Laura BurkeWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACCrawley12 Jun 
 26.11/-1.7 Zoe Dake (U20)Croydon HarriersChelmsford2 May 
 26.12 3h6Sophie Osborn (U17)Epsom & Ewell HarriersCarshalton28 May 
 26.2 1AEsme Taylor (U15)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBournemouth21 May 
 26.2 2AJessica Howells (U15)Ewell4 Jun 
400 Metres (Standard: 61.00)
 53.84 Mary AbichiEnfield & Haringey ACStratford (CT)17 Jul 
 56.30 4h4Arabella Wilson (U17)Winchester & District ACNuneaton8 Jun 
 57.20 1ACaitlyn Harvey (U17)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersHorspath16 Jul 
 57.36 1Alex HillBlackheath & Bromley Harriers ACKingston14 May 
 57.41 Jasmine MitchellWoodford Green with Essex LadiesStratford (CT)17 Jul 
 57.49 Susie McLoughlin (W45)Walton ACTampere, FIN8 Jul 
 57.84 Lizzie Amos (W45)Walton ACTampere, FIN8 Jul 
 57.99 1h2Sophie Osborn (U17)Epsom & Ewell HarriersTonbridge18 Apr 
 57.99 mx3h2Charlotte Wormley (U17)Crawley ACCrawley18 Apr 
 58.03 Laura BurkeWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACGillingham3 Sep 
 58.32 2Christina Kirkby (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACChelmsford14 Aug 
 58.59 2Rachel DonnisonBelgrave HarriersKingston14 May 
 59.20 Stephanie Fisher (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACTonbridge18 Apr 
 59.41 Katie Hopkins (U23)Woking ACBirmingham Uni11 May 
 59.6 Lucy Wright (U15)Herne Hill HarriersEltham20 Jul 
 59.62 1h2Lilah Unwin (U17)Reigate Priory ACCrawley29 Aug 
 59.8 Megan AitchisonKent ACCarshalton22 May 
 59.89 Charlotte Williams (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersHorspath9 Jul 
 60.05 mx4h2Lauren Wormley (U17)Crawley ACCrawley18 Apr 
 60.08 Zoe Tompkins (U23)Herne Hill HarriersBournemouth2 Jul 
 60.36 Milda Sileikaite (U20)Sutton & District ACCoulsdon30 Apr 
 60.48 Kyra Sethna-McIntosh (U20)Croydon HarriersDagenham3 Jul 
 60.56 Sophia Sahai (U15)Herne Hill HarriersGillingham3 Sep 
 60.7 Amy BillupsSouth London HarriersGuildford16 Jul 
 60.9 Hayley Cargill (W40)Walton ACCarshalton10 Sep 
 60.94 5Rebecca KeddieKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston14 May 
800 Metres (Standard: 2:20.00)
 1:59.20 3h1Adelle TraceyGuildford & Godalming ACEugene OR, USA21 Jul 
 1:59.72 1Katie SnowdenHerne Hill HarriersSzczecin, POL24 Aug 
 2:00.98 1r1Katy-Ann McDonald (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACAzusa CA, USA14 Apr 
 2:10.18 2h8Charlotte Wormley (U17)Crawley ACWorthing21 Jun 
 2:10.38 3h8Lauren Wormley (U17)Crawley ACWorthing21 Jun 
 2:10.9 5rAAnnabel Hobday (U23)Herne Hill HarriersWatford18 May 
 2:12.75 1rDKatie Hopkins (U23)Woking ACBirmingham Uni14 May 
 2:13.31 1h7Lilah Unwin (U17)Reigate Priory ACWatford15 Jun 
 2:13.52 mx2 GLucy Wright (U15)Herne Hill HarriersTooting24 Aug 
 2:13.77 3Katie Pye (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACChelmsford14 Aug 
 2:13.85 3Emmeline Orbell (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACSportcity9 Jul 
 2:14.09 1ASuzie MonkGuildford & Godalming ACHendon2 Jul 
 2:14.2 mx4r3Chloe CrossmanGuildford & Godalming ACStoke Gifford21 Jun 
 2:14.28 4Lottie Quinn (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACKingston18 Jun 
 2:14.28 mx2r7Amelie Attenborough (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACWatford15 Jun 
 2:15.39 1ARebecca KeddieKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersHorspath16 Jul 
 2:15.65 2rBSusannah Lecoutre (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACCardiff7 May 
 2:15.89 5 h3Lucy Wright (U15)Herne Hill HarriersSportcity8 Jul 
 2:15.91 2Robin Simons (U15)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston15 May 
 2:16.2 1BChloe CrossmanGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford22 May 
 2:16.31 2h2Sophia Sahai (U15)Herne Hill HarriersSportcity8 Jul 
 2:16.44 5Katie Foss (U15)Crawley ACCrawley18 Jun 
 2:16.64 1r2Mary AbichiEnfield & Haringey ACLee Valley16 Apr 
 2:17.04 mx3r7Victoria BarthelmessThames Hare & HoundsLivingston22 Jul 
 2:17.32 HArabella Wilson (U17)Winchester & District ACYeovil1 May 
 2:17.54 2Tia Garrard (U13)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersChelmsford14 Aug 
 2:17.7 1AHayley Cargill (W40)Walton ACCarshalton10 Sep 
 2:18.4 7h5Summer Chapman (U17)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACAldershot2 Jun 
 2.18.95 1Millie Thorpe (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACKingston14 May 
 2:19.05 mx4r1Charlotte Vaughan (U23)Walton ACBirmingham Uni9 Jul 
 2:19.5 1ALily-Rose Brown (U15)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec30 Jul 
 2:19.6 mx3Gabriella Ceccherini (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersEwell15 Jun 
 2:19.79 3EIndia Blakey (U15)Herne Hill HarriersWormwood Scrubs22 Jun 
 2:19.93 2ALola Roake (U15)Woking ACAldershot19 Jun 
1500 Metres (Standard: 4:50.00)
 4:02.55 5Adelle TraceyGuildford & Godalming ACOstrava, CZE31 May 
 4:03.76 5h2Katie SnowdenHerne Hill HarriersMunich, GER16 Aug 
 4:12.30 3Katy-Ann McDonald (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACOxford MO, USA14 May 
 4:21.28 5rAPippa Roessler (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBirmingham Uni14 May 
 4:22.09 3Georgie GrgecHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec24 Aug 
 4:24.17 mx6r9Suzie MonkGuildford & Godalming ACWatford24 Aug 
 4:25.12 mx11r7Alexandra Brown (U23)Herne Hill HarriersWimbledon1 Jun 
 4:26.23 8rCSuzie MonkGuildford & Godalming ACWatford11 Jun 
 4:28.72 mx7 8Katie Pye (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford27 Jul 
 4:29.4 mx12r6Niamh BrownAldershot, Farnham & District ACAldershot2 Jun 
 4:29.52 4s1Elsa Palmer (U23)Dorking Mole Valley ACChelmsford1 May 
 4:30.82 3Katie Pye (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACSportcity9 Jul 
 4:30.82 mx5h1Charlotte Wormley (U17)Crawley ACCrawley3 Apr 
 4:32.5 mx6rCNiamh BrownAldershot, Farnham & District ACEltham25 May 
 4:33.60 mx4h5Lottie Quinn (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACAldershot2 Jun 
 4:33.60 mx8rDDominique Corradi (U23)Sutton & District ACEltham20 Jul 
 4:33.71 3rACara AndersonCrawley ACBedford21 Aug 
 4:34.12 2r5Stevie Lawrence Croydon HarriersCleveland TN, USA8 Apr 
 4:34.24 10rCDominique Corradi (U23)Sutton & District ACManchester (SC)28 May 
 4:35.11 mx1ELauren Wormley (U17)Crawley ACEltham20 Jul 
 4:35.87 mx7r5Stephanie HewittBelgrave HarriersWimbledon1 Jun 
 4:36.55 8Charlotte DannattCamberley & District ACFairfax VA, USA9 Apr 
 4:36.87 mx13rCAnnabel Hobday (U23)Herne Hill HarriersEltham22 Jun 
 4:37.32 8Lola Roake (U15)Woking ACSportcity9 Jul 
 4:38.77 mx9r8Ellen Weir (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon Park20 Jul 
 4:39.63 mx2r4Victoria BarthelmessThames Hare & HoundsLivingston2 Sep 
 4:40.5 1AEllen Weir (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACUxbridge22 May 
 4:41.69 mx1CEmmeline Orbell (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWormwood Scrubs20 Jul 
 4:43.62 mx10r7Naomi LenaneEpsom & Ewell HarriersWatford24 Aug 
 4:43.7 mx8h4Maya Jobbins (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWimbledon1 Jun 
 4:43.83 1Lottie Quinn (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACKingston15 May 
 4:44.1 1nsEmmeline Orbell (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACAldershot29 May 
 4:45.7 mx4h4Stephanie Massie (U15)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACAldershot2 Jun 
 4:46.29 6Amelie Attenborough (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston4 Jun 
 4:46.9 mx5r4Kiki Webb (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACAldershot2 Jun 
 4:47.17 mx10r3Katriona Brown (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBirmingham Uni8 Jun 
 4:47.73 mx8h4Estee Norman (U15)Epsom & Ewell HarriersCarshalton28 May 
 4:47.86 mx9rCAlbane Fery (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACWormwood Scrubs22 Jun 
 4:47.93 mx6r3Gabriella Ceccherini (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersWimbledon1 Jun 
 4:49.66 3Maya Jobbins (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACKingston15 May 
 4:49.69 1Katie Hopkins (U23)Woking ACStretford30 Mar 
 4:49.74 mx13r3Charlotte Vaughan (U23)Walton ACBirmingham Uni8 Jun 
1 Mile (Standard: 5:40.00)
 4:58.42 mx10r8Ellen Weir (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon Park20 Jul 
 4:59.10 4AAlexandra Brown (U23)Herne Hill HarriersOxford8 May 
 5:11.00 mx3r5Gabriella Ceccherini (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersWimbledon Park20 Jul 
 5:12.49 mx12r6Hayley Cargill (W40)Walton ACWimbledon Park20 Jul 
 5:17.20 mx1r4Sophie Lomas (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersWimbledon Park20 Jul 
 5:18.69 mx2r4Lily Brown (U17)Epsom & Ewell HarriersWimbledon20 Jul 
 5:18.86 6r12Matilde Lomba (W35)Hercules Wimbledon ACStratford CT12 May 
 5:19.39 mx10r2Fiona de Mauny (W35)Herne Hill HarriersGuildford3 Aug 
 5:19.47 mx8r5Florence White (U15)Epsom & Ewell HarriersWimbledon20 Jul 
 5:19.8 mx2r7Isabella Harrison (U13)Hercules Wimbledon ACTooting Bec7 Sep 
 5:20.94 mx11r5Kitty Scott (U13)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWimbledon20 Jul 
 5:22.9 mx9r8Amy BillupsSouth London HarriersTooting Bec7 Sep 
 5:24.49 mx4r4Gina Galbraith (W45)Hercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon20 Jul 
 5:27.6 mx7r6Lisa Rooney (W40)Kingfisher TriEwell25 Aug 
 5:27.6 mx8r7Orla Wright (U15)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Sep 
 5:27.9 mx9r7Jennifer NandiHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Sep 
 5:29.49 mx7r4Rosalie Laban (U17)Herne Hill HarriersWimbledon20 Jul 
 5:30.31 mx8r4Ava McAndie (U15)Hercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon20 Jul 
 5:32.10 7r12Bettina UribauerHercules Wimbledon ACStratford (CT)12 May 
 5:34.29 mx1r3Aaliyah Tharmakulasingam (U13)Sutton & District ACWimbledon20 Jul 
 5:34.5 mx10r7Eva O'Hanlon (U17)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Sep 
 5:35.0 mx11r7Orla Carroll (U15)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Sep 
 5:35.1 mx2r6Nikki Sturzaker (W45)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Sep 
 5:37.1 mx3r4Abby Graham-Maw (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersEwell25 Aug 
 5:38.65 mx3r3Izzy Perry (U17)Herne Hill HarriersWimbledon20 Jul 
 5:38.79 mx9r2Sophie Jack (U15)Herne Hill HarriersBattersea Park30 Apr 
 5:39.64 mx5r3Iona Alexander (U15)Hercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon20 Jul 
3000 Metres (Standard: 11:00.00)
 9:09.15 mx5r4Georgie GrgecHerne Hill HarriersWimbledon Park13 Jul 
 9:23.06 mx18r2Pippa Roessler (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford4 May 
 9:33.30 mx20r2Niamh BrownAldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford4 May 
 9:33.39 mx16Nancy ScottAldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford24 Aug 
 9:34.95 mx16r2Ellen Weir (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACWatford1 Jun 
 9:35.72 1Georgie GrgecHerne Hill HarriersBournemouth2 Jul 
 9:42.21 mx11r3Georgia PeelBelgrave HarriersWimbledon Park13 Jul 
 9:42.24 6Charlotte DannattCamberley & District ACMilton Keynes9 Jul 
 9:42.85 mx10r3Suzie MonkGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford3 Aug 
 9:45.87 1Katie Pye (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACChelmsford19 Jun 
 9:50.70 mx7r1Katie BingleAldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford15 Jun 
 9:51.06 mx8r2Dominique Corradi (U23)Sutton & District ACStretford17 May 
 9:51.53 mx8r2Naomi LenaneBelgrave HarriersWimbledon Park13 Jul 
 9:52.69 Dominique Corradi (U23)Sutton & District ACLeeds25 Apr 
 9:58.47 1Sophie HarrisHerne Hill HarriersBedford4 Jun 
 10:01.4 1ASuzie MonkGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford22 May 
 10:05.56 mx13r2Katriona Brown (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWimbledon Park13 Jul 
 10:06.7 2AKatie BingleAldershot, Farnham & District ACGuildford22 May 
 10:06.9 mx18Laura GoodsonBelgrave HarriersTooting Bec3 Aug 
 10:08.03 1Lea AdamsonBelgrave HarriersYate20 Aug 
 10:13.99 mx17r2Sophie CowperRotherham HWimbledon Park13 Jul 
 10:14.4 1BOlivia PapaioannouBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park18 May 
 10:14.78 1Naomi LenaneBelgrave HarriersPortsmouth4 Jun 
 10:16.1 1AStephanie HewittBelgrave HarriersKilmarnock8 May 
 10:17.79 mx10 1Lottie Quinn (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford27 Jul 
 10:20.85 mx13r1Albane Fery (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACWatford15 Jun 
 10:20.88 2Jessica SaundersBelgrave HarriersYate20 Aug 
 10:24.0 mx13Julia WedmoreHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec3 Aug 
 10:24.1 1Natasha SheelSerpentine RunnersCroydon22 Jun 
 10:24.19 4Sophie CowperRotherhamHendon2 Jul 
 10:26.69 1BPhoebe LawKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBedford21 Aug 
 10:27.9 mx7r3Eloise BullReigate Priory ACBirmingham Uni11 May 
 10:28.73 2Eloise BullReigate Priory ACKingston15 May 
 10:29.6 3Fiona de Mauny (W35)Herne Hill HarriersKingston7 May 
 10:31.56 mx7r2Grace BatchelorHercules Wimbledon ACCoulsdon30 Apr 
 10:33.87 mx9 1Stephanie Massie (U15)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACAldershot18 Aug 
 10:34.92 mx8r1Laura GoodsonBelgrave HarriersWimbledon Park13 Jul 
 10:41.07 mx17 1Maya Jobbins (U15)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford10 Aug 
 10:42.7 1AAlbane Fery (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACUxbridge22 May 
 10:42.7 1ALucy ConnollySouth London HarriersGuildford16 Jul 
 10:44.01 mx12r1Lizzie Goldie-ScotBelgrave HarriersWimbledon Park13 Jul 
 10:46.73 mx4r1Naomi MainiGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford3 Aug 
 10:47.3 2Julia WedmoreHerne Hill HarriersCroydon22 Jun 
 10:47.84 5h1Gabrielle Holland (U17)South London HarriersGuildford3 Aug 
 10:48.97 1AGina Galbraith (W45)Hercules Wimbledon ACTooting Bec10 Sep 
 10:50.81 3Charlotte Wormley (U17)Crawley ACBedford4 Jun 
 10:51.55 3BNatasha LodgeHerne Hill HarriersBedford21 Aug 
 10:51.79 3Lizzie Goldie-ScotBelgrave HarriersKingston15 May 
 10:52.12 9h2Lily Brown (U17)Epsom & Ewell HarriersCoulsdon30 Apr 
 10:53.5 2ASam Ludlow Taylor (W40)Guildford & Godalming ACGuildford16 Jul 
 10:54.6 1ALouise MillsWoking ACBracknell16 Jul 
 10:55.16 mx27Kiki Webb (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford24 Aug 
 10:56.14 4BJennifer NandiHerne Hill HarriersBedford21 Aug 
 10:58.21 1Susan McDonald (W55)South London HarriersNuneaton31 Jul 
 10:58.59 1BNiamh Thompson (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACTooting Bec10 Sep 
 10:58.8 1AMary James (W45)South London HarriersKingston10 Sep 
5000 Metres (Standard: 20:00.00)
 15:51.54 1Georgie GrgecHerne Hill HarriersMilton Keynes9 Jul 
 16:13.55 5Charlotte DannattCamberley & District ACMilton Keynes9 Jul 
 16:21.98 15Pippa Roessler (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford11 Jun 
 16:30.44 18Ellen Weir (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACWatford11 Jun 
 16:40.34 mx3r3Nancy ScottAldershot, Farnham & District ACScotstoun29 Jul 
 16:43.75 25Lily PartridgeBirchfield HarriersParliament Hill14 May 
 16:50.60 10Niamh BrownAldershot, Farnham & District ACBattersea Park15 Apr 
 17:06.07 10r1Nancy ScottAldershot, Farnham & District ACChelmsford2 May 
 17:08.11 13Suzie MonkGuildford & Godalming ACBattersea Park15 Apr 
 17:18.70 mx2r3Naomi LenaneBelgrave HarriersMilton Keynes9 Jul 
 17:22.38 mx7Dominique Corradi (U23)Sutton & District ACLeicester19 Mar 
 17:27.63 14Stevie LawrenceCroydon HarriersCleveland TN, USA8 Apr 
 17:31.09 4Ruby Wyles (U23)Guildford & Godalming ACNashville TN, USA30 Apr 
 17:34.90 4r2Dominique Corradi (U23)Sutton & District ACChelmsford2 May 
 17:37.03 6Katriona Brown (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBirmingham Uni19 Mar 
 17:51.53 mx10r1Julia WedmoreHerne Hill HarriersWimbledon6 Aug 
 18:04.33 8Sophie CowperRotherhamBedford31 Jul 
 18:10.04 mx18r2Stephanie HewittBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park15 Apr 
 18:17.52 mx2r3Gina Galbraith (W45)Hercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon27 Jul 
 18:30.38 mx7Amy RollasonSouth London HarriersCarshalton28 May 
 18:31.24 mx14r1Laura GoodsonBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park15 Apr 
 18:34.02 1BGina Galbraith (W45)Hercules Wimbledon ACCarshalton12 Jun 
 18:43.00 mx19r2Olivia PapaioannouBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park15 Apr 
 18:48.29 mx22r4Lizzie Goldie-ScottBelgrave HarriersFinsbury Park1 Jul 
 18:48.93 mx9rBJennifer NandiHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec24 Aug 
 18:54.48 mx13r2Kate Carter (W45)Wimbledon WindmilersKingston5 Jun 
 19:00.2 1ASam Ludlow Taylor (W40)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston12 Jun 
 19:04.7 mx11Ginevra Stoneley (W45)Reigate Priory ACCrawley14 Sep 
 19:06.3 2AJulia WedmoreHerne Hill HarriersBattersea Park12 Jun 
 19:36.63 mx9Laura Taylor (W45)South London HarriersCarshalton28 May 
 19:41.0 1BJennifer NandiHerne Hill HarriersBattersea Park12 Jun 
 19:44.8 mx13Jo Davey (W45)Reigate Priory ACCrawley14 Sep 
 19:45.5 1AMadeleine Armstrong PliethCroydon HarriersBattersea Park12 Jun 
 19:57.32 2AApril James-Welsh (W40)South London HarriersCarshalton12 Jun 
10,000 Metres (Standard: 40:00.00)
 33:26.78 8Charlotte DannattCamberley & District ACEugene OR, USA9 Jun 
 33:59.40 1rBGeorgie GrgecHerne Hill HarriersParliament Hill14 May 
 34:24.50 27rALily PartridgeBirchfield HarriersParliament Hill14 May 
 37:09.01 12rBSarah Forbes-SmithTri SurreyParliament Hill14 May 
 38:11.31 20rBPolly WarrackDulwich RunnersParliament Hill14 May 
 38:26.91 mx1r2Gina Galbraith (W45)Hercules Wimbledon ACBattersea Park14 Sep 
 38:32.75 7Sophie CowperRotherhamLoughborough23 Apr 
2000 Metres Steeplechase (76.2cm) (Standard: 9:00.00)
 6:49.3 Ellen Weir (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACUxbridge22 May 
 7:24.32 Katie Balme (U23)Herne Hill HarriersChelmsford30 Apr 
 7:38.29 Niamh Thompson (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACHorspath9 Jul 
 7:39.4 Sophie Lomas (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersKingston16 Jul 
 7:43.0 Lily Brown (U17)Epsom & Ewell HarriersKingston16 Jul 
 7:55.7 Lulu Weisz (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACUxbridge22 May 
 7:56.7 Katie Hopkins (U23)Woking ACGillingham22 May 
 8:00.77 Bea Lafreniere (W45)Woking ACTampere, FIN8 Jul 
 8:02.18 Rosalie Laban (U17)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec16 Jul 
 8:02.48 Louise MillsWoking ACWoking10 Sep 
 8:15.8 Lisa Thomas (W55)Hercules Wimbledon ACUxbridge22 May 
 8:34.0 Izzy Perry (U17)Herne Hill HarriersCarshalton22 May 
 8:35.40 Diana Norman (W45)Epsom & Ewell HarriersPortsmouth22 May 
 8:58.89 Hannah Newman (U17)Woking ACWoking10 Sep 
3000 Metres Steeplechase (76.2cm) (Standard: 13:00.00)
 10:07.07 Stevie LawrenceCroydon HarriersManchester (SC)26 Jun 
 10:52.26 Chloe SharpWoking ACChelmsford18 Jun 
100 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 16.50)
 13.32/+2.4 wMarcia Sey (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACMinneapolis MN, USA15 May 
 13.34/+5.4 wMallory Cluley (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACManchester (SC)26 Jun 
 13.57/+0.3 Mallory Cluley (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACDagenham28 May 
 13.68/-0.6 Marcia Sey (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACBloomington IN, USA26 May 
 14.39/+2.2 wKira Holt (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBedford21 Aug 
 14.41/+0.3 Kira Holt (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersTonbridge29 Aug 
 14.47/+1.8 Madison Hutton (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersClovis CA, USA11 May 
 14.89/+0.3 Bryony Bovell (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACTonbridge29 Aug 
 14.95/+1.8 Racheal Largie-Poleon (U20)Croydon HarriersCrawley7 Aug 
 15.38/0.1 2Ellie Taylor (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersKingston14 May 
 16.16/+1.3 Jodie Albrow (W35)Belgrave HarriersTampere, FIN29 Jun 
400 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 70.00)
 54.09 Jessie KnightWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACOordegem, BEL28 May 
 58.12 Nicole KendallThames Valley HarriersOordegem, BEL28 May 
 59.96 Alex HillBlackheath & Bromley Harriers ACChelmsford18 Jun 
 59.99 3Arabella Wilson (U17)Winchester & District ACBedford19 Jun 
 62.29 Jasmine MitchellWoodford Green with Essex LadiesBedford30 Jul 
 63.51 Stephanie Fisher (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACChelmsford1 May 
 66.59 Aisha Naibe-WeyThames Valley HarriersHendon2 Jul 
 66.86 Lulu Weisz (U20)Hercules Wimbledon ACHorspath16 Jul 
 67.44 Jodie Albrow (W35)Belgrave HarriersCoulsdon30 Apr 
 68.50 Ella Barker (U20)Woking ACChelmsford30 Apr 
 68.96 Cariad Norris (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACPerivale24 Apr 
 69.80 Eleanor ArnfieldKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersChelmsford18 Jun 
High Jump (Standard: 1.55m [5ft1in])
 1.93m Morgan LakeWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACClermont FL, USA1 May 
 1.72m Gabriella Thoburn (U20)South London HarriersTooting Bec7 Aug 
 1.70m Bryony Bovell (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACTonbridge29 Aug 
 1.68m Madison Hutton (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersBedford28 May 
 1.63m 2Mabel-Rose Scales (U17)Hercules Wimbledon ACKingston14 May 
 1.63m 1Arabella Wilson (U17)Winchester & District ACKingston14 May 
 1.62m 4Sophie Ajuka (U17)Sutton & District ACBedford17 Sep 
 1.60m Georgina Ezechie (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersCarshalton10 Sep 
 1.58m 1AEstee Norman (U15)Epsom & Ewell HarriersKingston9 Jul 
 1.57m 1 AOlivia Kraus (U15)Guildford & Godalming ACCarshalton27 Aug 
 1.56m 1AElin Roberts (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACGuildford29 May 
 1.56m Jemima Harcourt (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersGuildford29 May 
 1.56m 1AWillow Scales (U15)Hercules Wimbledon ACEwell4 Jun 
 1.56m 1AEmily Bokor-Ingram (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACWalton26 Jun 
Pole Vault (Standard: 2.50m [8ft3in])
 4.35m Jade IveSutton & District ACCardiff12 Jun 
 3.55m 2Mariette Hilborne (W35)Crawley ACKingston15 May 
 3.35m 1ANatalia Ivanov (U17)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACHendon7 Aug 
 3.00m Sam MorrisonWoking ACHarrow12 Jun 
 2.90m Anousha WardleyReigate Priory ACChelmsford2 May 
 2.81m Hannah Griffin (U23)Crawley ACLoughborough1 Jun 
 2.80m 1AMadeleine Dodd (U15)Epsom & Ewell HarriersCarshalton27 Aug 
 2.80m 2ASamantha Good (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACCarshalton27 Aug 
 2.75m Flora Anghileri-Jarman (U23)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston12 Jun 
 2.70m 3Bethan Norvill (U17)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston11 Jun 
Long Jump (Standard: 5.18m [17ft0in])
 6.06m/+0.9 Ore Adamson (U23)Herne Hill HarriersSan Antonio TX, USA19 Mar 
 6.06m/+1.9 Madison Hutton (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersClovis CA, USA12 May 
 5.75m/3.5 wHSienna Kidd (U17)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACCrawley26 Jun 
 5.60m/0.1 3Arabella Wilson (U17)Winchester & District ACBedford27 Aug 
 5.55m/0.0 Sienna Kidd (U17)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACManchester (SC)8 Jul 
 5.46m Jaydine Robinson (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec13 Aug 
 5.44m/+2.2 wJemima Harcourt (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBedford21 Aug 
 5.42m/-0.2 Bryony Bovell (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACCrawley26 Jun 
 5.27m/-0.4 2Elin Roberts (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACCrawley1 Jun 
 5.27m Kerstin PohlmannThames Valley HarriersWormwood Scrubs16 Jul 
 5.25m/+0.5 Jemima Harcourt (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersBedford21 Aug 
 5.21m/-2.9 Yasmin Grosvenor (U20)Bracknell ACChelmsford12 Jun 
 5.20m 6Laura Kersley (U17)Woking ACKingston18 Jun 
Triple Jump (Standard: 10.30m [34ft0in)
 12.66m/+2.6 wOre Adamson (U23)Herne Hill HarriersSan Antonio TX, USA15 May 
 12.21m Ore Adamson (U23)Herne Hill HarriersSan Antonio TX, USA15 May 
 12.09m 1ALia Bonsu (U17)Croydon HarriersWoodford16 Jul 
 12.04m/+1.6 Allison WilderSutton & District ACDavis CA, USA12 Mar 
 10.77m Racheal Largie-Poleon (U20)Croydon HarriersCrawley7 Aug 
 10.43m/+1.0 Michaela Mensah (U20)Herne Hill HarriersChelmsford30 Apr 
 10.33m/+1.0 1Makarios Mensah (U20)Herne Hill HarriersKingston15 May 
 10.30m 1ACharlotte Hosp (U17)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACEton10 Sep 
Shot Putt (4kg) (Standard: 10.00m [33ft0in])
 13.10m Paige Stevens (U20)Falkirk Victoria HarriersGrangemouth28 Aug 
 12.94m Pippa WingateThames Valley HarriersGillingham12 Jun 
 11.76m Cerys Aboagye (U20)Croydon HarriersCroydon22 May 
 11.66m Diana Norman (W45)Epsom & Ewell HarriersAldershot13 Aug 
 11.51m HMadison Hutton (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersAzusa CA, USA13 Apr 
 11.35m Je'nae James (U20)Herne Hill HarriersBattersea Park12 Jun 
 11.32m Sophie MaceThames Valley HarriersHarrow22 May 
 11.17m Eleanor Gatrell (W45)Woking ACWoking10 Sep 
 11.10m Sophie Doherty (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersPerivale24 Apr 
 10.76m Georgia Russell (U20)Walton ACKingston11 Jun 
 10.61m Arabella Wilson (U17)Winchester & District ACPortsmouth7 Aug 
 10.47m Joanna Barnaby (U23)South London HarriersGuildford16 Jul 
 10.29m Mia CallenbergBelgrave HarriersKingston17 Aug 
 10.22m Jasmine De La Touche (U23)Walton ACChelmsford2 May 
 10.21m Christiana Kamdom Kemegne (U20)Croydon HarriersGrays13 Aug 
 10.09m Bryony Bovell (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACBedford17 Sep 
Discus (1kg) (Standard: 30.00m [100ft0in])
 61.78m Jade LallyShaftesbury Barnet HarriersNathan, AUS8 Jan 
 47.07m Sophie MaceThames Valley HarriersBedford20 Aug 
 38.74m Orla Manchester (U20)Camberley & District ACLoughborough1 Jun 
 37.58m Cathy ColemanGuildford & Godalming ACKingston12 Jun 
 37.27m Pippa WingateThames Valley HarriersHorspath9 Jul 
 36.68m 1Matilda Farrar (U15)Waverley HarriersStretford8 Jul 
 35.75m Eleanor Gatrell (W45)Woking ACHarrow12 Jun 
 34.99m Mia CallenbergBelgrave HarriersYate20 Aug 
 34.19m Joanna Barnaby (U23)South London HarriersPortsmouth22 May 
 30.68m Cerys Aboagye (U20)Croydon HarriersNewport14 Aug 
 30.30m 1AIssy Stamp (U15)South London HarriersEwell4 Jun 
 30.03m 5Phoebe Musgrove (U17)Crawley ACHorspath10 Sep 
Hammer (4kg) (Standard: 30.00m [100ft0in])
 62.67m 1Pippa WingateThames Valley HarriersKingston14 May 
 54.17m Cathy ColemanGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford16 Jul 
 47.94m Sophie MaceThames Valley HarriersWalton18 Sep 
 45.57m Christiana Kamdom Kemegne (U20)Croydon HarriersHendon28 Aug 
 39.36m Jessica WestleyKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersLoughborough22 Jun 
 38.79m Phoebe Broadhead (U20)Croydon HarriersWoodford28 May 
 38.34m Mia CallenbergBelgrave HarriersYate20 Aug 
 38.20m 4Eleanor Gatrell (W45)Woking ACKingston14 May 
 36.93m Amy-Lee Van Der Westhuizen (U20)Walton ACWalton26 Jun 
 35.97m Orla Manchester (U20)Camberley & District ACEton24 Apr 
 33.10m Natalie Miller (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston11 Jun 
 32.42m Georgia Russell (U20)Walton ACWalton26 Jun 
 31.50m Lily Kendall (U20)Camberley & District ACBournemouth27 Mar 
Javelin (600g) (Standard: 30.00m [100ft0in])
 41.40m Nicola Bell (U23)Walton ACBedford17 Jul 
 40.37m 2Katie Mackison (U23)Crawley ACKingston14 May 
 40.32m Cathy ColemanGuildford & Godalming ACHendon2 Jul 
 38.22m Madison Hutton (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersClovis CA, USA1 Apr 
 37.12m Florence Baulk (U23)Woking ACHarrow12 Jun 
 33.96m Gemma Mead (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACGuildford29 May 
 32.58m Diana Norman (W45)Epsom & Ewell HarriersCarshalton10 Sep 
 32.50m Bryony Bovell (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACCrawley26 Jun 
 31.41m Jodie Albrow (W35)Belgrave HarriersTampere, FIN30 Jun 
 30.85m Isla Berriman (U17)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACAldershot13 Aug 
 30.83m Maisie Abel (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACGuildford16 Jul 
 30.64m Eliza Sutton (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACBedford20 Aug 
Heptathlon (Senior events) (Standard: 2000pts)
 5295 Madison Hutton (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersClovis CA, USA12 May 
 4546 Bryony Bovell (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACCrawley26 Jun 
 4061 Sophie Doherty (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersCrawley26 Jun 
 3113 Gabriella Thoburn (U20)South London HarriersCarshalton4 Sep 
 2945 Millie Henson (U20)Holland Sports ACCrawley26 Jun 

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These rankings are produced from the information held in our rankings database. For each performance we hold the athlete's name and their club. For some athletes we also hold their date of birth which allows us to verify the age group they were in at the time of achieving the performance. For those athletes we are able to create a "Profile" which shows, on one screen, all the performance data we hold for that athlete and this is shown as a link from the athlete's name. At no time do we display the date of birth of any living athlete.

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Under-20 Women       Under-20 Men
Under-17 Women       Under-17 Men
Under-15 Girls       Under-15 Boys
Under-13 Girls       Under-13 Boys

(1) Event; (2) Age Group; (3) Athlete's First Name & Last Name; (4) Athlete's Club and/or School; (5) the Performance and (6) the Date and Venue when and where it was achieved.